iOS 8 adoption rate 87 percent

After struggling to gain a single percentage point over a four-week period, the adoption rate of iOS 8 now appears to have accelerated as iOS 8 now powers 87 percent of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild, as measured by the App Store on Monday, August 31, 2015.

That growth came at the expense of iOS 7, which has gone from powering thirteen percent of iOS devices two weeks ago to accounting for twelve percent of hardware in active use.

A month ago, iOS 8 adoption sat at 85 percent and iOS 7 comprised thirteen percent of iOS gadgets in the wild. Pre-iOS hardware continues to scrape out a mere two percent.

Apple’s adoption rate stats are obtained by monitoring devices that have accessed the App Store recently, meaning only devices in active use are counted.

iOS 8’s adoption has been slowing: the mobile operating system struggled to pick up five percentage points over the past three and a half months. This isn’t entirely unexpected: iOS 8 has been available for nearly a year now and iOS 9 is just weeks away from being released for public consumption.

Google has not yet updated Android’s distribution stats and their latest data still covers a 7-day period ending on August 3, 2015.

Android Adoption rate 20150803

Based on the numbers, Android Lollipop editions (Android 5.0 and 5.1) accounted for approximately one-fifth of hardware out there. About 39.3 percent of devices are still on KitKat (Android 4.4) and an additional 33.6 percent of hardware is running Jelly Bean versions (Android 4.1.x, 4.2.x and 4.3).

Google’s data counts only devices that run the Play Store and excludes hardware powered by forked Android versions like Amazon’s Fire tablets and devices sold in China that run third-party application stores and those that don’t support Google’s official Play Store app.

Source: Apple

  • Troy

    those numbers add up to 101…. and how about those devices on ios 9 beta, they should at least be 1%

  • Rares

    For those bitching about the 101%, those numbers are rounded so that they look good on the pie chart.

  • leart

    my 5 idevices are on that 2%
    iOS 6 > till i get the 6+ after the release of 6s, supposing that the price will drop

    • Nathan

      iOS 6 was the best.

  • Dan

    Funny that android stats had to make an appearance in this article. It’s comply not comparable though, taking into account low end and phone suppliers.

    • The latest versions of Android can run on low end devices no problem at all so this is no excuse for low adoption rates. Google needs to recognise that low adoption rates for the latest versions of their OS is a problem and do something about it.

      • Dan

        Obviously low end devices don’t have the same manufacturer support, so my argument still stands.

      • The OEM doesn’t make the OS (unless the OEM is Google) Google does. It should be their responsibility to ensure device updates are available. You don’t see cheap Windows laptops not getting updates for Windows 10 do you?

      • Dan

        Since most phones have custom skins and features (HTC/Samsung/LG to name a few) Google can’t do that. They make the OS available and the OEM tweaks it. Thus, no it’s not their responsibility and the reason why it can’t be compared to Apple. As far as I know, all laptops have the original OS, so Microsoft can send them direct updates, doesn’t work like that with phones. Stop trying to over simply things. Btw, there are some windows PC’s that are not eligible for Windows 10 due to incompatible hardware (my mother in law’s PC for one).

      • Google could add a button to the settings app to download and install stock Android should they be inclined to do so or offer an update to stock Android should an OEM stop supporting the device. Another option might be to improve backwards compatibility to aid OEMs in updating any customisations or to allow customisations to run in a compatibility mode should the OEM refuse to provide a proper update. Google can do and should do more to prevent fragmentation.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Still on the 2%. On iOS 5 out of all things.

  • Tommy

    iOS 6 runs great on the iPod 5 still. Too bad I upgraded.

  • Vakhal Aladar

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