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A new rumor from Asia suggests that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the world’s largest semiconductor foundries, is ready to kick off mass production of Apple’s in-house designed ‘A9’ mobile processor for the new iPhones, tentatively called an ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’.

At the same time, another rumor from Apple’s supply chain has reaffirmed that 2015 iPhones will have a chassis made from 7000 Series aluminum, a custom alloy the Cupertino firm originally developed for the Apple Watch Sport.

Regarding the next-generation A9 processor, apparently both TSMC and Samsung have begun trial production back in March. The trial production phase reportedly ended last month and now TSMC is scheduled to start mass production as it has higher and less expensive yield than Samsung, as per industry sources cited by ChinaTimes.

The chip will be fabbed on TSMC’s 16-nanometer process versus the existing 20-nanometer A8 and A8X processors which power present-generation iPhones and iPads. 16-nanometer technology uses smaller components that require less power while delivering faster processing speeds.

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As for the other rumor, Apple supplier Catcher Technologies recently told investors that it forecasts higher revenues in the coming quarter due to “smoother production” as well as “strong orders for metal casings for new projects“.

Catcher CEO Allen Horng reportedly hinted that part of this revenue will be accounted for by the iPhone 6s, although he didn’t mention Apple by name. Catcher has been supplying metal cases to the iPhone maker for years.

While discussing one of its major clients’ “new smartphone project,” the CEO cautioned that a surface treatment on a harder metallic material will be more difficult than using traditional metal-casing processes.

He added the process might lower the yield though it shouldn’t be a major issue for the supplier as it continues to improve its techniques.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News originally reported in April of this year that the upcoming iPhones would feature a 60 percent stronger 7000 Series aluminum body.

If history is an indication, Apple should release the S-upgrade to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this fall, although a revered Apple analyst thinks that this time around the company might announce the new handsets in August before making them available for sale in September.

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  • pauleebe

    Whatever happened to Liquidmetal?

    • Newgunnerr

      Wondering this too

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Oh c’mon! liquid metal? sapphire screen? those were all speculations, if Apple truly created a product with those features, it would be worth more than a regular apple watch. No one would pay that much for a phone

      • pauleebe

        Sapphire screens are being used in Apple products.

        We’d probably have seen them in the iPhone 6 models, had their supplier not had issues.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Yes they are, I do agree, however creating that much sapphire in a phone compared to a watch (especially the iPhone 6 Plus) would market its value to the roof. Apple wants to keep the spending low to make it affordable to it’s customers.

      • Piny

        I would argue that they want to keep the spending low to keep their margins as high as possible… And this comes from an apple fanboy 😀

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        How is that arguing when you’re stating the same thing that I’m stating?

      • Piny

        Apart from the part that you’re one snarky fellow, you also don’t understand the semantics of your own words. You said “Apple wants to keep the spending low to make it affordable to it’s customers.” while what I said is more like (I’ll rephrase it a little here for you to comprehend): *IN MY OPINION* the reason is not to make it affordable for us the customers, but to keep their margins high. By spending less on the manufacture they are not going to lower the price of the devices. The price will stay the same… but their margins will grow. And stop being snarky 🙁 Honestly…

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You sound snarkier than I would ever. And you’re wrong, why do you think Apple is lowering their prices? It’s not to increase the margin, they can’t increase it if no one buys it.

      • Piny

        Aaaaa… Josh 😀 I just understood what the issue is for our miscommunication.

        Please, don’t take this in any offensive way, because I honestly don’t mean it to be offensive: you think “margin” means something else. To be more specific, I was referring to profit margin — which means how much % from the total selling price of the item is turned into profit. With the iPhone 6 for example, Apple’s profit margin is ~41% (those are not official numbers, since nobody really discloses profit margins. That figure is an estimate from Credit Suisse). That means Apple makes about ~$250 gross profit with every iPhone 6 sold (but that doesn’t factor in development costs)

      • Antzboogie

        Sapphire is nothing compared to Gorilla Glass look at all the information and videos available to us it’s overrated and not worth it.

  • Newgunnerr

    My iphone 6 is perfect. The only thing I want is a higher resolution screen and way better battery life. They do that, iPhone is perfect. It would only need software improvements.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      You’re another one of those guys who likes his own comment, huh?

      • TotallySerious


      • Newgunnerr

        I wouldn’t write a comment if I didn’t like it myself, right?

      • Cameron

        yes. So you answered why you shouldnt like your own comments then.

      • Newgunnerr

        No… I answered why you SHOULD like your own comment.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        It’s like you’re donating to your own donation program. Haha

      • Alejandro Delgado

        it’s like sucking your own d…nevermind

      • VITICO


    • Jeiivy

      They really need to step up with the battery life and stop making new devices each every year, big disappointment was the side by side multitasking not aveliable on iPad mini 2, they need to make a iOS compatible with all devices to bring People to the apple world. They are way left behind in features compared to Samsung and Microsoft, is a shame they do all this updates and never can’t figure out the battery life. iPhone 6 drains quicker big disappointment; I shouldn’t upgraded from my iPhone 5s.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        If your iPhone 6 drains, quit running 3G/LTE all the time.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        The iPhone 6 drains rather quickly whether or not LTE or cellular is on. I have an iPhone 6 and have the equivalent of iOS 9’s “Low Power Mode” settings a.k.a. everything-switched-off a.k.a. a dumb-phone (not a smartphone) with moderate use and the maximum I can achieve as far as battery-life is 7hrs usage (2.5hrs being music/podcast playback) per day. When I do plan on using it how I want I’d have to charge it twice every 24hrs. That’s unacceptable.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Look at your battery details, quit the apps that consume the most power, or take it back to the apple store and tell them your battery runs low.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Are you seriously telling me to check battery details, quit apps that consume memory? If you took the time to read my comment you can probably discern the fact that I’m not a beginner and very well aware of every option/aspect of iPhone settings. I never have more than 2 apps running and neither require lots of resources, every single bell&whistle is OFF. Even though my last battery diagnostic indicates that I have 94% of the battery’s design capacity left, it still drains much faster than the first 2 months post-purchase. It was impressive, but it quickly became unimpressive. I suppose the only solution is to go “Plus”-version next time and always.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You do realize that even if you turn every “bell and whistle” OFF, as you put that maybe you’re missing something? I can understand you’re not a beginner clearly, but on the contrary; I’ve known developers who had the same issue thinking that everything is turned off and running low while their power depeletes and they still couldn’t figure it out. There could be that tiny thing that is still there which you didn’t notice, you never know. I’ve never had that problem unless it was hardware failure.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        To put things in more perspective, I am still on iOS 8.1 for jailbreak reasons. Tweak library is quite light, no themes or background running daemons, no visual alterations. Mainly annoyance fixes, feature suppressions (such as voice command) and Activator gestures. Could simply be that it needs a fresh restore. I’ll do that when 8.3/4 jailbreak is out. But I’m sure many of you here agree that the iPhone 6 battery life is not impressive to say the least.

      • Jeiivy

        Uhm yeah my phone don’t last that long enough.

      • Jeiivy

        My battery usage says home & lock screen is using huge amount of battety %.

    • VITICO

      And a better front facing camera… then its perfect..

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Way better battery life and longevity is always welcomed. I agree.

    • Sokrates

      Why a higher resolution?

  • singhay559

    Native multitasking features for 6s+ higher mah battery 2gb ram and better optics would be ideal at this point.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      If by native multitasking you mean iPad-style multitouch gestures (3 or 4-finger swipe up to App Switcher, 3–5-finger pinch for home-button and sliding between apps, etc.) or the ones we saw with Zephyr/Tage then absolutely yes! I for one think it’s high-time that the at least the larger iPhones get such features. The screens have become large enough for it to be both possible and convenient (especially for the 6Plus). It’s really the only reason I jailbreak, that and Activator.

      Larger battery capacity and 2GB RAM are definite yes as well.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Whats up with the 7000 “series?” Just call it aluminum with zinc. You made it sound like the higher the number the better it is.

  • Joey

    photoshop fail

  • Chang in Charge

    Announced in August with Pre-Orders starting in August? This is going to mess up my upgrade schedule.

  • I originally was going to pass on this device.. then a few months ago some cool info came out and changed my mind. But after seeing the latest information about a duel camera setup which will probably be on iphone 7, I’m definitely waiting for that. The camera setup on all previous devices just hasn’t been that impressive to me. I take tons of photos and 6 plus has done a decent job for once but it’s still not great. Hopefully the duel setup is true and comes out on “7”. Only reason to get 6s.. would be if they really do change the camera a lot.. not just the optics.

  • I’ve lost all interest in the new iPhone, that I was waiting to upgrade to for over a year, since AT&T literally f@cked me over with the stupid Next plan changes…

  • Rob

    Stronger aluminum please…I bent 3 phones with moderate use. Way too soft. I will upgrade early just to get rid of this thing. So worried to bend it again.. Oh and please give me a flush rear camera so annoying that I can’t use it while it lays flat. Unless using a thick case

  • Chris

    Anything to do with battery I will be happy

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Better battery. Can’t let this message be open to interpretation, otherwise they might just put in a smaller battery just to make it thinner. Then they’ll point back to your comment and say “well, you asked us to do anything with battery and we did, we made it smaller so you can have a thinner and lighter device!” *smiley faces*