iOS 9 jailbreak

iH8sn0w, a well-known and reputable hacker in the jailbreak community, has demonstrated an iOS 9 untethered jailbreak running on his iPhone 5. The jailbreak demonstrates Verbose booting, a custom boot logo, code injection, and Cydia.

iH8sn0w is running the just-released iOS 9 GM seed on his iPhone, as proven by the 13a340 build number seen in the About section of the Settings app. Watch the full jailbreak video demonstration, and see for yourself.

In the video, sn0w can be seen running Anemone, a tweak that allows you to apply custom themes to iOS.

iOS 9 jailbreak 2

Usually we’re kind of skeptical about these sort of vids, but it’s pretty safe to say that this is the real deal when you consider who is behind the video.

Obviously, this is just the beginning, but this video makes it clear that iOS 9 is not at all impenetrable.

What do you think?

  • Hi

    Will he make it public once ios 9 comes out?

  • Marcinoo16

    ih8sn0w is a amazing guy but he won’t be releasing a jailbreak

    • Maybe not. But someone probably will.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Count on the friends overseas to do it!

      • Antzboogie

        Can’t wait for the Jailbreak I won’t get the 6s Plus without it!!

    • Favna

      At least it aint @i0n1c, that would be even worse….

      • Anonymous

        Lol, i dont mind when @i0n1c has a jailbreak to show off. I know we wont see a public one from him… But its proof of concept… And it keep Jeff up beat along with the community. (Jk @jeff). I personally never worry about if there will be a jailbreak…. Just more a less of when there will be a jailbreak.

  • Scott

    iOS9 Jailbroken = No need for iPhone 6S = saving me money by downloading velox and a few other tweaks

    • Gucciipad

      No 3d touch. I’m getting the 6s. Bye bye 5s

      • Scott

        3D Touch = Velox + Swipe selection pro …. Hey I want one too but not enough was done for me to rationalize it.

      • That_Fruitarian

        Why does it have to be rationalized? I never understood this line of thinking. What’s wrong with buying it just because you want to?

        Like would you put off buying a new car because it didn’t reinvent the wheel?

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        YES! THANK YOU!

      • :D

        Maybe the cost? It isn’t exactly cheap to upgrade.

      • Blip dude

        Same reason why one would put off buying a new car until it is necessary: It is not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, even with an iPhone 6 Plus I do also intend to upgrade, but it is not absolutely necessary nor do I want to upgrade at this time. Because it is an S model, I expect the hype and crowds to die down a bit by November, then Ill be getting myself on as a birthday gift.

      • That_Fruitarian

        My point is that people do not have to justify why they choose to upgrade. Simply wanting the device is justification enough. I’ve had people ask me why I updraded because they didn’t see the point – that the spec sheet wasn’t improvement enough to warrant such. That’s the line of thinking I don’t understand. Wanting something is reason enough in my opinion. Granted you can afford it, like you’ve said.

      • RogWilco

        I think you’re confused about the concept of wanting something. If you can’t justify/rationalize it, then you, by definition, don’t want it.

      • samyg

        That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read.

      • Gregg

        Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Scott

        is it a want or need –> want –> thus I can’t spend that much on a want when I have a perfectly good iPhone6 that can be jailbroken soon (hopefully) and use tweaks to get those gimmicky features on the new phone. will iOS 9 do live photos for iPhone6? Not sure, but other features I can get from the jailbreak community for cheaper then upgrading a new phone – as for the new car argument – all goes back to wants vs needs and if something is needed then it can be justified – if something is wanted then no,

    • Damian

      velox does not have enough plugins for apps to justify use of it

    • Jordan

      What are the other tweaks your thinking of?

    • Greg Warren

      2GB ram (almost guaranteed). 6S justified.

  • With 9.1 already in beta, it seems it would be more prudent to wait until 9.1 comes out.

    • Eikast

      Want to wait until November?

      • Blip dude

        Sure. Last years Pangu Jailbreak (the first Jailbreak for iOS 8), was released on Late October/Early November to support both iOS 8 and 8.1, I will assume that’s what will happen this round.

      • Eikast

        Probably because 8.1 was an important update to enable Apple Pay and because it fixed the Health App. 9.1 is pretty much for the iPad Pro and minor improvements.

      • Ralph Castro

        And new emojis!!

      • Yes.

  • We know how he is. He’s not going to release it because he just wants attention.

    • Chuck Finley

      You’re thinking of i0n1c.

      • Oh right.

      • Elias Chao

        I don’t think he will realease it anyway. He showed how he was able to jailbreak iOS 8.3 (not exactly sure what version was) but he never made it available for the public.

        He likes to troll people (I’m not saying he’s not capable to jailbreak iOS 9, because he certainly is, just that he -most likely- won’t realease a public tool). I think he’s a nice guy though.

      • Chuck Finley


        Nah. He’s not a troll. The thing here is that this exploit he’s showing off is very very very low level exploit, as in it’s immensely powerful but it can still be patched by software.

        The general opinion from people who know this tech stuff better than me appears to be that the most likely reason for not releasing it is because it’s massively beneficial for devs, with a low level exploit like that ih8sn0w can poke around newer versions of iOS and hopefully find more exploits.

        Think of it as having the best card in the deck, there’s no need to throw it away.

  • i’m bad at names :(

    lol i would like having that matrix text effect while booting up with a public jailbreak 😀

  • port87


  • iOS Kush

    Who cares if he won’t share, just glad to see. Give it time it will be out sooner now that this is shown.

  • Hi

    Can’t apple now patch the jailbreak by reading the verbose boot thingy?

    • amarioguy


  • iH8sn0w is a genius. How he manages this every time is great. While he may or may not release it, his track record proves this is legit.

  • mav3rick

    This is an lower level iBoot exploit not to be released, demonstrated over a year ago. It’s showing still working on iOS9. And more important now on a x64 device. This exploit should be used to snoop around and find other interesting stuff. Past Jailbreaks were kernel exploits.

    • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

      It’s an iPhone 5.. So not x64..

    • amarioguy

      iPhone 5. He STILL has not optimized the exploit for 64 bit.

  • Rob Floyd

    We all like to commonly refer to iH8sn0w as the “little bitch in the jailbreaking community,” but you got to hand it to his bitch ass, he’s smart….. very very smart

  • Manuel Molina

    Jail broken iOS 9 and iPhone 6S plus = me buying the phone.

  • Mark S

    So much for rootless huh apple?

  • 9to5Slavery

    My favorite is

    AudioRecorder 2

  • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

    You know the stuff is legit when it’s recorded with a crap camera…

  • Bran Boni

    This guy rarely shares his hacks. We’ll have to wait for other hackers to step in.

  • JayDee917

    This makes my day after just ordering the iPhone 6s Plus.

  • GadgetQueenn

    As long as we know it can be done. The Chinese won’t be too far off. Long live Jailbreak!