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Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. Orders will go live for Apple’s highly anticipated Apple TV refresh on Monday.

At the Wall Street Journal backed WSJDLive conference in Laguna Beach, Calif., Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed about a variety of different topics, including Apple Watch, CarPlay, Apple Music, and of course, the Apple TV 4.

In the interview, Cook spilled the beans about the Apple TV 4th generation order date and shipment time frame…

According to Cook, who is, you know, in the know about such dates, the Apple TV 4 will go on sale next Monday, October 26th. We’re assuming that this will be at 12:01 AM PST on Monday, which will be like late Sunday night for many of you.

Later that week, Apple will begin fulfilling orders of those initial shipments. Cook states that the new Apple TV will begin shipping by the end of next week.

Does this mean that the actual hardware will arrive at homes on Friday, similar to an iPhone launch? That’s still not totally clear. What is clear, however, is that the Apple TV order process will begin in just 6 days, so get ready.

You can head over to the WSDJLive blog website for more information and details discussed in the sit down session. Are you happy that we now have a concrete order date for the Apple TV 4?

  • czarczarczar

    It’s such a bummer that the Provenance emulator has been revoked today by Apple now so no more looking forward to playing old classic games on the new Apple TV . Now what do we do ?

    • side load it.

      • czarczarczar

        Oh crap I forgot about that I’m still getting it then for sure the $199 . I need all the memory I can get for emulators and kodi

      • Eikast

        Pretty much. There was no way that it would’ve been approved.

      • Xee

        How certain are we that we can side load Kodi etc on ATV4? This is what I have been waiting for if so!

  • Julio Hernandez

    I’ll probably pick one up for Christmas 🙂

  • That_Fruitarian

    I’m so ready!!!

  • voltik

    Buying only if jailbreakable

    • Chris

      There really is no point for the aTV 4, now that it has an app store we can make use of 3rd-party apps such as Infuse and VLC.

      • Blip dude

        That’s pretty much what I was thinking. There were plenty of reasons to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 & 3, but I don’t see to much benefit into jailbreaking at this round, not to mention the apparent option to sideload apps. But I look forward to any possible surprises however.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, except if jailbreakable you could THEME! With side loading and an app store the need to jailbreak is low. But as a big time themer id love to see a jailbreak for the atv4.

  • Eikast

    I wasn’t planning on getting an Apple TV since I already have an Nvidia Shield but I just may get one. I’ll get the 32GB. If it looks pointless within 10 days I’ll just return it. The thing that I dislike about my Nvidia Shield is the lack of content that supports TWC (Time Warner Cable).

  • Blip dude

    Will probably wait until Black Friday so I can MAYBE get it like 10% cheaper and it may also give Vudu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation enough time to support the new Apple TV. For now, the Roku 3 is doing enough it’s job just fine. Also trying to figure if I can use my iOS games on this thing or if I have to repurchase them.

    • Most games should be playable on the big screen over airplay all ready.

      • Blip dude

        This is precisely what I don’t want. I don’t want anything to do with Airplay, I don’t want to have to require 2 devices to play a game. I want the games onto the storage drive and enjoy the games anytime on a single device.

  • Sergius W

    Ok here comes an off topic question any one know if there is a tweak that enables the 3d-touch wallpaper which iPhone 6S has??

  • Simon Moorhouse

    I’ll be picking this up the day a Plex app is launched. Running it now on ATV3 with PlexConnect but a native app will be much more stable (hopefully!)

    • Chris

      aTV 3?? Didn’t know a jailbreak was made for it!!

      • Christian Black

        He said “PlexConnect”. No JB required. I use it, too.

      • Gary LE

        What exactly is this plexconnect?

      • Anonymous

        Search idb they have a post on it. I think they wrote it about a year ago.

  • samitapio

    In Finland we had some resellers who already took in their own preorders of this new Apple TV 4 device. Also one of the biggest managed to enter wrong listing price for the ATV4 when they started their preorder campaign, so early birds got their device for 159€ when the price should have been 199€.. 😀

    • Richard Häggblom

      Theres no mentorn of tv on finnish Apple site. Thought we werent getting it yet :O
      Ill have to go get one too then! Hope its sold with new remote tho :O rumors Said its sold with old remote :/

  • Ethan Humphrey

    I’ve been waiting soo long for this! I’m glad we now have a solid date finally. That said it will ship right when I leave to go back home so I will have to have it shipped there

  • Alexander Figueroa

    Should I get the Apple TV or roku 4? :/

    • Vince Reedy

      You should get whatever you want or need.

  • Andres

    Probably a dumb question but.. What exactly can you store on the 16 or 32gb?

    • Xee

      Stuff from the AppStore etc

      • Andres

        Besides that can you have movies stored on there. Not just movies from iTunes.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Just if it has UHD streaming

  • Chris

    Maybe I’ll pick up a cheap ATV3

  • Wait ; late Sunday night on the East Coast? Don’t you mean 3am in the early East Coast Monday Morning? Or you must consider that Sunday late night?