iBlason Prime Dual Layer Holster case for iPhone 6

When I’m looking around for rugged iPhone cases, I’m often thinking of whether it can withstand my camping and hiking trips. It has to be tough enough to withstand drops, but not be too bulky.

i-Blason’s Prime Dual Layer Holster case is rugged, lightweight, and comes with a kickstand and a holster clip. So, you can keep your iPhone 6 at your side and free your pockets for other things, like trail mix.

The case is dual-layered. The inner lining is made from soft silicon to absorb impact. The hard polycarbonate shell snaps onto the silicon lining for added protection. The shell has a built-in kickstand so you can set up your iPhone 6 in landscape mode for watching movies.

It also comes with a holster clip backing shell that you can snap onto the case. It rotates 180 degrees, so you can clip it to your belt in either landscape or portrait position, whichever is more comfortable for you.

There are cutaways for the back-facing camera, Lightning and headphone ports, and speakers. There is even a hole on the backside so your Apple logo will show through. Buttons are covered to keep them from dust and debris. There is also a lip on the front side of the case that keeps your screen protected from scratches when lying on a flat surface.

The Prime Dual Layer Holster case is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 and is available on Amazon for $13. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus available in black, blue or red for $18.

  • MadeInNY

    What function does the hole over the Apple logo serve other than to expose part of the phone to the elements where it can be scratched? Isn’t the point of a case to avoid damage?

    • This Guy

      There is probably a clear plastic window there. I doubt very much it’s actually open like you’re thinking.

      • MadeInNY

        Is there? And even if there is, what’s the point? It complicated manufacture, weakens the back, and defeats the objective of protection

      • This Guy

        The point is to show off the Apple logo on the phone. This has been done on nearly all cases for iPhones, since forever. Where have you been?

        As far as complicating manufacture- well, doing anything beyond nothing is ‘complicating’ manufacturing so I’m not sure I see your point there.

        Weakens the back- Unless you drop your phone on a pointed object directly on the little window, it’ll be fine. Millions of phone cases with a window on the back prove this to be a non-issue.

        Defeats the purpose of protection- See above.

        I really don’t know how you haven’t realized that nearly ALL iPhone cases have a window cut out around the logo.. are you trolling?

      • This Guy

        Also- as I said I am sure there’s a clear plastic window in the cutout, so something isn’t going to get in there and scratch the phone. This is not true for the cutout around the camera though. This is open to atmosphere, just like all other cases. Just so you know..

        Maybe you’ve never actually seen/touched/owned a case for a cell phone before? Are you an alien from another planet?

      • MadeInNY

        I own the apple leather case. Which does not have a cutout. It does have an apple logo which I could care

      • This Guy

        No other company is allowed to put the Apple logo on their case, that’s why the only case with the logo comes from Apple. Everyone else just does the cut out. There are some cases with no cut out though, as many people don’t want the logo showing through just like yourself.

        I can see you’ve asked this before about the Otterbox cases, so you must know all of this by now. You know that most cases have a cut out. So you shouldn’t be asking why… you should just be asking- where can I get one without a cut out?

      • Rowan09

        Nope I had one, it’s a great case but the clip stop latching so I got rid of it. There should be a clear cover over the Apple logo if you ask me.