Jailbreak tweaks of the week

With the release of iOS 9.1 this week, Apple officially put an end to the short life of the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9. It doesn’t mean we won’t see another jailbreak from the team of hackers, but for the time being, we don’t have many options: either stay on iOS 9.0.2 and keep your jailbreak, or update to iOS 9.1 and lose your jailbreak.

Despite that, developers have been hard at work pushing updates to their tweaks or releasing new tweaks in Cydia. Like every Sunday, we bring you all these new tweaks in one condensed post for you to peruse.

AlwaysMore for Spotlight: displays more stuff in Spotlight (free)

Bluetooth name in Settings: shows the name of the BT device you are connected to in Settings (free)

CCQuick Pro for iOS9: various shortcuts and options for Control Center ($2.99)

Cog: indicates if a message is coming in or going out (free)

CustomLS2: lets you customize your Lock screen (free)

Disable autolock on AC: disables auto-lock when your device is plugged in (free)

EasyLowPowerMode: adds a Low Power mode toggle in Settings app (free)

FaceDown: locks your device when put face down (free)

ForceColor: matches the blur of 3D Touch app action background to the color of the app icon (free)

FullFolder9: opens folders in full screen (free)

FullNoPop: hides characters preview in secure fields (free)

Incognito Messages: lets you enable/disable typing indicator and sow read receipts only when you start typing (free)

LockLight: locks your device by swiping to Spotlight page (free)

Low Power Flipswitch: a switch for Low Power Mode (free)

Message ID: replaces some unknown numbers in Messages with the name of service linked to that message (free)

Mutiny: lets you mute a conversation directly from the conversation list (free)

MyWi 9.0: tethering for iPhone ($19.99)

No Quick Actions: disables quick action when using 3D Touch on an app icon (free)

NoForceUpgrade4Uber: disables forced upgrade in earlier versions of Uber app (free)

Recently Uninstalled: lets you see what you’ve recently uninstalled from Cydia (free)

Repair Settings Layout: fixes a layout issue in Settings app on iOS 9 (free)

Swipe Home: allows you to quickly kill all apps from the App Switcher (free)

Switcher Speedster: speeds up the App Switcher (free)

SwitcherFlipper: changes the swiping direction in the App Switcher (free)

VolumeWiz: a bunch of option to customize volume management on your device ($1.99)

Watusi (iOS 9): a collection of tweaks for WhatsApp ($0.99)

3D Touch to Clear Notifications: clear all notifications in Notification Center using 3D Touch (free – review)

3DNoLag: removes the lag when using 3D Touch (free)

3D Touch to Clear Notifications, Mutiny, and the Low Power Flipswitch are my picks of the week. What are yours?

  • Juned Vaza vaza

    CustomLS2 not for free!!

  • You should put that MyWi is free for version 6,7 and 8 owners

  • Lucus Bendzsa


  • Tylor Jackson

    I want “Screenshot” what is name repo?

  • Focus3d

    2 things: CustomLS2 is not free; and Cog has a major bug –> after install, if you already have the Messages app running in the background with a conversation selected and try to go bac to the main screen, the app will crash. After even force closing the app, the issue still persists. I advise not installing until the bug has been squished.

  • Dave Martin

    Yawn… Wake me up when I can use multiplexer and springtomize. Just springtomize alone can replace half the tweaks on this list.

    • Chris

      Half? I think you’re overthinking what can and can’t be done with Springtomize.

  • Facedown is a freaking great tweak, on the 6s Plus!

    • Alberto Espinal

      I had that tweak Simon, but when in my bed it locks on me! I had to uninstall it, but other than that it’s a great tweak!

  • Tekusbanny

    For me VirtualHome is one of the best jailbreak tweak for iPhones with touch ID support

  • Satyam Panchal

    I just update to iOS 9.1 most stable version on 5C Now Wating for jailbreak to come.

    • Tekusbanny

      same here
      waiting for a taig jailbreak for ios 9.1

  • ClaudieX X

    for God’s sake !! Selfie Flash Tweak !!!!

    • Alberto Espinal

      There’s an app in the AppStore that does that, if you don’t wanna wait, I don’t remember exactly the name

  • ink

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering, is anyone have the same problem with me, when on cydia didn’t refresh perfectly because the “modmyi” repo getting error and the message is : “Problem parsing dependency Depends” ??

    then I deleted the modmyi repo, it fixed the refresh problem, but try to add it again to cydia, still getting this error message.

    any fix for this jef or anyone?
    Thankyou !

    • Chris

      Yep, ModMyi are aware of the issue and are in the process of fixing it.

      • ink

        well, lets stay deleted then for while until they fixed the problem of the packages. thanks chris!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Shortcuts is good tweak too, DeleteForever is a good one for the photos app, TinyBar is updated too!

    • Zencowboy007

      May I ask what DeleteForever does over regular delete?

      • Alberto Espinal

        DeleteForever deletes the photos right away and the regular will put the deleted photos into the deleted album, then you have to go in there and delete them again

  • armyk

    Any tweak for hot corners? Like Auxo or Seng?

    • iKhalil

      No, but for a good multitasking tweak, you should try Medusa

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Sticking with 8.4 foooooever, iOS 9’s app switcher is laggy on iPhone 6. Pus i can use my best tweak Watchdog Pro.

  • PanaMeño Meño

    Nothing about Spotify4all update ??

  • x3sphere

    so no update for cccontrol yet?

  • Cameron Martin

    The tweaks, and iOS 9 for that matter, are complete and utter rubbish this time. Truly. It was bad with the 75+ paid tweaks I own, half of which were never updated for iOS 8, but with iOS I’m down to like 10, five of which weren’t updated, they just happened to be compatible. The jailbreak days are long gone, it’s become a waste of time and money since there’s only three months out of the year a tweak will be compatible, and an operational jailbreaking tool readily available and compatible with signed firmwares. I’m done. Apple wins. I can’t justify it any longer.

  • MonicaBlue_SEF

    I really need a tweak like FaceDown, except for iOS 8. Does anyone know of a tweak like that??