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A powerful new tool has just been released for jailbreakers to “unjailbreak”. It’s called Cydia Impactor, and it’s an on-device tool that lets you remove and revert all changes made to a device to return it to its stock configuration.

The most notable thing about this tool is that it allows you to return to stock without needing to upgrade your device. Say, for example, you wanted to sell your iPhone, but wanted to retain its jailbreak-ability to increase resale value. Normally, if you wanted to perform a full system restore, you’d be forced to upgrade to the latest firmware, and thus lose your jailbreak. With Cydia Impacter, you can restore your device to stock without upgrading.

Cydia Impactor App

Cydia Impactor version 0.9.15 is currently in beta for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 only. Keep in mind that before running this tool you should backup your data first via iCloud or iTunes. Cydia Impactor will remove all data, as that is what it’s designed to do.

You’ll also need to reactivate your device, and go back through the normal setup process. Saurik advises that you don’t touch your device while Impactor is running, and that it should be connected to the Internet and have plenty of battery life to spare.

We’ve posted a video, but be sure to catch our full remove jailbreak tutorial here.

If you have ever used iLEX RAT, or Semi-Restore, then this tool will remind you of those tools. Considering that’s Cydia Impactor is made by Saurik himself, then I’d say that this is a pretty big deal.

What do you think about Cydia Impactor? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.

  • AnoNymouz

    What!! This is huge!

  • James G

    Wow…2015…Saurik is on a roll! Thanks!

    • M2

      He should be. I’ve read a few articles stating he has made around 15 million since he started Cydia. Making that kind of money, it’s about time he started to update.

      • Chris Tangler


      • M2

        Google Saurik net worth. Several articles come up. Idownloadblog won’t let me post links.

      • M_Hawke

        For links just substitute, say, the dot with (dot) or something like that.

      • M2

        Imore had an article from 2012 about it. It’s prob closer to 20 mil now. I’m grateful for his efforts but cydia has needed a major overhaul for years. I pay for every tweak.

      • mickey

        Revenue doesn’t equal profit. Google “Saurik talks Cydia revenue model”. I guess they don’t allow links in comments here but iDB broke down the numbers. Not sure how 15 million is possible considering his cut of the revenue (15%) doesn’t add up to that even over the course of Cydia’s ~7 year span. And that’s without factoring operating costs (employees, servers, bandwidth, etc…).

      • M_Hawke

        For links just substitute, say, the dot with (dot) or something.

  • Augusto

    looks amazing

  • Chris

    Saurik’s awesome work continues, I wish it worked with iOS 8.1 as I would love to be able to start fresh on 8.1.1 without needing to upgrade.

    • Semi-Restore exists 😛

      • Lemerio P.

        I was waiting on coolstar to comment as soon as I started reading the article. Lol Thought about semi-restore right away.

      • SurvivorX

        I know exactly what you mean lol. As soon as I read the mean idea of the tool I thought coolstar will be on a rant yet! I can’t help but wonder if these was made as a direct result of coolstar’ steam & their shananigans at Jailbreakcon!

      • Chris

        What’s the success rate, don’t particularly want to put all my trust in something I’ve never heard of before.

      • Semi-Restore has had a 99.99% success rate on iOS 7 through 8.1.2 so far.

      • Hot12345

        Does this mean you guys are stopping with the tool support semi-restore?

      • Chris

        Guess I’m in the 0.1% failure bracket, it said it reset successfully but got stuck after it rebooted thus forcing me to restore to iOS 8.4.

      • moe


      • Asif Khan Afridi

        Bro what is semirestore?

      • stylesbeyond

        yeah but yet still no mac version your just a lazy kid who thinks he’s good at coding

      • Nathan

        I think the ‘lazy kid’ here is the person who can’t differentiate the difference between you’re and your.

      • stylesbeyond

        oh no quick someone call the internet police……. bring the grammar police too!!! but “YET” you still knew what was said? everyone knows “crapstar” is a looser kid who can’t code, and then throws crappy software out!!!

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        If he can’t code, explain Semi-Restore, ClassicSwitcher, ClassicLockscreen and the rest. Obviously takes code.

        Say, why don’t YOU make a Mac version. If you say he can’t code, then obviously you can! I mean, how else would you know?

    • Svs

      Why not update?

      • Chris

        The vast majority of tweaks I use don’t work on iOS 8.3+.

      • Chris Tangler

        which ones?

    • Nolan I.

      8.4 is a drastic improvement over 8.1.1 on so many levels, why not upgrade while it’s being signed?

    • Mudflapman

      This is an awesome program! I was able to unjailbreak my iPhone 4s with iOS 8.1.2 after my phone loss service with Sprint. I’m glad I found it, I didn’t even know it existed until I googled it. It was my last resort after unsuccessful atempts by Sprint tech to fix it over the phone and short of taking it to Sprint store for diagnostics and a reset. I tried to uninstall all the tweaks I installed at the same time (which caused the problem) one by one and still I couldn’t get any service even on safe mode. After Cydia Impactor, Sprint service came back yet all my settings, contacts, messages, email, iOS 8.1.2 etc. are intact as if I never jailbroken my device. No need for a restore or even a backup (but I backed up before I ran the program just to be safe). So this program is a godsend. Thanks Saurik!

      Now I have to re-jailbreak my iPhone with TaiG

    • suekru

      You should have tried safe mode first >.>

      • Chris

        Couldn’t even get into safe mode, got stuck in a BLoD.

  • Jerry


  • PJ

    Nice work Saurik!

  • lukemul69

    tried running it 3 times now got the same error code every time – http-sox.cpp:135_assert(value == Good)

  • SurvivorX

    I am beyond relieved that an actual reliable tool by a known trusted developer is out that doesn’t ask you to jump through 10 hoops and require this and that.

    Finally folks will have a guaranteed way to return to stock or fix anything that they have may renendered their device unusable.

    Thank you Saurik for everything you have done in the past few months!

  • Ilya Vorobyev

    To Saurik and the team behind SaurikIT, LLC I appreciate your amazing work and the amount of amazing improvements you’ve been releasing. 😀 Thank you from the jailbreak community!

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Thanking is not good enough. Throw some money their way. If you already have, disregard this message.

  • Louis12

    And here I am thinking cydia couldn’t get anybetter

  • Lucas Rey

    What about restore from device settings? I mean, restoring is still necessary to clean personal data when we sell the device, so, why not use the proper setting from device? Which is the real benefit using Cydia impactor?
    Hey, it’s just a question, I don’t want to be polemical 😉

    • Svs

      It will brick your device if its jailbroken

    • It says in the article that it removes all data from your device, say for example Apple released another update which was unjailbreakable and you ran into an issue you could then effectively do a complete restore using Cydia impactor and keep your jailbreak

    • Elias

      Well… I advice you to not use the reset button in the settings, it will cause you huge issues.

    • Yeah… Probably best you don’t do that. Ever

  • Slifur

    Great! I was thinking about this literally like 20mins ago! Saurik is on a roll.. But i like to restore to freshly stock without jailbreak so i can just jailbreak if i want to.

  • White Michael Jackson

    Holy crap! This is awesome. Anyone know how i can donate to saurik?

  • wswalex

    off topic.. is that Comex story with iMods the reason for Saurik for all of this lately?
    Personally i think cydia still needs a lot of work.. (old sections needs to be updated or removed, new default repos, and tweaks sorted option by specific firmware or device)

  • Elias

    Finally a restore tool that we can trust to be reliable and safe. Good job Saurik!

  • Hengky Tandyo

    Genius people are often keep in silence. Saurik is one of them.

  • Hot12345

    OMG! This is freaking niceeee!

    But what this tweak/tool does is that also the same if you restore (to default) your device on itunes?

    Or is there something some files back there on the phone? So if you do a fresh new install on itunes is this the same as you get with this tweak?

    • Niclas

      Should be the same as a restore.

  • Wesh

    Great handy tool!! Thx Saurik!

    I wonder: is it possible to have an off-line version? ( one that doesnt need to download a bunch of stuff off of servers?)

  • Wait, so the ability to jailbreak a device actually adds value? Is it much?

    • Niclas

      Depends on if the current ios is jailbreakable.

  • Connor Rimmer

    This works fine with Iphone 5 Global. No Errors, just what I needed, as i have to go to an Apple store to swap my Iphone 5 because the camera is having the purple lines issue.

  • Anthony

    I searched in cydia on my iPhone 6 and can not find the tool anywhere.

    • jimmy

      you most refresh cydia!!

      • Anthony

        I did, it still wasn’t there until after a few hours passed and I tried refreshing again. Thanks for the reply..

  • Damian


  • White Michael Jackson


  • Jorge Lopez Morales

    Huge! Saurik, Huge!

  • Mark S


  • Abdu_Naaji

    I have an iOS 8.3 can i use this tool and update to 8.4 with my iPhone?? ??

    • Kilo Watt

      Just update to 8.4 with iTunes. This tool will not update your phone, it only wipes it clean. If you run this you will still be on 8.3, you will need to update in iTunes to 8.4.

      • AverageConsumer23

        actually i believe once you run this tool it will wipe the device and then after that you can update to 8.4 in settings using an OTA update, then jailbreak again (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)

  • Kilo Watt

    I’m finally updating to 8.4 tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off just because I hate taking the time to reinstall all my tweaks. Ready to make the jump now, especially with a tool like this out.

  • Yuizen

    But how about the tweaks? As I have remembered purchased tweaks are bind to your phone.

    • AverageConsumer23

      Purchased tweaks are bound to the account in which you bought them on, for example I use my google account to sign into Cydia and use Amazon purchases to buy my tweaks. Now all I have to do is sign into my google account and all my tweaks that I’ve purchased are there. Purchased tweaks are NOT bound to only that phone and iOS version.

      • Yuizen

        I don’t know after the cydia update. But I shared my tweak to my friend once. So I logged in my details to his phone. Now even if he logged in his account he can see and install my purchased tweaks. You will see a message though that tweak belongs to other account.

      • AverageConsumer23

        well I’m not sure why that would be happening, I’ve done the same with my friends and haven’t experienced anything like that as long as i log back out.

  • Shadow

    will this tool works if im on 8.1.2 ios???

    • AverageConsumer23

      As it says in the video only 8.3 and 8.4 at the moment

  • ssombra

    Would it be possible to do an OTA upgrade after using this tweak? Usually it is not possible to do an OTA upgrade in a JB device. I am asking because I have a JB iPhone 5 with a broken lightning port and I am not able to update it via cable and as it is JB I am not able to update OTA.

  • jimmy

    cydia impactor dont shows up on my springboard when i installed it? can anyone say what the problem is??

  • Killa Boi

    Excuse me, but am I the only one who can’t find Cydia Impactor on the Cydia App Store? I’m running Cydia on my jail broken I device on 8.4/iPhone 4S via TaiG 2.4.3…. can any y’all help me out?

    (Maybe there’s something I’m not informed about…?)

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    This was probably already mentioned in the post, but, this not only removes data pertaining to the jailbreak, Cydia, etc. but this also removes your own data (music, photos, videos, notes, contacts, etc.). So this is a complete factory restore whilst still being on the same firmware, correct?

  • Asif Khan Afridi

    Hey every body..i Always get error with some to fix it?

  • Austin

    I get the error code reset.cpp:1344 _assert(ota_find({“iPhone7,2”,12,’B’,440}))

    Help anyone?

  • Pedro Morais

    hello, i tried cydia impactor 3 times and it didn’t work this tool sucks, it gets stuck …i need to restore my phone without updating and this tool doesn’t really help , i followed all the steps and nothing no success… sorry jeff but this does not work like you claim it works….

  • xGt5cls96z

    HELP! Cydia impactor has been stuck on “attempting to rebuild files” for more than 24 hours!

    • Brian May

      Mine too! Did u have any luck?

  • OmegaOne

    Ive been jailbreaking sense my 3GS on IOS 3.0 and this is a serious game changer! many times ive gone too far with my tweaks! and wish I had a reset button to start fresh without having to go to newest IOS which usually has blocked jailbreak exploits! Ill give it a go tonight! fresh starts are the best! Currently on IOS 8.1.2 – iphone 6 plus.

  • Alpay Barz Ozalper

    I wish they updated this 🙁

  • Gnargusto

    this is now called cydia eraser