iPhone 6s Rose Gold Unboxed

The iPhone 6s doesn’t officially go on sale for another 3 and a half days, but one fortunate customer from San Diego was able to snag hers, even before review embargoes are lifted.

Adrienne Levin, a UX and visual designer living on the west coast, unexpectedly received her Rose Gold iPhone 6s in the mail today. Being the savvy techie that she is, she immediately took to posting 4K videos, pictures of her adorable dog, and, most importantly, Geekbench 3 benchmarks.

The result of said benchmarks? Let’s just say you should expect a significant increase in power over the iPhone 6.

Levin’s handy work with the Geekbench 3 benchmarks confirms what we already knew—the iPhone 6s sports 2GB of RAM. It also comes equipped with a 1.8Ghz processor, which is a significant speed bump over its predecessor.

The benchmarks pretty much speak for themselves:

Geekbench iPhone 6s

Now compare that with my iPhone 6 Plus:

iPhone 6 Plus Geekbench 3

That’s a 45.99% increase in single-core performance, and a 52.99% multi-core increase!

The reason for such an increase in speed? Raw processor performance improvements:

iPhone 6s bench

Note the 1.82 Ghz processor. The iPhone 6 Plus featured a 1.4 Ghz processor. That’s a 30% increase in clock speed over its predecessor, which no doubt accounts for the brunt of the resulting performance increase shown in these benchmarks.

With these results, and with the outright confirmation of the 2GB of RAM that we’ve been expecting, the iPhone 6s is looking like a straight up beast of a phone. The wait is just going to get more difficult from here on out.

  • Minhas Harjot

    ok now i dont feel as good that i am getting mine on 25th lol

    • mrgerbik

      sheesh its a few days .. relax. You’ll see as you get older, time is a precious thing .. you actually waste your time by always being anxious and impatient.

  • That lucky woman! that is not the word I actually want to use 🙂 but good for her..

  • That_Fruitarian

    Looking at her twitter, it says:

    single core: 2413
    multicore: 4795

    If true, it smokes the iPad Air 2.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of power is packed in the iPad Pro.

    • TheShade247

      This has same power as ipad air 2.
      IPad pro would definitely have a higher score if its tri/quad core

    • Ara Rezaee

      The iPad Pro should give you a multi-core score of around 7000, the single core however shouldn’t be that much higher than this

    • Jamessmooth

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Ramada

    So how many cores?

    • Chris

      Dual Core @ 2GHz

      • JayDee917

        Dual core @ 1.8ghz*

      • Chris

        That’s the benchmark, the actual core speed is 2GHz.

      • Niclas


    • Polygon

      Apparently 2. But i heard reports of it being a hybrid tri/quad core design, with two high-powered cores and one(or two) low-powered ones.
      Looking at the benchmarks it kind of makes sense.

  • Kevin Smetana

    I feel like this phone might run hot running 1.82 Ghz. But i’m pretty excited to see this thing perform. It is an absolute beast. In comparison to the most powerful phone on the market right now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does have a higher multi-core score but with 8 cores!
    Geekbench score:
    Single core
    Iphone 6s: 2292
    Samsung s6 Edge:1308
    Iphone 6s:4293
    Samsung s6 Edge :4391

    • That_Fruitarian


    • LOL almost the same score with half the number of cores. Samdung, you’re done for!

      • 5723alex .

        Half ? quarter number of cores.

      • You’re right. I thought the 6S had 4 cores. Amazing that they can match 8 core performance with just 2.

    • Chris

      Hmm, hard to trust Samsung since they’ve faked their scores in the past.

      • George

        Then go buy one and run your own tests.

      • 5723alex .

        It doesn’t matter because Samsung has a cheat software running when detecting a test.

      • Chris

        They faked the tests directly via the OS to the point where they could make any flagship phone look 2-3x faster.

    • DevXav

      I wanna see iPhone 6S PLUS scores versus Samsung S6 Edge..

    • James

      I’ve been test driving that phone for the past month. it performs ok. sending it back in the next day or so.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Iphone 6 was smoking the Android Flagships in speed comparison so what will happen now with the 6s? Can any Android fanboy tell me now?

    • N&LH

      iPhone always smokes Android flagships.

    • George

      Your iPhone may be nicely speced but it still comes in a 720p screen and runs the ugliest os.

      • N&LH

        ‘ugliest OS’….Nice. what ever you say. Still much better than the garbage Android….Welcome back malware user

      • George

        Thanks bae, and androids material design looms way better then ios.

      • Ara Rezaee

        Some people like offensive rap, some, elegant blues… You go live your dream while we do ours no need to get testy

      • N&LH

        ah ok. enjoy the ugly design

      • igorsky

        Thanks for proving the old adage that “opinions are like a-holes…”

      • Alberto Espinal

        Ugliest OS  has the most beautiful OS, Android in my opinion its a cheap OS, look at the icons they are all over the place

      • George

        A cheap os? Is that why ios took almost every Android feature from 5 years ago and called it ios8?

      • SkyFall

        You’re new here. Theres this little thing called Jailbreak that is the groundwork for todays OSes. Every single feature that Popular OSes use today (iOS/Android) originated from jailbreak.

        Reply with a stupid statement and i shall give you examples and reasons.

      • George

        Hahahahaha. So jailbreak invented androids iconic notification center. Yep.

      • YoungRabbi

        I personally really like android, I would love it if it ran as fast as iOS, had as little bugs and glitches as iOS, and wasn’t as susceptible to so many viruses. and don’t even get me started on the shitty play store.

      • George

        when Android m comes out you should come back to it and see how it is.

      • N&LH

        Oh yeah, most of malware users don’t get latest software update. lol

      • Benedict

        They don’t need to. iOS 9 has now some of the features Android 2.3 had 5 years ago.

      • N&LH

        hahahaha, some of the features in Android M already in IOS since 2008-2009.. Remember how Android was before IOS..

        ‘They don’t need to’…lol what about fixing bugs or fixing security flaw..You say that because you already know most malware users will not get. HAHAHA

      • Benedict

        You try to come up against Android with an OS which had to implement multitasking in later versions and still isn’t really capable of? ha-ha. And with all other things, everybody knows that Apple lags behind.

      • SkyFall

        Yeah actually, a jailbreak developer made a tweak for iOS 2 (2008) called WebOS that had a notification centre similar to the one old Android had (Pre-lollipop). Later Google hired the developer to built their notification centre.

        I can go on and on and provide links and more info about how Android was inspired by the Jailbreak community, just ask

      • George

        Ok prove it

      • SkyFall

        I would do it but then i thought, why on earth should i sit my ass down and google for a 7 year old tweak that its developer was hired by google and all possible archives of his previous work have been archived and aren’t available… You do that. (If i had my friends iPhone i would show it to you but it doesn’t work)

        What I is found another tweak called status notifier which was also released in 2008. It had status bar notifications and it didn’t drop down like the other tweak but it put icons on the status bar when it received a notification

      • Benedict

        The most jailbreaks are copys of android features which iOS users desperately wish to have.

      • SkyFall

        Ok then, well at lest hear my theory.
        iOS 2 was
        -WebOS jailbreak tweak for iOS 2. Later Google hires the dev to make their notification centre
        -SBSettings jailbreak tweak to have quick settings-apps everywhere built for iOS 2+,
        -WinterBoard theme tweak for iOS 2
        -Activator jailbreak tweak to assign different functions, released for iOS 3

        Android Froyo (First release) was available in 2010
        iOS 2 was available in 2008
        So take some facts and don’t be such a fcking fanboy

      • Benedict

        Ok, that’s the weirdest theory I ever heard. Glad it’s just a theory of yours – Android Base 1.0 from 2008 already had a Notification system and toggles in the status bar. Btw alot of Android devs develop also for iOS. Remember copy/paste introduced in iOS 3 ?? Let me guess. Android (and all other OSs before) copied it from a jailbreaker.
        Before iOS was even jailbreaked, android always provided a platform for developers WITHOUT the need to root or jailbreak. In conclusion jailbreak tweaks always mimic new Android features when they come out. Not the other way round.

      • SkyFall

        Ok sure… Your fanboism exceeds the facts that people provide you. Tell me this though, why do you come to an Apple related website? Huh?

      • Benedict

        Same like you pick out some tweaks which are exceptions. Instead you should think about your fanboism. Android’s development started in 2003 following DangerOS, which already had an Application Store. There are hundrets of features iOS lags behind (s. Wishlists for upcoming iOS iteration). And to point this out, I come to Apple related websites.
        Further you can’t compare an open source OS like Android and all its developers, apps, roms and possibilities right from the start with software which needs to be hacked before. Let me know when you can run your tweaks without jailbreaking on iOS. Then we can perhaps continue this discussion…

      • N&LH

        HAHAHA, So Android does not copy?

    • Benedict


      • David J Delgado

        Android phones need that amount of power in order to properly run Android. Nonetheless, I think it’s amazing a phone with so many cores can only manage a few hundred points over the “lowly” iPhone 6s.

      • Benedict

        Haha what an excuse…You can run Android on a 0,5 GB phone and dualcore. It is just fast. That’s it.

      • babiloe

        As android and iphone users,

      • Benedict

        Your OS does no magic. Nothing which isn’t be done before. Apple’s always last…

      • David J Delgado

        What version of Android are you running with 500MB of storage? Froyo? Gingerbread? Because it sure as hell won’t be any modern versions of it. Then again, the fact that we have to discuss different versions just goes to show you how fragmented and vast the versions of Android can be. You won’t be running Lollipop on 0.5GB and an entry-level dual-core, that’s for sure.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jaja that doesn’t mean anything, just look at the videos even the Note 5 was left behind in the speed comparison

      • Benedict

        You talked about benchmarks – so this counts here.
        It’s known that Samsung hasn’t the fastest phones for real life comparision because of closing apps in the background radically to get the best performance for the active app. But in such a speed comparision, the HTC M9 is more than 10 seconds faster than the iphone 6 was. (s. youtube: S6 HTC M9 iphone 6 Speed Test by PhoneBuff)

  • Just powerful enough to power the laggy ios9

    • Shadowelite123

      iOS 9 isn’t even laggy…

      • There are numerous reports of users experiencing lag on ios9, some of the reports even stemming from writers on this very site you are posting on.

      • Shadowelite123

        Well it hasn’t lagged for me on my old iPhone 5S or new iPhone 6S Plus

      • And that’s fine. That does not mean that there isn’t a lag issue with ios9.

  • czbird

    No JB, no power

  • I cannot imagine how powerful the i7 would be!!

    • DevXav

      Not much better, if it follows the “pattern”..

      i7 will probably have a design change and a small “processor overclock” and iPhone 7S will be the one really boosting the performance.

      • coLin

        very true. the i7 will be thinner, lighter and thinner 🙂

  • nyangejr

    They did it on purpose, early promo

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  • kickinghorse99

    iPhone 6 laggg on iOS 8.x Need JB to have better experiences. That’s why 6S need a speed boost. ;(

  • vorck

    more power same battery!
    skeptic abt the results…

    • DevXav

      I doubt that..

      The battery saving mode in my iPhone 5S is REALLY amazing and i expect it to be even better on the 6S..

      • Picapollo

        Battery on iPhone 5s iOS 9.1 amazing!

      • Kaptivator

        I have noticed the difference in my 5s as well. Hopefully this remains true when I decide to upgrade to the 6s after all of the hype dyes down and the kinks are worked out of the initial release.

    • coLin

      the battery is actually smaller, as far as I know

  • Eikast

    This is great news. Now I even want it more now. Not sure if I’ll pay full price if I don’t get approved with the iPhone upgrade program (better off keeping expectations low).

  • George

    That color looks nothing like rose gold, smh apple.

    • Joonyaboy

      It’s not actually rose gold, it’s just the name of the color. Do you think Diamond White is made of diamonds or Fire Red is anymore accurate?

      • George

        Do you realize how stupid you sound? Don’t call something rose gold when its just pink

      • Joonyaboy

        I bet you were disappointed when Space Gray didn’t actually look like Space….LOL

      • Seba

        LMFAO :))

    • Austin

      wow jorge you have great eyes!!!!

  • Shingo

    shamesunk needs to cope up with this, and they will release 32 core on 4x processors and 8GB ram needed to kill ip6s……

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  • Juan Genao

    Apple says preparing for shipment, but was able to track it using my phone #

  • zustroy

    “The result of said benchmarks? Let’s just say you should expect a significant increase in power over the iPhone 6.”

    And after two years you should expect iOS 11 to be laggy.

  • Wow the 4k video sample she posted is amazing looking.

  • askep3

    The difference between the iPhone 6 and the 6s is 100 points more than the difference between the 5 and the 5s in the multi core test, and the same in the single core test.


  • igobythisname

    In my UPS My Choice Premium Tracking, it shows my mom’s 6S shipping from ZhengZhou, China, HOWEVER, it shows my 6S Plus shipping from MOUNT JULIET, TN, US …?? Weird.

  • iPhoneWINS

    eh… still skipping it and getting the iPhone 7

  • Benedict

    At least our maleware must be downloaded and accepted by an idiot with several userr actions and does not come through the App store! Ha-ha-hi-ho.. “And I thought my jokes were bad”…

  • John

    everyone’s impressed by the 2gb of ram and then android phones have 4 gb of ram. (but they arent as fast as iphones sadly)