Catalyst Apple Watch Case 1

Last week, I went on a hike and ended up at a swimming hole where I promptly jumped into the cool, refreshing water and subsequently realize that I was still wearing my Apple Watch. Don’t worry, everything worked out fine.

It got me thinking about how I wished there were a waterproof case for Apple Watch. Specifically, I was thinking about how it would be nice if Catalyst made one (I’m not making this up. I have a Catalyst waterproof iPhone case that I love). The good news is that Catalyst did make a waterproof case for Apple Watch. The bad news is that it doesn’t fit my model.

The Catalyst Case for Apple Watch completely covers the 42mm Apple Watch in a sealed compartment that is tested for an IP-68 waterproof rating, which means that it completely protects against dust and water. You can submerge your Apple Watch underwater for up to five meters, or approximately 16.5 feet for long periods of time. It is also certified to meet MIL-SPEC 810G for serious drop protection.

Catalyst Apple Watch Case 2

The Apple Watch display screen is exposed. The case snaps into place, creating an air and watertight seal around the perimeter of the screen. The Digital Crown is covered by a specially designed rotating crown dial and the Side Button has its own separate cover, as well.

The heart rate sensor and charging dock are also completely useable. The backside sensors are covered with a similar membrane to what is used for the Catalyst iPhone Touch ID cover, which works better than any Touch ID cover that I’ve tested before (although, still not totally perfected).

The included 24mm long wrist strap is easily adjustable with a quick-release NATO nylon clasp.

Catalyst Apple Watch Case 3

The case comes in Stealth Black with a black wrist strap, Green Pop (white with neon green) with a gray wrist strap, or Rescue Ranger (gray with neon orange) with a black wrist strap. You can also get a Catalyst iPhone case to match. It is currently only available for the 42mm Apple Watch. There are no plans to launch a case for the 38mm model at this time.

You can preorder the Catalyst Case for Apple Watch today for $60. It is expected to ship this November.

  • Stayo

    The Apple Watch is already water proof.

    • No, the watch is water resistant, not water proof.

      • Niclas

        On paper.

        In reality, I have been swiming, showering, sauna etc. for over a month.

      • Apple states it’s water resistance isn’t permanent and wears off overtime by showering, swimming, and washing it.

      • Niclas

        Well, as I’ve said, Ive had it on 24/7 since launch, if the seal “wears off” in 5 instead of 10 years, I couldn’t care less.

      • what if you consistently doing all three of those things on a regular basis causes it to mess up in less than a year? still couldn’t care less?

      • Niclas

        I am, and no. I have apple care.

      • Fanboy 

        It is in fact waterproof based on it’s IP water rating. However, Apple doesn’t promote it as such. I’m assuming for liability issues, it doesn’t want to worry about replacing the Watch for people who take it to depths it shouldn’t go.

  • Flabalanche

    has anyone had their watch quit working because of water damage?

    • diggitydang

      I’ve been swimming in a pool with mine pretty regularly. Also shower with it too. Still ticking!! 🙂

  • Kevin Osborne

    No issues with my Pebble Time in the water. 😛