Tim Cook (iPhone 6 launch, Palo Alto Apple Store)

Both online and brick-and-mortar Apple Stores around the country are about to drop subsidies for iPhone models sold through carrier AT&T. Moreover, Apple is said to increase trade-in price value of older iPhone models just a little bit, according to a pair of reports Monday (here and here) by 9to5Mac.

Beginning this month, trade-in values for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s models will increase by $15, or $25 in the case of used iPhone 5s devices.

The new trade-in offers are as follows:

  • iPhone 4: $50 of credit, previously $35
  • iPhone 5: $100 of credit, previously $85
  • iPhone 5S: $200 of credit, previously $175

The change is only available in the United States.

Apple’s trade-in deals are not something to write home about so maybe more people will trade-in their used iPhones at Apple Stores than they used to.

When you bring in your used handset, Apple determines its value depending on device condition and other parameters, as set in the company’s Reuse and Recycle Program terms and conditions.

If you take your device to an Apple Retail Store, Apple will immediately give you a credit toward the purchase of a new device. If you get an online estimate from Apple’s approved partner and you qualify, you can mail the old device in and get an Apple Store Gift Card.

The disposal of these handsets in an environmentally friendly manner is being managed by a third-party company called Brightstar on Apple’s behalf.

As for iPhone subsidy, Apple Stores will no longer let you purchase a subsidized iPhone on AT&T although the carrier’s two-year AT&T iPhone subsidy will remain in effect for business purchases. “Customers transitioning to Next will be able to keep unlimited data plans,” reports the publication.

Apple Stores will be instead pushing AT&T Next, an installment program akin to T-Mobile where “well-qualified buyers” can choose a new device and pay only the sales tax up front, with the cost of the device split into no-interest 20, 24 or 30 monthly payments.

“For Verizon customers, those who now purchase an iPhone via the Edge program will no longer be eligible for the connected Edge Up feature,” 9to5Mac has learned.

As a result, customers who became eligible for early hardware upgrades after 18 months will move back to 24 months for the standard Edge program. Lastly, Verizon is said to price-matching AT&T and kill two-year contract subsidies by the end of this summer.

Source: 9to5Mac 1, 2

  • Ds

    I got $560.00 trade-in for my iPhone 6 128gb at Best Buy when I went to the iPhone 6 plus.. Apple couldn’t even come close to that when I went there to see about trade-in.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      How fortunate for you. I tried to do the same thing in an Apple Store here in France and they didn’t allow for trade-ins for the current gen iPhone 6/6Plus. I wanted to trade in my 6 for the 6Plus but they said it was “too recent” and that if I had an older device it was possible. Guess I’ll have to wait for the 6S Plus.

      • Eric

        That’s why apple, according to “Ds” couldn’t come close. I despise trolls and pity the inept. I wonder which category Ds falls into?

  • CasonAsherTech

    No, not if you buy from an AT&T store or their website.

    • Only a matter of time before they all switch and require their garbage NEXT program. If they do require I’ll just cancel all my lines and move to a different carrier.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Nope. Att killed two years

  • Rowan09

    These trade in programs are a joke. I wonder if they at least take you out on a date before the butt rape.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I work at best buy… Att killed ALL two year contracts starting today!

  • f96lrs

    So my two year contract is over ?

    • jaysoncopes

      Yup. Without notice or anything.

      Welcome to commercialism.

  • GzyOnline

    The math has been done. AT&T’s Next Program saves $$money$$ versus the 2-year subsidized, contracted plan.. I know we’re all opposed to change, I’m just as guilty, but after some research, math, and a pinch of sense, I stand corrected!

    • Eric

      I like the cut of your jib.

    • Tdaniels

      Please don’t make statements like this without posting your math.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        It DOES save you money (around 140) IF you have a plan with a $25 discount and not a $15 discount; I believe 6 gigs((or ten)) or more) example

        IPhone 6 is 27.09 a month with a $25 dollar line discount is 2.09 a month. Multiplied by 24 months is around $50 plus the tax which is around $30-$45 depending on your state is $80-$95 total. compared to $200 plus a $40 upgrade fee which is waved. The only downside is your $300 early termination fee is now the price of the remaining balance of a $650 phone.

      • Tdaniels

        Sooooooooooo how much is actually saved?

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Around 140 if you have the right plan you’ll lose about 80 if you do not.

    • Minnesota Fats

      My 2 year contract is $65 with unlimited data. I always trade in my previous iPhone and pay nothing, then continue with my $65 payments.
      NEXT would be, let’s say, $80 in taxes up front, then an extra $25 a month added to my $65.
      I don’t see how NEXT saves money…

      • shelley74


  • Eric

    It’s all the same at the end of the day. If you are on the MSVP it normally works out better to do NEXT. They end up lowering your plan to be on it.