f.lux iPhone 6s

The developers of f.lux pulled their iOS app from their website in Thursday, no longer allowing people to sideload it. According to the developers, Apple informed them that because f.lux was using private APIs, it was in violation of the Developer Program Agreement. While other apps have been able to be sideloaded with no issue, including emulators and other products, f.lux is now gone as developers complied with Apple’s request.

Even though f.lux is once again behind a jailbreak wall, the developers did share some interesting statistics. In the first 24 hours alone, their site was visited 176,000 times. While it’s likely that not all of those visits were translated into downloads, it’s very likely many of them were.

As someone who uses f.lux on the desktop, I am saddened I won’t be able to install it on my iPhone without jailbreaking (or maybe via some mirror links popping up online). The developers do say that they are going to continue urging Apple to allow f.lux on the platform, but I’m not holding my breath.

Did any of you manage to get f.lux before they pulled it? Or, like me, did you miss it? Let us know in the comments.

  • Nolan I.

    Couldn’t you download the ZIP and rehost it?

    • Alex Ruski

      Please someone!

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      Let’s see who saves us all.

    • iDB wouldn’t do that as it would be in direct violation of copyright laws. You might be able to find it on torrent sites though

    • Morgan Freeman

      I have the zip file, but does that mean one could still side load it or is there some authentication that happens via the internet?

      • coLin


      • Please post it somewhere….

      • Please post it somewhere!

      • Morgan Freeman

        As posted before on here.. Anonfiles /file/5245665a6d745cda946f6a09afefefa5

  • Pokeh321

    While I know its a part of the developer agreement it is bull that they are getting angry about an app that isn’t even being submitted to the app store.

    • You know it’s popular when Apple shuts it down and it’s not even in their app store. Apple should really consider reaching out to these guys, cutting a deal and including it in the next major IOS release. Since it seems like Apple likes to make everything their own with every update anyway. Most of us know their updates come from Jailbreak tweaks. They really should thank the developers for being so innovative.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      We need it.

    • M_thoroughbred

      How is it bull?? Side loading apps could be risky. The software could be infected with the intent to get personal data on a person’s phone. Apple should just allow it in the App Store or buy them out (f.lux) and implement it in a software update. I can only see the out cries of people claiming that their bank account passwords and email along with other personal data be stolen.

      • Pokeh321

        See no. That isn’t the issue. It’s just lines of code being compiled and its up to the user to hit the build button. So its not Apple’s place to judge.

      • M_thoroughbred

        I know what your saying but that is the issue. Something goes wrong on the user side and they’ll blame apple for it. These side loading could even have apps that track key strokes to passwords and credit card info. that’s the picture I’m seeing. I want features but not at the expense of security. By no means I’m saying that f.lux is a concern but other apps could be. Remember some people will download the wrong app and blame Apple cause their iCloud account was high jacked.

      • Pokeh321

        Android has always allowed sideloading and never had a publicity issue for it. Plus on ios its twice as difficult with a large entry fee to even begin.

      • M_thoroughbred

        Tell that to the celebrities whose iCloud account were “hacked” not saying it’s from sideloading but just letting you know that it can still be done even if it’s twice as hard as you say.

      • Pokeh321

        That has literally nothing to do with the topic at hand.

      • Jorge Galrito

        No, it’s not just lines of code. It’s precompiled, so you can’t see the code. I’m pretty sure that was part of Apple’s objections. As far as you know, they have malware there. If f.lux was open source, the story would be different.

      • jaysoncopes

        It’s actually not. If you open up the zip file I posted above in Xcode, you can actually read every single line of code that is written for f.lux. You could even edit it, if you wanted to.

      • Jorge Galrito

        Thank you for the correction. I haven’t seen the zip, I read somewhere it was precompiled.

      • Jorge Galrito

        I just saw the zip file. There is a precompiled binary there and that’s what runs when you build the app.
        The code you can see is just the Xcode’s template. It’s doing nothing.

  • andyr354

    I have it on everything. Keeping that zip in a secure place!

    • Alex Ruski

      could please upload it and share it with us?

    • Cal J

      Please share it!

    • Erik Aukerman

      Your not that important trust me. Lame

  • Mirza Hassan Zia


  • Cal J

    Really Apple? It’s not even in the AppStore. C’mon.

    If we can’t have it from the f.lux devs, give it to us as a stock iOS option!

  • Brandon

    installed this yesterday on my iphone, glad i did it.

  • Eikast

    This is stupid. F.lux wasn’t in the app store. Hell, they didn’t charge money for it. I can’t believe that they gave in. This is pretty outrageous. I don’t really care much that Apple is picky about what they let into the App store. What’s next? Is Apple going to tell people what they can and can’t develop on OS X?

  • Collin

    I have it and I have Kodi

    • ZeRoLiMiT

      how did you get kodi??

    • Side loaded?

    • Martynet

      I have KODI too… iPAWIND

    • Who doesn’t have it?

  • Tom

    Here ya go: mega. nz /# !u01n2BAa!AR-ImGBzHrJk-xF640rYOoITCY6D5iFN5rNaCNkwfCM (remove spaces)

    • Knyw413

      Please don’t download this copy, this is not the original version!!

      Should be:
      MD5 = 5245665a6d745cda946f6a09afefefa5
      SHA1 = f1ee4e38eddc467e7fbfe5708841bbc84f520d7e

    • Knyw413

      Please don’t download this copy, not the original version!!

      Should be:
      MD5 = 5245665a6d745cda946f6a09afefefa5
      SHA1 = f1ee4e38eddc467e7fbfe5708841bbc84f520d7e

      (source: h t t p : / / d . p r / 1 5 5 i F )
      (remove spaces)

      • Tom

        It’s the original copy. I have re-zipped the folder.

      • Knyw413

        Well, that explains the checksum difference. Sorry mate.

      • Tom


      • Michael

        If you don’t mind explaining, what are we supposed to do with the hashes? Plug them in somewhere?

    • Erik Aukerman


  • techfreak23

    If anyone would like a copy, I do have the zip downloaded. I can host it on Google Drive or something

  • MrSolo816

    Glad I grabbed and installed it last night!!!

  • nonchalont

    Flux is a great tweak. Never really thought I needed it, until I tried it. In future job, It will be one of my go to tweaks with the flux flipswitch.

  • Anonymous

    Guess ill be waiting for the jailbreak tweak.

  • Predicts apple is going to release a feature closely similar to Flux, therefore. they don’t want people without jailbreaking getting used to it.

    • Darthque


  • Chris Ryan

    the mega link doesn’t work…anyone else have it?

    • Morgan Freeman

      Here you go. Anonfiles /file/5245665a6d745cda946f6a09afefefa5

  • Knyw413

    In case anyone needs it,
    www . dropbox . com / s / lcfbd7jqgyxq1au / f.lux-xcode-master . zip?dl=0

    (remove all the spaces)

    • Bendy


    • Nyk0n

      score!!! thanks Knyw413!!!

    • Dan McMullen


    • Rahimo

      What should i do after downloading the file?? please help!!

      • Knyw413

        Check out the instructions on the official f.lux site. Click the first link on the article above, and scroll down to find the Instructions part

  • Morgan Freeman

    Anonfiles /file/5245665a6d745cda946f6a09afefefa5

  • Merman123

    It may or may not be in the front page of Apple Reddit right now ….

  • Carlos Medina

    Why do i feel like theyre going to come out with something like F.lux and call it innovation -_-

    • Morgan Freeman

      Well, no other phone manufacturer is doing anything like this are they? It would be innovative if Apple were to include such a feature out of the box. Regardless of where they got the idea. Maybe you’re just a hater?

  • andy cooper

    Herp Derp, my name is Apple, and instead of integrating the most wanted feature of it’s OS, I’m gonna worry about 800 other stupid things.

    • Chris

      800?? They can’t be stupid if there’s that many.

  • Go here – just used it. Just get rid of the spaces.

    github. com/ jefferyleo / f.lux

    • Darthque

      Walk on water much?

  • Martynet

    iPAWIND and there it is… without jailbreak 🙂

  • lookHOWMADheis

    Search HOOD RUN by Darnel Braxton in the appstore! Thanks for the support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iPhoneWINS

    what does it do?

    • Changes the colour temperature to make the display easier on your eyes at night as opposed to a bright white glow.

  • techfreak23


  • ElPared

    I just use the jailbreak version like I’ve been doing for 3 years…

    • Rahimo

      is it compatible with iOS 9.0.2 Jailbreak version??

  • royskiies

    does anybody know where to obtain wallpaper displayed in article?

    • Scott Werner

      its the stock iOS 9 wallpaper

  • Morgan Freeman

    Are you serious? It’s a pretty well known file sharing site. Oh well, your loss.

  • Yohannon

    Was able to load on my 6s Plus… HUZZAH! Thank you for the assist, people!