AgileBits on Wednesday pushed out a significant update for their 1Password iOS app, bringing the popular password manager to version 6.0. The release includes a number of new features and improvements, including a refreshed design and broader support for iOS 9.

The new look isn’t a major departure from its predecessor, but it’s instantly noticeable. The developers said that they felt 1Password had become a bit “too monochrome,” so they decided to brighten things up. You’ll also notice new category icons and an improved browser.

Another major tentpole of 1Password 6 is its support for new iOS 9 features. Folks who have updated to the new firmware will be able to perform Spotlight searches for 1Password items without launching the app, and enjoy Slide Over and Split View on supported iPad models.


Rounding out version 6.0 is support for landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus, an enhanced companion app for Apple Watch that can be locked using Force Touch, more category options, and an improved password generator with Diceware support for real-word passwords.

You can find 1Password 6 for both iPhone and iPad, in the App Store for free (with a single $9.99 in-app purchase).

  • /off topic/ need help
    i updated my iPhone to iOS 9 and iTunes to 12.3, and now it doesn’t show my iphone anymore.. It doesn’t even show an error message. Anyone got the same problem?

    • abhi0n0nakul

      Yeah did the same for me too. I just plugged out the iPhone and plugged in a few times. It worked.

  • moparbob

    I had to delete the old app and redownload the new one because the bump up to 6.0.

    I thought when there was a bump up in verison number like going from 5 to 6 that they would have to charge you and have a new app?

    There was this problem when My Movies went from 1.94 to 2 they made a new app and charged people to upgrade. Can someone please tell me if there is a reason for this?


    • Any update on the app store regardless of if it is a x.0 update or not is free, But when developers feel like they have worked hard enough on an app and want more money they often mark the previous version as a legacy or “iOS 8.X and below” version and then release a new version as “iOS 9+”
      It just depends on the developer really, which I don’t mind if it’s a massive update but when it’s just a color change or something I feel like I’ve been cheated lol

  • :D

    iOS 9 only 🙁

  • Sebastián Junca 

    This might be off topic, but i’m noticing a bug with Appstore, I can’t update apps. I did a fresh install of iOS 9 and as soon as the hello screen appeared it started asking me for my itunes password, then it said “error”… Now this is how my update screen looks like. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks

    • QuarterSwede

      Yes. A friend in another time zone and I also had that issue. Happens just about every iOS major launch. The servers get absolutely hammered. Give it time. It’ll eventually download the updates. Ignore the “Open” button. It should say Update.”

      • That is of course if it hasn’t actually updated and is just stuck on the pending updates tab :p

      • QuarterSwede

        Well there’s that too. 😉