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Samsung, which uses AMOLED screens in many of its flagship smartphones and tablets, could become a major provider of OLED panels for the iPhone maker as a deal is all but secured, according to an ETNews report Friday citing a Samsung Display employee.

The report arrives hot on the heels of a research note that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sent to clients earlier this week, in which he estimated that Apple won’t be switching to AMOLED screens for iPhones anytime soon and will continue using the existing LCD display technology for at least the next three years.

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Samsung Display is apparently selling entire Cheonan Gen.5 LCD manufacturing facilities’ L5 equipment to China-based Trulywill and will funnel funds received from selling the facilities toward expanding OLED production lines.

The L5 production lines, pictured below, stopped operating at the end of the last month, with Samsung retooling the plant to increase OLED output.

“A reason why Samsung Display is extending its OLED lines is because its negotiation with Apple about supplying OLEDs has been progressing rapidly,” the report reads. “It is heard that Samsung Display is recently having a negotiation with Apple about supplying OLEDs for iPhones.”

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There is a high chance that L5 facilities will be used for Apple

Assuming it signs a long-term contract with the Cupertino firm, Samsung Display is said to consider building lines to exclusively produce OLEDs for Apple devices.

“Even if Samsung Electronics extends its A3 OLED Line that is currently operating, it will not be able to meet all of Apple’s supplies.” said a person from the display industry.

“However because it will be able to solve this problem if it operates lines exclusively for Apple, it is currently examining a method about preparing new OLED Lines by receiving certain amount of fund from Apple.”

Such a move wouldn’t be unheard of: back in May 2015, Japan Display received a cool $1.72 billion to build a new Gen. 6 Flexible LTPS OLED facilities.

“Although it is true that Samsung Display decided to sell all of L5 equipment, we did not decide on whom to sell it to.” said an unnamed Samsung Display employee. “We also cannot reveal any information on our deal with Apple.”

(AM)OLED iPhones would be awesome

While the traditional LCD screens with IPS technology that Apple uses for iOS devices and Macs allow for the wider sRGB range and more natural colors than AMOLED screens, OLED (used in the Apple Watch) or AMOLED technology benefits from significantly reduced power consumption because only the pixels in use are being lit up and no power-hungry backlight is needed.

In addition, AMOLED technology offers much deeper blacks and more vivid colors, with the disadvantage of being oversaturated compared to TFT LCDs.

Photo of Samsung’s Cheonan display facility courtesy of Korea Herald.

Source: ETNews via GforGames

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    I don’t give a rat’s booty about deeper blacks. But you can sign me up for the better battery life.

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      I give many rat’s booty about deeper blacks. So imagine how many more about battery life.

    • 5723alex .

      You would think that Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones battery with AMOLED screens hold for a week.

      • Mike

        They don’t because they have a 2k screen which is using more pixels that uses up more battery but it till last an entire day with heavy usage.

    • Lit

      If Apple can at least keep the same battery usage times as of now, deeper blacks would be awesome. You really need to see OLED in person to really be amazed

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    Apple and Samsung are just two people who were almost in a romantic relationship but Samsung got friendzoned by Apple and ever since then Samsung has been trying to change and become more like Apple and help Apple out, in hopes to one day overcoming the friendzoned situation

    • Another words their relationship status is “It’s complicated”.

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    hope not…

    OLED you have to worry about burn in and the display degrades. Look at a 2 year old S5 compared to a brand new one. Hope they stick to LCD…….

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    how Apple allow to a very problematic comparator provide supply to one of the best thing in the world
    The iPhone should be making in Mexico
    The iPhone should have the new battery technology the allow battery life for many days