Apple TV 4th generation

Apple just announced that the next-gen Apple TV is shipping next month, with an entry-level price of $149. The $149 model features 32GB of flash storage space. The more expensive model with 64GB of flash storage is priced at $199.

Apple TV

Apple has announced a late October release date for the new 4th-generation Apple TV. On its website, you’ll be met with a simple “Coming Soon”.

Apple TV Starting at $149.99

As highlighted earlier, the new Apple TV ships with completely revamped hardware. The 64-bit A8 chip, will power a new App Store complete with games and familiar TV apps like Netflix and Hulu.

We’ll have more details regarding the new Apple TV, including order details, as soon as they surface and are made available.

What do you think about the new Apple TV and its price point? Will you be getting one?

  • Freemz

    So that’s £149 in the UK then.

    • Probably which means we’ll be paying more for it because Apple can’t do exchange rates properly…

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    And 179 in Canada … Maybe

  • Rowan09

    It’s priced fair especially since it starts at 32GB when everyone else is giving 8Gb for $100.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    It’ll be great for TV stuff. That controller will suck for anything but casual games. Looks like a very solid upgrade though.

  • Merman123

    That’s a great package for $149.

    • It would be if it could handle 4K video. Granted I don’t currently have a 4K TV but it’d still be nice for future proofing also the fact that the iPhone 6s can record 4K video should be a good enough reason to support 4K video playback.…

      • Wade Mason

        Who says it can’t? Just because they aren’t advertising it doesn’t mean anything.

        Right now Netflix and YouTube are the big 4K sources.

        Rumor has it that Apple has been gathering 4K material for iTunes but hasn’t launched it yet.

        4K COULD be a software update away.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        they would definitely advertise 4k if it had it

      • Wade Mason

        Not if iTunes isn’t selling content yet!

        They’ll happen at the same time. Last November it was confirmed that the A8 could play 4K video.

      • Andy

        I’m pretty sure the fact that iPhone 6s can record 4k means that you’ll be able to play your 4k videos on the Apple TV with a 4k screen.

      • George


  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I wish they had just stuck with one model, thats what they would do if they were the old Apple

    • Wade Mason

      The very first Apple TV (2007) came in two sizes.

  • Blip dude

    Well seeing as there is a potential to watch ultraviolet movies via a future Vudu app, I guess I can begin to part ways with the Roku 3. This was my biggest gripe about the Apple TV up to this point. Now (hopefully) I can finally have both iTunes and Ultraviolet movies plus the channels I watch on Roku on the Apple TV. But before I completely make the switch I am really curious to see how Roku will respond to this. Then again, they’ve been doing great so far.

  • William Melendez

    Yeah I’ll definitely get one once it’s jail broken : )

    • Dave Finkelstein

      Given that the previous apple TV has been out for years and still isn’t jailbroken, I don’t think that will ever happen so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      • William Melendez

        Apple TV 2 was jailbreakable. With more interest and demand on the new gem Apple TV maybe they will.

  • Chris

    I’m more than likely going to get one as FireCore announced today that they’re bringing Infuse which is great for a user like me as it would allow me to use my DLNA server without the need to jailbreak my ATV first.

    Overall, I was impressed by how streamlined they’ve made the interface considering the slow and jarring nature of my current ATV 2.