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Last week during WWDC 2015, Apple spent a majority of time launching Apple Music and the corresponding iTunes 13 for OS X. The service will not launch until June 30, but the new Music app logo is already available for download in the iOS 9 beta.

Inside you will find inspired wallpapers for iPad, iPhone and, for the first time, Apple Watch. This fall, watchOS 2 will allow users to set wallpaper images from a specified folder on the device. Start your collection today.

iTunes 13 wallpaper

The following wallpapers were submitted to me by Jason Zigrino, who is a regular graphic artist featured in the Wallpapers of the Week section. Keep up with him via Twitter @jasonzigrino or Deviant Art.

iTunes El Capitan wallpaper splash Jason Zigrino iPad

Download iPad: logo; no logo

iTunes El Capitan wallpaper splash Jason Zigrino iPhone

Download iPhone: logo; no logo

iTunes El Capitan wallpaper splash Jason Zigrino Apple Watch

Download Apple Watch: logo; no logo


The wallpaper section is often populated by images submitted by readers, just like you! If you are hoping to see a running stream of wallpapers or submit your own images for consideration, please find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. Otherwise, keep your nav bars pointed to iDB every Sunday for the next installment.

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    No desktop?

    • JimGresham

      astute observation.

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        No need for sarcasm. You come off as rude with those passive aggressive comments.

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  • Satrop 

    They are awesome! Thank you for sharing Jason!

  • Those colors are just horrible. Why Apple?!

    • Hi


      • I think it’s a mashup of all the colours of iTunes and Music icons. Purple (iTunes app) Red (Music app) and Blue (old iTunes icon)

  • mp

    Why don’t ipad versions fit the screen entirely the way the iphone version does?

  • Alex’99

    Hey….403 forbidden error for both iphone and ipad wallpapers…