iOS 9 beta today

In wrapping up its iOS 9 preview at WWDC, Apple announced availability for the upcoming software update. As usual, it looks like a beta will be available to developers sometime after the keynote today, but there’s a bit of a new twist this year.

iOS 9 public fall

As with previous versions of OS X, Apple says that non-developers will be able to get in on the beta festivities this year. You can sign up here for Apple’s public beta testing program, and it will be released in the vague timeframe of “July.”

For those who don’t care about pre-release betas, Apple says iOS 9 will be available to the public “this fall.”

  • M.

    I always think I wouldn’t update until a JB is released but end up updating to the beta

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Bring on the IPSW 🙂

  • Sampo Samppa

    Anyone know when the IPSW download begins?

  • Rodney Coleman

    Downloading it tonight!!!! Once I get off work it should be a go!!!

  • Donovan

    I missed a bit, will those SwipeSelection-like and Videopane-like stuff be available on the iPhone 6? Because those were 2 of the 3 tweaks I jailbreak for.

  • TwinSon

    Couldn’t help but notice that Quick Compose was absent for this presentation. I find it odd that they have yet to provide this solution since you can now reply from anywhere, yet you can’t compose from anywhere but the Messages app.

  • Daniel

    Mmmm when I went to the site to reserve a spot for public beta I’m not seeing it. :/

    • latinlegacy

      public beta starts in july

      • Daniel

        Duh lol sorry I was to tired earlier in the day

  • leart

    support for 4s???

    • Mkondrak


  • Tim Liu

    Where is dat 8.4/??

    • f96lrs

      That’s what I want to know

      • Ali Mughal

        They mentioned that 8.4 is due at the end of June. I am 100% sure I heard that.

  • Jeiivy

    IOS 9 home & lock screen. Eating a lot battery usage. I charged it last night unplugged it and wake up today with 50% of battery. Home & lock screen had 100% usage.

    • Same here, the app switcher says it is closing the apps, but I think they are still open even if it says they’re closed. That might be the cause of the eating of the battery.

      • Jeiivy

        Yeah might be a bug or something, I’m disappointed that the iPad mini 2 didn’t get side By side multitasking, only iPad air 2 gets it.

  • Yujin

    Any one can share if this is very buggy? Historically all iOS betas were buggy to the point of insanity. Just would like to see what everyone is experiencing so far.

  • Found this out just now. Low Power Mode automatically disables at 80%.