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House of Marley, a music electronics brand deeply rooted in Bob Marley’s vision of consciousness, upliftment and change, today launched the Rebel, an inexpensive on-ear wireless headphones. Featuring power-efficient Bluetooth networking and priced at just $69.99, this headset is a viable option for those who can’t stand wires and value crisp sound and sustainable craftsmanship.

With up to eight hours of continuous play, courtesy of a built-in rechargeable battery, along with an integrated microphone, A2DP stereo profile and 40mm moving coil drivers, the Rebel is the perfect alternative to the much costlier Apple-owned Beats audio accessories.

The 40mm moving coil drivers were designed to produce signature Bob Marley sound in A2DP stereo audio. With luxe padding and a Regrind silicone rubber headband, the Rebel should be easy to wear comfortably all day long without slipping.

“We took the essentials of our Roar wired headphones and gave them a lift with Bluetooth convenience to create Rebel,” said Sam Vanderveer, Senior Vice President and General Manager with House of Marley.

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Joining the company’s lineup of eco-conscious audio gear, the headset—as mentioned before—has the integrated mic which makes it easy to converse with Siri, take and make phone calls, record voice notes and switch songs, without interrupting the Bluetooth audio stream.

The integrated mic lets you do almost anything like Apple’s bundled EarPods do. For those who prefer wired controllers, House of Marley offers an optional removable cable for the Rebel with in-line mic and a play/pause button.

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Here are some of the product highlights you might be interested in:

  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to eight hours of continuous play
  • Wireless controllers to switch songs while streaming via Bluetooth
  • Integrated mic allowing for voice command and call-taking
  • Optional removable cable with in-line microphone and button controller for wired use
  • Bluetooth 4 with A2DP stereo audio
  • 40mm moving coil drivers
  • 3.5mm stereo

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Last but not least, the headset sports an enclosure made of blended materials based on bio-mass and eco-plastics to ensure a balance of durability and environmental sustainability.


The Rebel is available starting today for $69.99 at the official website and through retailers nationwide. The headphones are available in Black, Grey or Navy finishes.

  • tariq

    I had the beats for free cuz of the promotion they had.. Personally, I barely use them, I do not like beats at all and anyone who pays like 200$ or whatever they cost is most definitely getting ripped off.. Beats are not worth over 75$ from my opinion

    • Jayy

      I payed $299 for my Studio Beats and I don’t feel ripped off at all. For the type of music I listen to they are more than perfect! In fact I know mutiple pairs of different beats headphones.

      • Maxim∑

        beats has gotten a lot better, but they’re still getting knocked for the last gen.

        it’ll take a while for them to recover, honestly Apple should just rebrand it…

      • Jayy

        I mean sales wise they are still doing good I don’t think they need to be rebranded at all. They were originally marketed for the Hip-hop crowd from a legendary producer in the game. So then and even to this day when it comes to Hip-hop, Rap, R&B ect.. It’s the best choice. Now I don’t listen to rock, country, classical ect so for those genres, parrot ziks, Bose ect may be the brand of choice. I actually used to sell headphones and I wouldn’t only push beats sales at the end of the day it was what the customer likes the best. Beats were the most sold headphone in my store out of all the brands we carried!

      • tariq

        I guess we all have our opinions on what we like, maybe it’s just cuz I like earphones Much Much more than headphones.. I like to always keep one ear open bc I feel like no matter where I’m, if both my ears are covered feels like someone is calling my name lol and saying something extremely classified and important lol

      • Jayy

        Yeah I personally only bring out earphones at the gym (if I’m only doing cardio) and when it’s raining outside. Other than that headphones are what I use 98% of the time. Also I’m the opposite I don’t like hearing anything other than my music. I’m from the city and when I press play I don’t want to hear anything but music! Lol

    • Cameron Nelms

      You still want them? I’ll take em haha

      • tariq

        Lol. I use em whenever I’m playing ps4 :b but honestly, before the ps4 purchase.. I was willing to sell them bastards for 100$ or something. Cuz some ppl like them and would treat them betr than I would lol

  • Omar Ruiz

    i think its funny how the review compares the headphones to beats. maybe in quality, yes, but not in brand. Beats are not great but they are decent sounding, but the clear factor that separates these two headphones is that beats built a brand that is easily recognizable. that is why these headphones can’t really give beats a run for their money, at least in my opinion, because people who buy beats didn’t buy them for the sound or quality – at least purely based on those factors.

    • Yeah they’re acting like beats is the standard. They’re okay quality head phones just like the pill (which I believe is even worse quality in its class)

      • Shinonuke

        Pills are total crap. In my opinion, I have compared beats to klipschs to Bose and my choice is the beats. Maybe I have bad ears? Who knows? I like the way beats solo sound over the other two. On the other hand, when I listened to classical music, Bose is my brand of choice

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Specs or it’s junk!

  • Dean Johnson

    I’d love to try this one, if House of Marley’s support were better. Their support is horrible. I have bought multiple earbuds from them, but they kept breaking after a couple of months. Tried to contact them, but no response at one of the 10 emails at all. From that point on I decided to never buy a product from them again, even though the sound quality was pretty nice.

  • jakeopp

    Doesn’t take much to give beats a run for their money, sound quality wise xD

  • Shinonuke

    I don’t think you have used the beats solo, pro, or studio enough to give such a tasteless comment

    • Blaziken584

      I agree that it was a tasteless comment and a cheap hit at Beats. However I still stand by it. I personally use the AKG K7XX’s with the O2/ODAC amp/DAC combo unit. I’ve tried a pair of Solos and Studios before and sampled the same few songs and every time the Beats sounded tinny and flat. It sounded like they were suppressing the highs to make the lows sound better but it was an overall pretty muddy experience. It’s really no secret that Beats are not what you get if you want good sounding audio.

      • Shinonuke

        Fair enough. Since you’ve used the AKG’s, no wonder you don’t like beats. It’s a different set of sounds. My experience with AKG is very crisp versus beats that have more subtle mid range. Thanks for a great reply

  • M_thoroughbred

    The way headphones sound is subjective bottom line. What you may find bad or good someone else may agree or disagree. Everyone has their brand to go to. But what gets me is how people try to pass a comment as advice about a product they have never tried but talk bad cause “hey it’s what everyone else is doing so it must be true”.

  • ..David..

    Not one word in this article about how the Rebels might actually sound and not one comment about the Rebels, only comments about the Beats?