iPad Pro mockup video (image 002)

Earlier today, we conjectured about the final price of the iPad Pro on Let’s Talk Jailbreak, and I think we all agreed that $799 would be the entry level price point for Apple’s new tablet. A new report from 9to5Mac happens to go along with those sentiments.

According to the report, the iPad Pro will start off at an entry level price of $799. The report also states that, instead of the entry level model starting out at 64GB as it was initially thought to have, the base model iPad Pro will start off at 32GB instead.

Higher tier models will take on the same pricing tier strategy as currently employed by today’s iPads. The 64GB model will come it at $899, the 128GB model, $999.

Like current-gen LTE versions, which tack on a $130 premium for cellular connectivity capability, the iPad Pro will follow the same model. With that in mind, we can expect the 32GB iPad Pro with cellular to start off at just a hair over a grand at $1029.

If this report is right, then we can expect the following price table to ring true:

iPad Pro Price List

As you can see, that starts to get relatively expensive rather quickly. That’s firmly in MacBook Air territory.

Granted, we’ve still yet to see what the iPad Pro is capable of, and the screen of the iPad Pro, even if it were of the same ilk as the current-gen iPad Air 2, would greatly outclass the screen on the MacBook Air.

I think it’s safe to say that, although there appear to be several leaks regarding the price of the device and its accessories, there’s still a whole lot that we don’t know about the iPad Pro.

If you ask me, there’s no way that this can just be a “larger iPad” with a stylus. Not at this price point. Something tells me that Apple has a few more tricks up its sleeve that have yet to leak.

In less than 12 hours, perhaps we’ll find out the truth.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Well, it does look about right. However I still don’t think the cellular models should cost $130 more.

  • William Melendez

    If it’s just a “larger iPad” no way I would purchase it lol. Will see tomorrow .

    • rockdude094

      It better have an intel chip at least

  • George

    What exactly is pro about 20 some gb of free space?

    • Merman123


      • George

        The 32gb model will have around 28gb free storage, why the hell is this device considered a pro? If you’re going to make an iPad pro don’t fkn come out with a 32gb model.

      • Merman123

        Or you could buy the one that better suits your needs…? I could see small businesses benefiting from 30GB.

      • George

        Surface pro 3 $699 for 64gb running full windows.

      • 5723alex .

        That is the problem, it runs Windows.

      • So uninstall Windows. As far as I know the Surface is a full blown computer you can install whatever OS you want (including OS X via hackintosh). Unless the iPad Pro is a full blown computer running OS X and can also run other OS’s like Macs can I’d never even consider such a device since my iPad Air 2 is already pretty powerful to do most basic things and Remote Desktop can be used when I need to do something computationally expensive.

      • Amac25

        Agreed, it’s going to have to be more than just an iOS device for consumers and businesses to get behind. Sure there are people who are going to buy it anyways, but I would only be interested if it has near OS X capabilities and at least 1 USB port for transferring files.

      • George

        No that’s not a problem. If this iPad runs ios there will be problems.

      • Michael Perry

        even a 1tb hard drive comes with 931 GB of storage on windows

      • George

        This isn’t a windows vs ios discussion, if you’re going to make an iPad pro start at 64gb, the fact that they are making a 32gb sounds as if it will just be a larger ipad.

    • Liggerstuxin

      Grow up. No one cares what OS people like. A fanboy for either OS is pathetic. It’s a insecure behavior. Stop trolling.

  • Blip dude

    Like I said before, won’t believe anything until I see it. That being said, if this were to turn out to be true. . . HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Al

    I’ve gotta iPad Air 2… I previously had the iPad Air. And IMO… The Air 2 is a compelling update to the Air, although numbers say many people haven’t updated to the newest model.

    But the iPad Pro…. That’s a head scratcher. A 12.9 inch iOS tablet… I don’t see them justifying its existence. The iPad 9.7 is a perfectly capable size, although I hate to pull out the Steve Jobs argument. But I’d doubt Steve Jobs would be on board with this. Unless they had a USB-C port and able to push the capabilities beyond what iOS can do. I don’t see a major push for the iPad Pro.

    Of course, the iPad Pro will sell. I won’t go against Apple in making huge profits on their products, but it won’t be the type of profits Apple hope to make.

  • Vince Reedy

    If it starts at $799, it is not a pro device

    • Rowan09

      Huh? The Surface Pro 3 starts at that price.

      • Vince Reedy

        Sorry, not an Apple pro device. I think this is just a bigger iPad, without actual pro features.

        That will give them 3 different phone sizes if the C comes out, and 3 iPad sizes.

      • Rowan09

        We’ll see.

  • iPhoneWINS

    so many sizes so much of the exact same boring IOS limited functionality..

  • Bugs Bunnay

    At that price it better do something amazing. It better walk my dog!