Cydia substrate update 2

Saurik has pushed an update to Cydia Substrate, bringing the package to version 0.9.6110. The update contains fixes for corrupt extensions, which some developers apparently use for obfuscation purposes.

Prior versions of Cydia Substrate made attempts to detect whether an extension’s installation might cause the process to crash, yet by doing so, it ended up resulting in Cydia Substrate crashing itself. With version 0.9.6110, this should no longer be the case.

Cydia substrate update

Along with the fix for crashing on the detection of a corrupt extension, saurik has gone on to implement other undocumented improvements, which are likely general bug fixes and enhancements. As such, it is recommended that all jailbroken iPhone users update at their earliest convenience.

If you’d like to update, and you should, then simply launch Cydia, go to the Changes tab, and tap the Refresh button in the upper left-hand corner. I’ve already updated and everything seems to be working quite well. Have you?

  • ChristopherMay

    Will there be a fix for the bug that causes the root file system to be full after jailbreaking and installing cydia?

    • ChristopherMay

      Problem shown bellow

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I think its about time you upgrade to 64GB

      • ChristopherMay

        I can upload an image from my 32gb iPad air as well. 84% full root. Thanks for the suggestion though seems like it’s the only way to Fix the poor codeing and jailbreak. I’ll let people know the jailbreak is only for those with a 64g iphone.

      • Digitalfeind

        Now why didn’t I think of just getting an iPhone with 64gb or 128gb. That guy is a genius.

      • ChristopherMay

        Side note, I’m pretty sure the root file system doesn’t change size with higher capacity drives.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Uhh.. yeah it does

      • Merman123

        I thought that issue was fixed in a Cydia update ?

      • Niclas

        That problem is solved. It’s okay to have it look like that.

      • Favna

        Most people have that – if you jump over to the jailbreak reddit there are some tutorials on how you can stash some extra folders but other than that it’s what we’ll have to deal with on this iOS 9 Pangu jailbreak.

        At the end of the day, the system partition is not where your stuff such as music, apps, save data, photos etc etc is stored.

      • ChristopherMay

        Thanks! I’ll search around some more.

  • Klaus Kleber

    Root has its own partition! So if you wanna more space, change root partition size!

  • leart

    I’m fine here 😛

    • Hi

      ahhhh, this dude, still on ios 6.

      • leart

        and ios 6 cydia exactly how it was at the time

  • roy leibov

    The update caused my phone to get stuck on boot logo!

    • roy leibov

      If someone gets stuck like me:
      1. Press the home button and the power off button together.
      2. As soon as the apple logo comes back release the home button and hold the volume up button until your phone turns back on (don’t release the power button).

      If all of that didn’t help you try doing it while the iphone connected to your computer for some reason it worked for me.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Lucky you! The update cause my family jewels to get stuck in the blender! Good thing it was unplugged.

    • Macy Palacio

      Ios 8.3?

      • roy leibov


  • Bugs Bunnay

    Other undocumented improvements include the abulity to spy on you.

    • simmerkatt


  • NotTodayThx

    somehow this has made activator hang my phone, glad it’s almost redundant for me as the tweaks i use have built in gestures, still a pity though as i miss a few gestures,

  • nvog

    Under this 0.9.6110…. I LOST ALL MY TWEAKS, AND TWEAK SETTINGS !!!!!!!

    Tried to re-install substrate and safe mode substrate, and PreferenceLoader, but NOTHING CHANGED…. EVERYTHING’S – eventhough properly installed – GONE !!!!!!!!

    PLZ some HELP !!!!!

    • nvog

      UPDATE…. An incompatible tweak (airblue sharing) did the fuss. Got it uninstalled and all went back in normal.