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According to a lengthy, and growing, thread on MacRumors Forums, an unknown portion of people who have updated their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices to iOS 9 are now complaining about sluggish performance and unexpected crashes.

Some folks are even going as far as to suggest that iOS 9 is laggier than iOS 8.

Unfortunately, I’m one of them as well.

After upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air to iOS 9 I couldn’t help but notice overall sluggishness and considerable lag on both my devices, especially when I’m using the new task switcher or bringing up Spotlight Search.

“iOS 9 is noticeably slower than iOS 8 and I’m not happy,” says a comment.

It’s not just that people on older hardware like the iPhone 5 or iPad 3 are reporting lagginess. “It still has some noticeable lag on my iPhone 6,” a poster complained.

“I’m not sure whats going on but iPad Air 2 is struggling,” another one said. “Everything takes ages, it’s very laggy.”

“iPhone is settled down but then the weird animation stutters randomly creep in, apps launch slower,” a disgruntled user complained.

“I honestly cannot stomach this sort of regression in a one year old phone. I’m scrambling to get back to iOS 8 and hope my back up is going to work.”

Contrast these reports with other fans who swear that their devices are faster, more reliable and less crash-prone after updating to iOS 9 so your mileage may, and definitely will vary.

“Total opposite for me,” says one poster. “I updated my iPad 3 and now iOS 9 is running muuuuch better and smoother than iOS 8 ever did.”

“100 percent completely opposite for me,” another one writes. “My iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 are running fantastically. Much better then iOS 7 and 8.”

“I have the iPhone 6 and it is as smooth as anything,” yet another dude said.

Issues like these are the norm for major iOS releases.

Typical remedies involve performing a clean install rather than upgrading from an earlier iOS version and resetting your device rather than restoring from a backup.

I’m going to try a fresh install of iOS 9 on my devices and hopefully it will be less laggy on my iPhone 6 Plus than it is now. Beta testers are saying that the forthcoming iOS 9.1 software update improves the performance considerably so you have something to look forward to.

Keep in mind that Spotlight runs the indexing process after booting into iOS 9 for the first time, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, so there’s that too.

How’s iOS 9 for you?

Are your iOS gadget more responsive and less buggy after upgrading? And are iOS releases made with planned obsolesce in mind, do you think?

Source: MacRumors Forums

  • n0ahcruz3

    I know it! I thought i was the only one :/ damn 1gb BS…

  • murdoc2k

    Just updated yesterday. iOS 9 is butter smooth on my iPhone 6. Standard keyboard is a lot more accurate, I love it. No lag from app switched. I updated via PC.

  • Pedro Cambron

    Super laggy on mine takes forever to load safari websites & also forever to load Apple Music content & also my downloaded songs! Frustrating!! Freezes/pauses when multitasking

  • raulortiz318

    On an iPhone 6. Definite lag in scrolling, control center pop up, animations and transitions. This actually feels worse than then Public Beta released before the GM. Not sure what happened.

    I put 9.1 on. Feels a little smoother, but now sure how they didn’t catch this performance decrease. I can understand on 2 year old phones a bit of a hit, but on a one year old phone? That’s crazy.

  • B.A.M.F.

    10000% AGREE with this post!! My iphone 6 plus is ridiculous now… and im one of the crazy ppl that completely started fresh. when ios 9 came out i did an update and restore with itunes so i dont know what the deal is… COME ON APPLE!!! i thought that was the point of betas is to fix problems like this!

  • Spiro Akl

    I have a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus that was doing much better when it had 0GB storage on iOS8, it didn’t even flinch.
    After updating to iOS9, I can’t even try to go into multitasking view by double pressing on the Home button without a serious lag. Since the moment I upgraded my phone’s software 2 days ago, I’m feeling like I have an iPhone 4 with iOS9 and not a less than a year old iPhone 6 Plus.
    Apple must do something quickly!

  • hkgsulphate

    just the control center is a little bit laggy

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    So where did all the months and months of public and developer testing go? Didn’t they have enough time to gather a good enough sample from the overall population with different devices and builds in order to release something relatively stable and not sub-optimal? Apple is lacking some TREMENDOUS and SERIOUS quality assurance in their software releases as of the last year. Glad my iPhone 6 is still jailbroken on a solid iOS 8.4.

  • Tanner Wilhelm

    Christian will you please share your experiences with a new, fresh install of ios9 in an edit? It would be much appreciated as I too suffer from lag.

  • totallymichael

    I’ve noticed a lot more lag on my iPhone 6 and an insane amount on my iPad Mini 2. I constantly notice hiccups when swiping between pages of apps on the home screen. It also seems to take slightly longer to open or switch between apps. Hopefully they’re looking into it.

  • No problem here. Installed fresh on my iPad air and iPhone 6. Really smooth and faster than iOS 8. Not sure if the fresh update did the thing. I always do fresh install for new iOS series.

  • Axl Feliciano

    iPhone 6+ 128gig Space Grey no lag at all way faster than 8.4.1 upgraded through a PC Fresh install

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    Help plz , updated my 4s to iOS 9 from the last public beta , first everything was fine then suddenly got the apple logo and it does shut down by itself , I press power button> apple logo> then shut down !! 🙁 and I don’t have a backup :/

    • EQ

      Buy Android mobile. Problem solved. 🙂

  • Bugs Bunnay

    So lag is the new term when slow is for the 4 with ios 7?

  • singhay559

    Apple and their scheme to make users upgrade loll

  • Leguro

    Experienced users wait until the new version has been confirmed to be working properly for their device.

  • Groot-Beer

    I have a feeling it lags so much because of all the blurring it needs to do. It needs to gaussian blur your wallpaper every single time you double tap the home screen while also blurring the home card and all apps further behind. You can notice it’s lagging because of the blurring when you reach the last two cards in the carousel: they slide around smoothly until one of them goes far enough to start blurring again.

    Also, try comparing the lag when there are a lot of apps open vs just a few, you can notice it lags more the closer you are to the home card (more cards blurred behind).

    It also needs to blur the whole screen whenever you open spotlight, which slows it down a lot (sometimes my phone even crashes).

    They should’ve followed a similar approach from the iOS 8 task switcher, which left your wallpaper untouched behind the apps and only blurred the home screen card.

  • Shawnki91

    Actually found that iOS 9 significantly improved my iPad 3!

  • Phil Randle

    No sign of Lag from this end, iPhone 6 128GB, its still buttery smooth. Everything opens fast and as it should. Must be an isolated issue, all my friends updated and have no issue either.

  • NotTodayThx

    seen the app switcher on my brothers 5c looking smooth as silk to my eyes

  • Thomas Gehman

    iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus users….everything is fantastic.

  • Muhammad Hammudeh

    iOS 9 is noticeably very slow and much slower than iOS 8.1.4 and I’m using an iPhone 6 which is only one year old, for example every time I open an app, They launch with a black screen for 5 seconds and then starts loading very slowly, and sometimes apps freeze half way through the session and games are slow and all these did not happen in iOS 8.1,4

  • Cristian B

    I have a 4S and it running pretty damn good considering its age

  • Toguro

    I’ve seen lag on screen sliding and safari tabs lag too, spotlight lags as well. Startup screen slide lag all on iPhone 6

  • Chase Wharram

    Not updating any of my iOS devices until public jailbreak of iOS 9 is released… I’ve grown accustomed to too many tweaks/mods (and I’ve been one of the users complaining in the past about horrible upgrading experiences.. Not looking to travel that road again.) Might be better off waiting for iOS 9.1 anyways… It’s not far off

  • HHH

    Very slow response time with an iPad Air 2. I’m getting a six-ten second lag between touching the screen and iOS 9 registering the screen was touched. It’s made my iPad unusable.

    For some reason I also can’t turn off Find my iPad in order to restore an older backup because it will not accept my Applie ID password. Very frustrating. I had to use the emergency Erase my iPad feature to reset it. Restoring to 8.4.1.

    Updating was a big mistake.

  • Sachka

    iPad 3, had to disable motion and contrast to get a decent flow when scrolling.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Whats app goes black for 5 seconds , control centre lags on my 6 plus as if I’m running iOS 9 on the original iPhone > Going back to 8.4.1 . FU apple

  • prem jariwala

    my iphone 5 is too lagging as hell after upgrading to ios 9 from ios 8.4.1…..ios 8.4 was a way better then ios 9….i will definatly downgrade to 8.4 until some fixed will come with an update…..

  • Sasan Akbari

    My iphone 6 became laggy, specially when I switch to spotlight and appswitcher.
    apps crash a lot. 3rd party keyboards are slow!
    ios 9 was supposed to be more stable and smoother than ios 8! 😐

  • Chris Haa (ChrisH269)

    On my iPad Air 2 I’ve also noticed some lag especially in the app switcher.
    Together with the different way of browsing in “Photos” it made me decide to downgrade to 8.4.1. Don’t forget to make a backup before upgrading to IOS9, it will save you a lot of time when you decide to downgrade. 🙂

  • Pranay Bansal

    The new iOS update is quite annoying. I have an iPhone 5s and it has become really laggy with the new update. Apps are crashing and taking time to launch. But rather than resetting my phone I would prefer to wait for 9.1 update which Apple promises to release by next month.

  • My Air 1 got a significant smoothness increase when updating to iOS 9. The messages app used to lag on iOS 7 & 8 when rotating. Such lag is not present in iOS 9

  • Gary le

    I think its crucial to do a clean restore to factory specs and I mean FACTORY SPECS! Not update from current to ios 9!
    First disable find my iphone app,
    Sec backup ENCRYPTED to your computer so your will have your health data as well!
    Third backup icloud too incase but icloud DOES NOT BACKUP ALL YOUR IOS STUFF!
    Fourth, after you downloaded the new ios then hit restore button (it will delete everything and restores it to factory soecs and updates to ios 9) on the right side of update.
    Finally, After restore to factory then restore from your most recent backup OR EVEN BETTER after step four do not restore from backups and juat do EVERYTHING like adding apps, settings, etc… Manually of ourse you might loose some app data and time consuming on setting everything back to your likings but you will know its snappier vs hitting just the update button.

  • eisforme

    I’m one of he lucky ones, I guess. :/ After reading all of these comments I was very hesitant to upgrade, but I decided to anyway for the new features. I chose to update through iTunes, and without setting up as a new phone. So far, everything is great.

    The keyboard is a lot more accurate and easier to work with. My app switcher isn’t lagging at all either. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days…

  • Guy

    The app switcher is a big one for me

  • Khizer Hussain

    After iOS 9 update, my iPhone 6 started to lag. Which is very annoying. Especially while switching between apps.

  • Entering Quick Reply from a banner notification slows my 5s down to 1 frame every 2 seconds :S

  • Varun Hingorani

    upgraded to ios9 on my iphone 5. phone is pathetically slow, lags at every gesture.. apps takes ages to run and also they hang while operating..

  • The animation when scrolling between open apps (after you double-press the home button) is very sluggish/juddery on our iPad Air with IOS 9

  • Mtoomb

    9.0.1 slowed my iPad 3 to a crawl. Apps hung frozen, folders and home pages stuck for ages… I restarted it twice with no change. Finally after a third time shutting down and restarting it seems to be okay.. We shall see..

  • Akim Danial

    i’m using 6 plus 64gb with ios 9.1 on it.. Very laggy & so disappointed.

  • Hon

    The iOS problems with each release are intentional. Apple prevents downgrades for this very reason. Once you update, you cannot go backward. This drives Apples profits, people upgrade to a new version of iOS, their devices runs slower, or crashes. People are forced to buy yet another expensive device. I used to be a huge Apple advocate, but it is just a commodity at this point, no more real innovation going on.
    Apple should really be investigated for hobbling older devices with the operating system updates. It has happened on every iphone and ipad I have owned, it is not a coincidence.

  • Sick_Pleasure

    Awful, it takes almost 30 seconds to load a new page in Safari (AFTER making all of the adjustments suggested in various tech websites).