As a former Tweetbot user, there are some things I miss about that app, that I don’t get to have on the stock Twitter app. One of the most glaring omissions is the lack of quick list access directly from the main feed.

Twitter++ (free on BigBoss) is a new jailbreak tweak that adds easy list access, along with a whole slew of other desirable features. It lets you easily share links and images from tweets, share tweets outside of twitter, share direct messages, download videos, and much, much more.

If you’re looking to supercharge the stock Twitter app experience on iOS, then look no further than Twitter++.

I’m just going to list many of the features that Twitter++ brings to the table, because frankly it’s a ridiculous amount of new features.

  • Share links directly from tweets
  • Share images from tweets
  • Share tweets outside apps
  • GIF and Vine sharing and saving
  • Image and video sharing and saving
  • DM sharing
  • Youtube integration
  • Instagram links open in Instagram app
  • Browser integration with your favorite browser of choice
  • Show keyboard on compose
  • Easy list access from main feed
  • Confirm favorite dialogue
  • Remove follow button on tweets
  • Remove status bar
  • Show verified badges in timeline
  • View tweets and profiles of blocked users

And that’s not even the fully exhaustive list of features.


Once you install Twitter++, the modifications will appear within the Twitter app immediately. Twitter++ doesn’t feature a preference panel in the stock Settings app, but you are able to configure its settings via the Twitter app itself.

No doubt you’ll find at least a handful of features in Twitter++ that you’ll find useful. As I stated, I really love having quick one-touch access to my lists, and I’m sure I’ll begin to appreciate many of its other features as I get used to having it installed on my iPhone.

What feature from Twitter++ do you most enjoy?

  • Julien G

    What about Sponsored tweets ? We can hide them with T++ ?

    • Harchu

      Sadly, we can’t yet.

  • Triple-z

    why former tweetbot user? what made you switch?

    • Noohar

      I would also like to know your Pros & Cons Mr Jeff

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      The design looks too old

      • Triple-z

        only on the iPad..

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        nah, on iPhone also. it also feels slower than twitter iPhone app

    • Thomas Meredith

      I personally love the look and feel of the stock twitter app.

  • facebook++ , instgram++ , twitter++ . vine++ , what next

    • Triple-z

      whatsapp++ viber++

  • If this tweak had a feature to remove sponsored tweets, I think that would be great. I don’t have to worry about them though because I use Tweetbot 🙂

  • There are other tweaks for facebook, instagram & whatsapp with ++ as well. Provides all the necessary settings & features that one really craves for but the worst part are the Ads. In Whatsapp++ you’ve got an option to send a tweet about the tweak & get rid of ads for a week but facebook, instagram & twitter++ requires you to purchase the full version in order to get rid of them. The only con I could find in these tweaks. Other than that … this is something we’ve all been waiting for.

  • Thomas Meredith

    Im really excited about this tweak. Been wanting easy access to my list for a long time!

  • Harchu

    Would be awesome a video for this tweak.

  • arturosalinasguerrero

    Had to restore my iPhone 4 and after that, Twitter ++ settings menu is not available. The teak is there and is working to some extent (downloading videos and gifs for example), but can’t make adjustments. Any clue?