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Every day I receive at least a dozen requests for a tweak compatibility list for iOS 8.4. Instead of reinventing the wheel, someone has already performed all of the leg work creating a list.

As was done with the iOS 8.3 jailbreak, our buddies over at r/jailbreak have added a column for iOS 8.4 on their tweak compatibility spreadsheet. Instead of trying to guess which tweaks might be compatible with iOS 8.4 and which may not, you can simply look at this sheet to get a good indicator on what tweaks are currently supported, and which ones might need to be updated.

Since Cydia Substrate works out of the box with iOS 8.4, I’d say that more tweaks than not will have a measure of iOS 8.4 compatibility, if not full blown support. Have a look at this list, and see if all of your favorite tweaks are included.

Also, I’m going to go out on the limb and state that most of the tweaks covered in part 1 and part 2 of our 50 tweaks videos for iOS 8.3 play well with iOS 8.4, too.

Are there any tweaks that you use on a regular basis that have not been updated yet? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

  • DopamineAddicted

    iTouchSecure anyone?

    • C Mac

      iTouchSecure is working for me without any issues.

  • CCControl doesn’t work on iOS 8.4 sadly. Every time I use the extra toggles, my iPhone just repsrings into safe mode.

    • 9host

      Same thing here.

  • Chris

    I want to update to gain all the new goodies iOS 8.2+ offers, but at the same time I don’t want to because 70-80% of the tweaks I use don’t work on anything past 8.1.x.

  • iceman600

    Anyone here can confirm that the BioLockDown is working on IOS 8.4? On my device says its not compatible.

  • salparadise847

    The theme Jaku isn’t working

  • Bugs Bunnay

    how can I haz scrub working again on iradio???

  • R Gibbs

    Hidden Convo Pro??

  • Felix Romulo Ladanan Osabel

    Does anyone know if BiteSMS works on jailbroken 8.4?

    • adrian

      yes it does


      • Leon

        CustomLs, coloryourboard 8 and iconomatic all work on 8.4

      • Chris B

        Eclipse 2 is another system wide color scheme I use
        QuartzSettings is another great free one

      • anita

        what source? thanks

    • T. Allen

      Felix, did you have to already have Bite installed? I would love to get BiteSMS back on my phone. I see its still in the Cydia store.

      • Christian Pareja

        It does not work. I tried it last night. It does install on your phone, but it does not work.

      • T. Allen

        Yeah, I saw that. Sad man.

    • Becky

      I sent BiteSMS an email when iOS 8 came out and they said they don’t know when they will get an upgrade. Their main developer was no longer with them. So, I don’t know if or when we will have BiteSMS again. It sucks was one one my main reasons for Jailbreaking. I now use message heads it’s not as great, but it does let me compose and answer text messages anywhere including the lock screen.

  • Forrest Sims

    I see subtleLock (IOS 8) on the list as working on IOS 8.4 but when I go to download it i see this (this product is not supported on your IOS device)

    • Knobody

      Im using subtleLock on 8.4…it def works.

    • anita

      works for me too

  • Scott Reynolds

    f.lux working? not for me

    • Chris B

      now working

  • Chris B

    flipcontrolcenter says no compatible but is working for me on 8.4

  • Chris B

    Bootsound / crashreporter / infindock / kodi / work for me.

  • Chris Ryan

    anyone know if courier or locking are working on 8.4 ?

  • Chris Ryan

    sorry… couria

  • Chris Ryan

    or lockinfo damm autocorrect!

  • sorrento

    KillBackground8, anyone ?
    Or something else to replace with 😉

    • MikeeDoubleB

      works fine

      • sorrento

        Thks, appreciate the return 😉

  • Jerick


  • MikeeDoubleB

    appcake, appsync unified, aquaboard, barrel, bioprotect,icaughtu pro, killbackground8, linkstore for ios8,lacallapstore, movie box (ios7 & ios8), popular, swipeselection pro, unlimtones and virtualhome 8 (ios8) all work on my 8.4 iphone 6 plus 128gb

    • MikeeDoubleB

      Can anyone recomend any other good tweaks for iphone 6 plus

      • I_Say_What_I_Want

        Depends on what you are looking to do…production enhancement, utilities, themes…i can give a few but remember the more u install, the more u expose urself to constant crashes/resprings cos most dont work too well yet…or play too well with others.

  • Riccardo Pfeiler

    Auxo is not working yet

  • Ermek Djuzenov

    Autorotate videos doesn’t work on iOS 8.4

  • ElijahCraft MASTER

    CSources2 is not on the list, it is compatible with iOS 8.4