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Wireless carrier T-Mobile today introduced a new home device designed to provide a strong, reliable wireless 4G LTE signal for customers with or without an indoor cellular signal.

Dubbed the LTE CellSpot, the device requires availability of T-Mobile’s wireless spectrum, but can also work in certain areas without cellular signal.

The CellSpot is launching Wednesday, November 4, and will be provided at no charge to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid customers for as long as they’re with T-Mobile.

“First we helped you personalize your Wi-Fi coverage, now we’re putting the power of 4G LTE coverage in your hands,” writes the carrier. A mini tower for your home or business, the CellSpot is intended for both personal and business use.

Featuring low power settings for indoor use, the cell tower provides an average 3,000 square feet of full-bar T-Mobile LTE coverage throughout your home—or anywhere you need it—and supports T-Mobile’s advanced network features like Wi-Fi Calling, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD voice, advanced messaging, video calling and more.

Key highlights include:

  • Wi-Fi CellSpot Router: Announced at Un-carrier 7.0 in September 2014, this Internet-connected router provides customers with Wi-Fi coverage for calling and texting beyond the reach of any cellular network.
  • 4G LTE CellSpot Signal Booster: This signal booster amplifies T-Mobile’s 3G, 4G and/or LTE signal throughout a home or business without an Internet connection.
  • 4G LTE CellSpot: Announced today, this 4G LTE tower delivers a strong, reliable wireless 4G LTE signal for customers with or without an indoor cellular signal on compatible 3G, 4G and LTE handsets for up to 16 callers at one time anywhere a customer has broadband Internet and T-Mobile wireless spectrum.

The new device arrives just a week before T-Mobile holds its landmark 10th Un-carrier move in Los Angeles. The Deutsche Telekom-owned company claims to currently blanket approximately 300 million Americans by its LTE signal.

The device will be available November 4 in participating stores nationwide or shipped through T-Mobile Customer Care.

For more information, visit T-Mobile’s website.

Will you be purchasing the LTE CellSpot, do you think? I must admit, the ability to light up T-Mobile’s LTE network wherever it’s needed most is an intriguing proposition.

Source: T-Mobile

  • My Tmobile router just stopped working. Like today… HMMMMMMMM :S

  • Yujin

    Does it come with a wifi router as well?

  • pnh

    Okay, I’ll bite. How does it work in areas where there’s no cell signal?

    • It uses your home broadband connection for backhaul and uses t-mobiles spectrum for over the air broadcast. So t-mobile does have to have spectrum licenses in your area but they don’t have to have existing coverage.

    • NeftyCorrea

      i think its like a service booster . Sprint offers an airwave witch gives customer signal in there homes

  • Huh. Not the type of device I was expecting from them. Useful for people with older phones though.

  • 5723alex .

    What about radiation levels ?

  • PanaMeño Meño

    Which of these is better, the previous brand Asus Or they launched ?

  • Rupinder

    What if I already have an old cellspot. Do I return it?

  • JayDee917

    So you need broadband internet to begin with. What’s the point of this since you could just use wifi calling on T-Mo?

    • Seth

      What I’m wondering is if the signal is more reliable than WiFi. I’ve had issues with WiFi calling in my house, so I leave WiFi calling disabled. This is supposed to offer a five-bar signal for 3,000 square feet, hopefully it penetrates better than a normal router.