Although the small lightning logo appears next to the battery icon when charging the iPhone, I still find it difficult to quickly discern whether or not my device is charging. For whatever reason, it always takes me a second or two to realize that the lightning icon is there, indicating a charge.

With a tweak like ChargePulse, you can easily spot when your iPhone is charging, even when it’s two to three feet away. ChargePulse makes it readily apparent that your battery is charging by adding a subtle pulse to the battery icon in the status bar.

ChargePulse Prefs

Once ChargePulse is installed, you should notice the pulsating battery icon immediately. The tweak does contain a preference panel in the stock Settings app, which features a kill-switch, and two options for changing the lower alpha value for visibility and pulse fade duration.

By decreasing the pulse fade duration, you can make the battery icon pulse quicker, which makes it stand out like a sore thumb. The higher the number, the more subtle the pulsing effect, which looks much better than a rapid pulse.

ChargePulse is available for free on the BigBoss repo, and as someone who’s always had a hard time quickly spotting the charging indicator, I really like this tweak and recommend giving it a try.

What do you think about ChargePulse? Yay, or nay?

  • Yawn

    Dumb, pointless tweak… waste of battery
    inb4 this helps the partially sighted nonsense.

    • I couldn’t disagree more.

      • Osama Muhammed

        Oh My God. this is the most logical answer ever. and most awkward to the OP.

      • J.D

        yawn just got mind Fk’d haha

      • Travis


      • fasih

        Sometimes, comment section is more interesting than article itself!! this made me laugh!!

  • And the most pointless tweak reward goes to ChargeImpulse!

    • Ali

      At least get the name right…

    • Andrew

      I believe you mean “award” and “ChargePulse”. Also, would you say WinterBoard is pointless as well? This just adds a bit of visual customizability to your iDevice, and I quite like it. If it’s not for you, don’t use it.

  • Julio Hernandez

    I remember once upon a time the very first beta of iOS 7 had something similar to this but with the lightning bolt next to the battery. I honestly really liked that and was disappointed to find it wasn’t in the final build. Hopefully one day someone makes a tweak for that but this comes close.

  • Kaptivator

    Pretty cool tweak. Would have helped me today when I hooked up phone to charger but wasn’t charging because 2 year old unplugged the USB. I don’t understand the multiple post about the tweak being “pointless”. If its not for you, its not for you.

    • The lightning bolt and green battery icon isn’t enough??

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel


      • Ok then.

      • Kaptivator

        Is the stock iOS enough? Come on, Nuff Said…People tweak out their phones because the normal is not enough. What one finds helpful may not be for the masses. Thats why we customize our individual phones…No?

      • I wasn’t referring to the aesthetics, moreso the functionality which I believe it doesn’t bring any. But the aesthetics are cool and enough for a dl/install.

  • Shingo

    what are the best settings in number? both 0.5?

  • When iPhone is Charging the Battery Icon is Green Color. Isn’t it enough to make it clear?

    • Prolly not for the colorblind

      • Could be. But as much as I’ve heard, most can’t see the colors as normal colors(it’s not completely black and white), but could easily differentiate color (here White and Green).

      • Andrew

        It was actually a request on Reddit. And I love and use it because I hide my battery icon, and it gives me a better visual indicator that the phone is actually charging.

  • Ethan

    does it work with Alkaline and the like?

    • fasih


  • iDude

    how do u make a gif like that?

  • Simon Yung

    ok, i can’t find this in bigboss for some reason.

  • Rob Floyd

    If you like it, I love it. If you don’t like it, don’t install it…The point is you can…..if you want to