100 apps

Apple is running a massive sale in the App Store right now, marking down the prices of 100 notable apps and games. The promotion includes titles from a variety of genres, and everything has been discounted down to $0.99.

The promo has been split up into 6 sections: Apps for Photography Lovers, Apps for Kids, Smart Tools for Everyone, Game Hits, App Store Veterans, and More Games to Explore. We’ve listed some of our favorite deals below.

Admittedly, many of these apps and games were recently featured in other promos, so there’s nothing earth-shattering about these deals. But for those in the market, or looking for impulse buys, it doesn’t get much better than a $1.

We expect the discounts to last through [at least] next Thursday.

Source: App Store

  • Ricky

    in indonesia its just $0.22 USD

    • David Ruiz

      same here in Mexico!

      • dudeimmexican

        Ese Ruiz! Como yo

  • xipoxp

    In China AppStore, these apps are just CNY ¥1, which is almost USD $0.16.

    • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

      Same in india, to be precise its $0.157 USD.

    • Titan Tsui

      How? In the Hong Kong app store its on sale foe 8 HKD (0.99 USD)

  • leart

    $0.99 in europe..
    from all of those i would suggest facetune, don’t remember we’ll for how much i purchase it two years ago, but it definitely a fantastic editing app..

    • Damn iOS 6 ! I miss that look so bad..

      • leart

        i love it to, i have 4 devices on ios 6, basically all my devices, except for an ipod 2.

        These days if you own a iphone 4s, can downgrade to ios 6.1.3 even if you dont have shsh blobs saved..

  • This Sale was Actually Targeted for the Countries where Apple has Added new Alternate Pricing Tier. ~ $0.16 prices.

    But the Alternate Pricing Tier Requires the Developers to Set US and other markets Prices to the Minimum ($0.99) to provide the Alternate Cheap prices for Emerging Markets.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    In India it’s 0.16$, and I bought 23 apps.