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In addition to releasing the latest iOS 8.4 software update for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and posting the new OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 update for the Mac, Apple has now issued a brand new version of iTunes for Mac and Windows PCs with built-in support for the new Apple Music on-demand subscription music service, Beats 1 global Internet radio and more.

You must install iOS 8.4 on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to enjoy Apple Music. iTunes 12.2 is required to enjoy Apple Music and Beats 1 radio streaming on your Mac or Windows computer.

What’s new in iTunes 12.2

iTunes 12.2 brings support for listening to Beats 1 live Internet radio programming, as well as for streaming songs through Apple Music.

You will notice a brand new For You section which lets you browse songs Apple thinks you’ll love, based on your taste and past listening history. In addition to For You, another section labeled New provides a curated selection of new song and album releases.

Lastly, there’s a Connect section where you can check out additional materials artists may post for music lovers to enjoy, such as lyrics, photo galleries, behind-the-scene videos, additional recordings and more.

The three new sections are also available on iOS 8.4’s revamped Music app.

iTunes 12.2 changelog

Apple has provided the following description of new features in iTunes 12.2:

  • For You—Get playlist and album recommendations you’ll love, selected just for you based on your musical tastes. The more you listen, the better For You gets.
  • New—Discover the best new music, handpicked by our music editors. Explore mixes created just for activities like exercising, or find great handcrafted playlists in a wide variety of genres. With Apple Music, you’ll always have the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.
  • Connect—A single place to connect with your favorite artists. See thoughts, photos, music, and videos shared from your favorite artists. You can comment on or love anything an artist has posted, and the artist can respond to you directly.
  • Beats 1—Tune in to Beats 1, broadcast live from cities around the globe. Enjoy music, interviews, exclusive radio shows, and the best of what’s going on in the world of music. Beats 1—worldwide and always on.
  • Apple Music Radio—Radio has been completely redesigned. Play from Featured Stations, where our music experts hand select every song you hear. Or, start a new station from any artist or song. In addition, it’s now easy to quickly return to your favorite stations with Recently Played.
  • My Music—Find all your music in one place, including iTunes purchases, music you’ve imported from CD, and now songs from Apple Music.
  • iTunes Store—The iTunes Store is still the best place to buy your favorite music, one song or album at a time.

Apple Music is free to try for three months.

Following the trial period, your credit card on file will be charged $9.99 per month to continue enjoying features like unlimited streaming with offline playback and more.

A $14.99 tier for families up to six is available, too.

If you’re going to check out Apple Music, read Cody’s tutorial which explains how to disable the auto-renewal option to avoid charges after your free trial.

How to update iTunes for Mac

First open iTunes on your Mac.

If an update prompt doesn’t show up automatically, choose iTunes > Check for Updates in the application’s menu bar. Follow the prompts to upgrade your copy of iTunes for Mac to the latest version.

Tip: You can also check for an update to iTunes using OS X’s Software Update mechanism. Simply choose App Store in the Finder’s Apple menu, or open Mac App Store from the Dock, and click the Updates tab.

How to update iTunes for Windows

Open iTunes on your Windows PC.

Now select Help > Check for Updates in the menu bar. You’ll be prompted to install the latest version of iTunes so follow the on-screen instructions from that point onward.

Tip: If you don’t see the menu bar, press the Control + B combination on your keyboard.

iTunes system requirements

On OS X, iTunes requires a Mac with an Intel Core processor, OS X Lion 10.7.5 or later, 400MB of free disk space and broadband Internet connection to use iTunes Store.

On Windows PCs, minimum system requirements include a PC with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor, 512MB of RAM, Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later, 400MB of available disk space and broadband Internet connection to use iTunes Store.

32-bit editions of iTunes support Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. 64-bit editions of iTunes are available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Where to download iTunes from?

You can download iTunes straight from Apple here.

How do you like Apple Music and Beats 1 integration in iTunes 12.2?

Share your early impressions with fellow readers down in the comment section.

  • ‘Kaan Karay’

    UMMM new icon

    • Jackson Grong

      Ugh gross

      • Aniket Bhatt

        its pretty easy to change the icon…i think there is a tutorial on iDb for that

    • William Melendez

      lol, I didn’t even notice. as soon I saw your post my eyes went straight to my dock and there it was lmao.

      • ‘Kaan Karay’


  • Raph Ael

    didnt work on el capitan:(

    • pauleebe

      Works fine for me on beta 2

  • Andrew Breyen

    🙁 no update???

    • Andrew Breyen

      Also… ???

      • ‘Kaan Karay’

        MacApp Store 😛

      • pauleebe

        Might depend on what country you are in, perhaps?

      • Aniket Bhatt

        64-Bit windows version isnt up yet

      • Tylor Jackson

        you should be pay attention to read said “iTunes is coming soon” meaning probably very soon will it?

  • Blip dude

    Will update for Mac when I get home, will NOT update for Windows. For future Jailbreaks, I think it is better to keep iTunes on 12.0 and I hardly use my Windows Partition to begin with.

  • Yasso

    Can i do the Jealbreak for iOS8.4 by this iTunse 12.2 version ?!

    • Mark S

      I don’t trust it. Using 12.0 to jailbreak. I’m on Windows 8.1 64 bit and new itunes don’t work for me.

    • tiltdown

      It did work on the latest iTunes but I downloaded the itunes driver from Taig site and install to work.

  • DS

    Well, im so pis*** of by the way the update worked out for me… or not. Im trying to update to 10.10.4 since 7 hours, still doesn’t work. It shows me the update in the app store but it doesn’t want to stop searching for new updates so I can’t start the update. If i reopen the app, it just shows the grey background with the app store logo. If I start to use the menu, it instantly freezes the app. I just don’t get it.

    • William Melendez

      What computer are you running? Have you restarted your computer yet?

      • DS

        I use a Macbook Retina Late 2013. It works now after restarting my macbook 50 billion times…

  • Tom

    Beats 1 doesn’t work… Anyone else?

    • Renato Faria

      Works fine here…

    • Obaid Yasin

      it does not even show in my radio

  • Obaid Yasin

    guys… please please help me

    my radio does not show Beats1
    i am so dissappointed

    • Khalid Tahhan

      apple have yet again boycotted parts of the world that they consider less important (AKA lower population per area) … beats is launched in 100 countries.. not very world wide as advertised. same bs from apple as always.. turning on a vpn in the usa or uk or any of those countries will make it work.. everytime they do this i wonder why i dont shift. they dont give a rats ass, why should i even contribute to their funds at all…

      • omgitsobaid

        Thank you for replying man
        The thing is that i’m in India and in India Beats1 is working but since i have a Dubai Credit Card i have to use the UAE (Dubai) Apple Account

        This is really sad

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    how do i update from 8.4 beta?
    when i try to restore via iTunes it says no recourse found

    • marco1993

      you can manually download 8.4 and update
      on mac you can hold the option key and click update and choose the firmware
      on windows its the shift key
      iOS 8.4 is not yet available for download on iDB downloads page so you may to wait for a bit

  • Andrzej

    Where is in iOS 8.4 in Radio tab: My stations – add/remove stations??????? Please tell me how they could remove this useful option??? I stay with 8.3. I kid you not.

  • Joshua D Cummins

    12.2 is not available for Vista. It is not working on my vista system!

    • tiltdown

      I think the problem is you’re still in vista.

  • Briggamortis

    For everyone on ios9 and missing the new apple music…. Go to the new iTunes and look for any music you want then just click on add to my music. New songs and albums show up in your music app. Simple as that!

  • Steven Honey

    Already found music in iTunes that is unavailable to stream. Can view the whole album, but only a few songs can play, all other songs grayed out.

  • Kertes Alfonz

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