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Earlier this week we published a couple interviews featuring representatives of the BigBoss and ModMyi repo, talking about how they handle security once a tweak is submitted to them for review. If you haven’t read these yet, we really suggest you take the time to peruse them as they provide details about how these repos work and do their best to make sure the tweaks you download are safe.

And speaking of tweaks, this week saw the release of a dozen or so tweaks. As always, some are more worthy of your interested than others. If you haven’t refreshed Cydia all week, we save you time by listing all the new tweaks in one convenient place.

AutoResponder 3: autorespond to your SMS and Messages ($1.99)

CardActivator: trigger Actovator actions with App Switcher card gestures (free)

Clarify: a suite of features for Spotify ($0.99)

ForceTouchActivator: trigger an Activator event by firmly pressing on your screen (free)

Genius for Velox 2: a Velox plugin to quickly display songs lyrics (free)

Hide Apple Music Transport Controls: hides the Like and share button from Apple Music in Control Center (free)

NoP8geLimits: removes page limits of Springboard and folders (free)

Phone++: integrates social apps with the Phone app ($2.99)

Red Notification Grabber: turns the Lock screen top grabber red when there are pending notifications (free)

RoundedMusic: Rounds the corners of artworks, playlists, artists, and genres in Music app (free)

Square Dialer Buttons: adds square dialer buttons to the Phone app (free)

VNOpenIN: let’s you easily save or share Vine videos (free)

WhatsApp Wallpapers: use system wallpapers in WhatsApp (free)

My picks of the week are ForceTouchActivator and RoundedMusic. What are yours?

  • rockdude094

    Lol wow omg the force touch tweak is actually legit it works …

    • kurt

      It’s pretty cool, but I found it to be a little sensitive. It would activate a lot when I was scrolling. Also, I couldn’t think of anything to use it for. What activator gesture did you use it for?

      • rockdude094

        Basically if I force touch on the home screen it will put the device to sleep. Its pretty nifty for that

    • im2slick4u

      I believe it uses the same trick used on the drum set in Garage Band. It senses for slight changes in the accelerometer because of the extra pressure.

  • TheShade247

    Did apple just got pwned with force touch tweak?

    • Alberto Espinal

      No, you just can’t go forward with this tweak, it’s only one level, 3D Touch is 2 levels

  • P-Dogg

    has anyone tried to download emoji ios 9.1 backup (d)? it doesnt seem to activate in bytafont 2. I was hoping that would be mentioned on here because its new on cydia this week

    • Shingo

      works fine with mine

  • Elias Chao

    Damn! Force Touch Tweak works quite awesome. First I wanted to come here and ask how the hell does it works (it made think for a while that my iPhone was actually sensing the pressure). It’s a pretty nifty implementation

    • When you say it works awesome do you mean it works just when you touch the screen or can it actually tell a difference between touches?

      • Elias Chao

        I believe it senses the changes in the portion of your finger touching the screen. If you press harder, there’s more area of your finger on the screen.

        It works great at ‘knowing’ if you’re pressing harder. Although, I deleted it a couple hours after I downloaded it, I couldn’t find a useful action to trigger with said gesture.

    • SIMON

      Can you please give me your dealer phone number?

      • Elias Chao

        I’m sorry, I can’t. I like to keep this private :p

      • SIMON

        Well, okay, I understand you. Have a high-flying. 😉


    That ForceTouch shit sucks. Thanks, but no thanks.
    People from Apple will cry with laughter when they see it.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Force touch tweak needs sensitivity adjusted or it’s pretty unusable.

    • …there is no force touch technology in any. Urgent phone. What sensitivity adjustment?

  • Wenn need a video Jeff 😀

  • Shaw

    what’s the point of ForceTouchActivator? it just introduce one more gesture for Activator.

  • YaltA

    I have no idea how to setup the force touch, anyone have a step by step?

  • Jamie

    Phone++ looks cool, will have to get my hands on it.