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Answer: far, far less than the previous model. Apple hasn’t focused much on a lot stronger body of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus so, naturally, we’ve been eager to find out just how Bendgate-proof the new devices are. A new non-scientific stress test video from Australia demonstrates that the iPhone 6s Plus is nearly unbendable versus the iPhone 6 Plus.

The new Series 7000 aluminum body can apparently withstand a significant amount of force being applied without bending. But don’t take our word for it, watch the embedded video and post your impressions in the comment section.

The video by YouTuber Christian from FoneFox clearly demonstrates that the new iPhone 6 Plus, whose Series 7000 aluminum body is 0.02mm thicker, is far less bendable and way more durable than its predecessor.

Christian was (barely) able to bend the phone just slightly and it immediately fell back into its normal form after he removed the pressure. Actually, it took two people to bend the iPhone 6s Plus permanently and it still remained functional after bending.

Don’t see the embedded clip? Watch it on YouTube.

A recent video from Unbox Therapy featuring a leaked iPhone 6s shell also confirmed that the new Series 7000 aluminum chassis (which uses a significant amount of zinc) is far less prone to bending that the Series 6000 aluminum body of the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

In terms of numbers, Unbox Therapy used a device to measure the force needed to bend just the case and found it folding under about 80 lb of force versus 30 lb of force for the iPhone 6 case, a marked improvement.

There has been a tremendous media hype following Unbox Therapy’s now famous video from a year ago which showed the previous-generation iPhone 6 Plus can be bent somewhat easily, with bare hands.

If this new video is an indication, Apple’s decision to craft the new devices out of its reinforced 7000 Series aluminum has largely paid off.

And with that in mind, I guess we can now finally put an end to #Bendgate.

  • Der Faust

    i bet it would bend if i put it in my vice and hit it with a 4lb sledge hammer…..:)

    • Rick Simerka

      Try that with your head and let us know how it works!

  • Merman123

    It was always a non issue for me.

    • Same for me until it fell from over 7ft lol. My fault though, I had to take it apart to bend it back and fortunately nothing broke.

    • DevXav

      Yeah but shamsung and android fanboys love to criticize iphone, so now that’s no longer a problem.

      • Jim B

        it has been issue from the start but sheep will ignore it like everything else. I have replaced a lot of screens on iPhone 6 and 6+ and one thing I can tell you for sure is that a lot of them at least 30%-40% of them have been bent in some ways and here is a little example for you but you will probably say it is the wall that is bent but not the phone. the owner of this iPhone had no idea it was bent at all.

      • John Wickham

        Can’t say I care for the way you phrased that, but I have to agree. As much as I love iPhone, that was a problem.

      • Jim B

        I love Apple products and I own a lot of them but at the same time I’ll be honest if something isn’t working or functioning as it should and this thing about so called #bendgate is one of them and it is real and that is why iPhone 6s has a stronger housing.

      • Damian

        Still no issue as long as I am not planning to fall on my phone with my whole body weight

      • thomg875

        If the owner had no idea it was bent then it was pretty much a non issue in that case.

  • TotallySerious

    I always felt that bendgate was overhyped and not an issue. Just dont do anything stupid to your phone and you’ll be fine

    • Completely agree. What happens if you set your house on fire? Surprise, surprise it burns to the ground along with all your possessions inside. What happens if you try to break your iPhone? Again if you try hard enough it will break. Just be a normal sensible human being instead of being so destructive and you’ll be fine.

    • mrgerbik

      If it werent an issue, Apple wouldnt have addressed it with stronger metal alloy.
      It WAS an issue.
      Get over it.

      • Damian

        It is issue if you put unrealistic amount of pressure on your phone. But in this way you could argue that cups made of glass should not breake when you throw them against the wall.

      • mrgerbik

        Sorry its a bad analogy. The problems many people were reporting were normal use … Ie- putting the phone in your pocket and sitting down. The phone didnt actually bend in half or anything but there was a noticble bend point at the volume controls.
        A better anaology would be to grab the glass and it cracks in your hand with minimal pressure.

  • Chindavon

    I’m glad they made a non issue to begin with, an even more non issue.

    • That_Fruitarian

      Smart to make it even stronger.

      • Chindavon

        Definitely. Less of a chance for social media assassination this time around.

      • Damian

        Exactly, plus now we can safely fall on our phone with our entire body weight. Finally

      • That_Fruitarian


  • Connecting Mac User 

    Can people (YouTubers) understand that this is Gadget molestation. WTF is wrong with our generation. Smartphones vs Dumbpeople?

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Still have 6+ with no issue. Bought it first day last year

  • Sailor_V90

    It must be so nice to have money to waste like that…

    • Chris Tangler

      they will pay for these phones in just a few days from revenue from ads on the youtube from amount of views they are going to get…each unique view means money paid by advertisers. a small portion of that money goes to the actual person who uploaded the video.

    • George

      You can say the same to people that buy $1000 phones every 12 months.

  • Martynet

    I was hoping that iDB will not bother with this crap this time 🙂
    I think these guys bending and throwing iPhones are just idiots. Nothing else.

    • mynanolife

      I completely agree with you. That’s a weird level of stupidity.

    • mrgerbik

      crap? lol. Normal people using phones normally (ie putting in pocket without a case) and finding their phones bent near the volume controls dosent constitute “crap”. Its a design issue. Period.
      Apologists really are goofy.

  • iPhoneWINS

    very strong phone… time to let this go

    • Alberto Espinal

      You won’t be disappointed I have the 6s Plus and this thing it’s a bullet fast, unbelievable how the optimization with the hardware software do

  • Well there’s an issue that’s now entered the Dustbin of History

  • Fevostone

    Anyone else with the iPhone 6s think it’s buggy as hell

  • mrgerbik

    Holy shit long enough video? FF through his loud, annoying Youtube style “intro” and you’re already more then 1/2 way in.

  • Dante Arellano

    I paid 1000 k for my i6s plus why should I treat my divice like shitte think people think

  • John

    If i push really hard onto a piece of aluminium, it’ll bend. WOAH