Show All Changes Cydia

When new packages are released in Cydia, they automatically appear at the top of the Changes tab. This is handy, because it allows you to easily find new apps and tweaks for your iOS device.

This isn’t the case when it comes to existing tweaks that have received updates. A lot of times the updates to existing tweaks are minor, but sometimes they are major. Unless you have that particular tweak installed on your device, you’re pretty much left in the dark when it comes to Cydia alerting you of the new update by default.

There is a special provision that can be enabled on a per-tweak basis so that it will always show you when updates occur—it’s under the Change Package Settings section. But a new jailbreak tweak called ShowAllCydiaUpdates forces all Cydia packages to show their updates by default.

Change Package Settings

If you’re someone who wants to be in the know about every Cydia update, then this is the perfect tweak for you. It’s definitely a go-to tweak for me, because it means I can keep tabs on everything that happens in Cydia more easily.

Once you install ShowAllCydiaUpdates, every Cydia package will have its Show All Changes switch in its Change Package Settings section enabled.

ShowAllCydiaUpdates isn’t for everyone, but if you’re bent on keeping up with every single change in Cydia, it’s by far the easiest way to do so. You can find the tweak available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Would you consider using ShowAllCydiaUpdates?

  • Underrated tweak. Don’t sleep.

  • Steven S.


    • What exactly are we supposed to be seeing?

  • Kassem Ajjan

    its not working …

    • Nick Smith

      isn’t working for me as well

  • Scott Merrill

    I will definitely be using this… Installed it earlier today. Many times I will uninstall a tweak due to incompatibility with other tweaks or other issues. So it will be nice to see when they are updated and I can try them again. Also if a tweak isn’t quite what I expected but then gets updated with a feature I want to try… This will let me know right away. Even though it could be done to individual tweaks in the past, this is much better in my opinion.

    • You’re better off doing it on a tweak by tweak basis rather than seeing every single update to tweaks you could care less about. That’s ridiculous.

      • I’m going to give it a go because it might show me tweaks that I otherwise wasn’t aware of

      • Scott Merrill

        It’s not a lot… So far today there have been 5 updates. And a total of 12 yesterday.

  • Maik Schroeer

    Is there a way to backup which tweaks I have enabled ‘show updates’ for? Every time a new jailbreak comes I lose my ‘tracking’. Would be great if this could be included in some iTunes backup..

    • Redj Fer

      Did you ever figure this out?

  • Wicrowe

    Does this respect your source filtering?

  • Ken Love

    Does anyone know anything about OverBoard? Will it be updated? Is there a similar tweak available?