dark sky 5 1

Popular weather client Dark Sky received a significant update today, bringing the app to version 5.0.0. The release includes several improvements like a new layout, advanced notifications, and the ability to collect pressure sensor data from compatible devices.

As for the new layout, it now features a detailed hour-by-hour 24 hour timeline, and you can create custom alerts for that timeline for things like temperature, wind and more. There’s also a new weather reporter, so users can provide feedback on their weather.

The pressure sensor support is perhaps the most intriguing new addition. iPhone 6 users can now opt in to have their phones automatically provide Dark Sky with pressure sensor data, which has the potential to dramatically improve short-term forecasts.

Rounding out the update are significant speed improvements during launch, UV Index data, and landscape on the iPad. It’s really a huge update, and sounds like it’s going to make one of the most accurate weather applications available even more precise.

You can find Dark Sky in the App Store, for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, for $3.99.

  • Jonathan

    Does it ever go on sale? It’s a very nice app, but a little pricey for my taste.

    • Especially for a weather app.

      • Jonathan

        I just switched to Wunderground. I love it. Awesome widgets too.

  • Still not available anywhere but U.S.
    Australia has detailed rain radars available for developers! Why won’t Dark Sky use them!!

  • Don’t worry guys, the app isn’t really all that great. I’m not sure why people go gaga over this app. There’s plenty of better weather apps out there.

    • ericesque

      Seconded. I got the app while it was free at some point based on positive reviews online. Didn’t like it any more than the weather channel’s app or even the stock weather app for that matter. Later I talked to a friend who really enjoyed Dark Sky and was convinced to give it another go. Still couldn’t find the appeal.

      This has been my experience with iOS apps in general though. Aside from games, I have very few paid apps on my phone. I’ve bought a dozen or so highly rated apps and almost always find myself going back to a better free option.

      • BeWeather and Weather Nerd are better alternatives. As for notifications, I get all weather notifications from either IFTTT or the WeatherUnderground website. This way, constant GPS tracking doesn’t have to be on.

    • Danny

      I also agree that it’s very OVERRATED. I also got it when it was free and after a day the notifications quit working. Also the UI is horrible. The Yahoo Weather app is much better (Yahoo Weather lacks notifications but since Dark Sky’s notifications quit working it’s a moot point). FYI – I’ve reinstalled Dark Sky numerous times and still the notifications quit working.

    • Totally agree, it is not that special at all.