BootLogoCustomizer is a brand new tweak that lets users customize the colors of the respring Apple boot logo. Customization is achieved by means of a simple preference panel found in the stock Settings app.

Although BootLogoCustomizer doesn’t allow you to change the boot logo that appears when you first reboot your iPhone, it will let you change the one that appears on respring, and it will eventually show up on reboot after the unmodified logo is displayed for a few seconds.

If you’re looking for a way to customize your logo and background, than look no further than this $1.00 jailbreak tweak.

BootLogoCustomizer Preferences main

After installation of the tweak, venture into the stock Settings and find BootLogoCustomizer’s preferences. Inside, you’ll see a kill-switch, two sections for customizing the boot logo color and boot logo background color, and an Apply Changes button, which serves as a respring shortcut.

BootLogoCustomizer Preferences

Customizing the logo and background colors is made easy thanks to the color picker included with the tweak. And if you don’t feel like messing with the color picker, you can tap the # sign in the upper right-hand corner in order to enter in a hex color value directly.

Once you’ve settled on your color choices, tap the Apply Changes button to initiate a respring and see your custom colors. From here on out, each time you respring will be met with your custom colorway for the boot logo and its background.

As I previously alluded to, this tweak doesn’t actually allow you to change the real boot logo, since that loads outside of Cydia Substrate’s jurisdiction. It does, however, allow you to change the boot logo on respring, and will present itself briefly on an actual reboot once Substrate is loaded into memory.

If you’re looking to spruce up the respring process, then I can’t think of a better tweak to do so with. BootLogoCustomizer is available for $1.00 on the BigBoss repo.

What do you think? Would you use it?

  • deepdvd

    I’d use it if it were free. Seems silly to pay for something that only happens when you respring.

    • Kelvin Lieu

      you don’t even see the apple logo when you respring. it only occurs if you reboot.

      • Niclas

        Incorrect, you do see the apple logo on respring.

      • Kelvin Lieu

        wow you’re right. it appears for like a second or 2 and then disappears

      • Niclas

        The time it is shown depends on how many tweaks you have. It’s quick if you have no tweaks.

      • deepdvd

        I see it every time I respring. Have you tried lately?

  • port87

    is there a way to apply a gif? or silent video? maybe u guys can recommend another tweak that does during respring.

  • leart


    • Giacomo Castellucci

      is it jailbroken?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        No it’s fake, that’s ios 6.

      • leart

        what is fake?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        I hate you.

      • Chris Tangler

        are you on ios 6 and ios 8.4.1 has downloaded onto your ipad? is that what we are looking at here?

        edit: never mind, i read the lower comments on this thread

      • leart

        no, that’s why I have to go throughout this sh*t every single ios release

      • Anmol Malhotra

        what do you do with the apps? there are so many apps not supported for iOS 6 now.

      • leart

        true, just 10-15 % of my apps are receiving updates, I’m able to use them only because I saved during the time, old versions for all my apps.. even some that are not in AppStore anymore

      • Guilherme 


      • leart

        damn, in my home i blocked the apple update served directly from the router, today just used my iPad on a bar outside home and bam, the f*****g update is already downloaded and is taking 1.5-2 gb of my space and its a 16gig device
        now I have to use erase all content and settings and restore from back up to take of from my device that ***** unwanted update

      • Dan

        offtopic much?

      • leart

        yes, but does really matter to be on topic?

      • Dan

        It somewhat matters, people read the comments to see/discuss what others think about the article itself. It’s like if I posted a picture of my dining room and asked what would be the best renovation idea.

      • leart

        your right, but i don’t have any device running ios 8 at all, im obsolete 🙂

      • KP

        Mikoto can delete that data, so can iCleaner

  • J™

    The stock logo is already very nice

  • BuBubbi

    Lovely.. Now I can actually choose a black background and white Apple on my white iPad and white iPhone 6..
    My wife always bugs me at night when I fiddle with Cydia in the bed, and reboot illuminating the entire room with the white background. 😀

  • BuBubbi

    Hmmm.. Doesn’t work on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.1. 🙁

  • Keith S

    what tweak does everyone use to respring?

    • Don Walker II

      I install a tweak from Cydia that requires a respring lolol Jkjk, I use CCSettings.

    • KP

      Power Tap, love that little tweak!