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The Apple Watch has not been available for walk-in customers since its April 24 launch as high demand and poor yields forced Apple to adopt an online-only reservation system with optional try-on appointments.

Now 9to5Mac is reporting that you won’t need to pre-reserve your unit online as the firm will soon permit end-to-end sales in its brick-and-mortar stores.

As we reported, CEO Tim Cook told retail employees during his May 2015 trip to China that the wearable device would be available for walk-in purchases in June. In addition to buying the device in-store, customers will be allowed to reserve models not yet in stock.

Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, sent an internal video to Apple’s retail army to announce the upcoming changes. In it, she announces the start of retail preparations for the in-store launch of the Apple Watch.

“This is our moment to shine, this will be a launch unlike any we’ve ever had before,” she said. “This is what you were born to do, this is why you are at Apple.”

“This is where the rubber hits the road, and now we need to make sure that we are above and beyond ready,” she apparently told employees, adding that Apple needs to “make sure that it has the best customer experience and that this launch is faster, smarter, and better than Apple has ever done before.”

The video also features Jim Bean, Apple’s Vice President of Retail Operations, who told staff that training materials for the retail launch are available to employees internally. Retail staff is being instructed to focus on the benefits of Apple Pay for Apple Watch. There will also be new workshops to teach customers about the Apple Watch’s Accessibility features.

Because “it’s going to be a little tougher to get everyone the exact watch that they want,” Apple is taking advantage of an upcoming “Reserve and Pickup” feature on the Apple Online Store which will let customers visit their nearest store at 8am each day to check if their preferred watch is in stock.

“If the store has the particular version in stock, the customer can reserve it and choose a time to pick it up in all Apple Watch countries,” reads the report.

If you haven’t purchased Apple Watch yet, will you be buying one soon? Changed your mind about buying an Apple Watch, you say?

Share your reasons with other readers down in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Gabriel Anaya

    This is probably a good slap in the face for anyone who is still waiting on their order and these things start going to retail.

    • James G

      I ordered mine a month ago, it’s not going to show up for 3 more weeks. If someone can walk in and buy the model I ordered before I get mine, as a customer that would frustrate me.

      • Joey

        they do that with iphones all the time, no difference

      • James G

        The difference is you can go in the store and they get new ones in stock regularly when an iPhone comes out. It might be limited supply but they enable you to buy one in the store if you catch a store with inventory. Not possible with Apple watch for nearly 2 months since it went on sale.

      • Joey

        so what they are doing is better than the iphone since they’re fulfilling online orders first

      • James G

        No. They’re short supplied and not meeting demand properly. People who order online don’t necessarily deserve to be “first”

      • Joey

        whats so hard about making an online order?

      • James G

        Unless of course they’ve placed an order well in advance of the product being sold in stores. A pre-order deserves to be honored in advance but once generally available ordering online has its pros and cons but doesn’t warrant earlier delivery than someone who walks into a store.

        This release limits people’s choices of buying the product. That’s not how iPhones are sold.

      • David J Delgado

        Why so long? I ordered mine a week ago with an original ship date of July and I got an email 2 days after that it would ship in 3-4 weeks, and another just yesterday that it will ship in 9-11 days.

      • James G

        I went with Apple Watch with black leather loop; apparently that combination had a longer wait time.

        Just yesterday though I got an update that pushed my delivery date from June 22 to June 12 so it sounds like they’ll probably try and deliver a lot of orders before going live with in-store sales.

  • :)

    Embarrassing way to launch a product to be honest. The whole thing has been a comical shambolic farce of a release.

  • Wheresnemo

    I just ordered mine last night -.-

  • James G

    “..this launch is faster, smarter, and better than Apple has ever done before.”

    It’s slower, dumber, and worse than Apple has ever done before. They rushed it to market, customers are waiting MONTHS (not weeks) for a device they can’t even wait in line to buy. I don’t see how anyone could buy into this and think ‘wow, Apple did an amazing job rolling out the Apple Watch. They should roll out new products like that more often’

    What a joke.

    • James G

      “Announcing the iPhone 7. Our best iPhone yet. Pre-order at midnight tonight for a chance to wait 6 weeks to get one. Don’t bother coming to our stores except to see them in a glass box or touch one for a few minutes before being sent back to our website to wait 8 weeks for yours to arrive.”

      • James G

        “Oh, and if you want the high end iPhone 7 Edition model, that’ll be $24,000 and an even longer wait. But here, look at some pictures of Kanye West with a solid gold one you’ll never afford.”

    • richard bryant

      You’re absolutely right! They always do this where they announce something and let u sit there for 2 or 3 months in anticipation. Then everyone stands outside for days just to get a new phone but this is even worse. They finally have a “release date” of April 24th and they have none in store and have to wait another couple of months just to get it. The only ones who got it was rich people that Apple didn’t wanna piss off and a select few who ordered immediately as it went live. Also when you go into the store they have a box full of watches? Really? Who thought it was a good idea to give one store 40 watches when ur on back order for 3 months?

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I stopped reading the article at “this is what you were born to do.” If I worked in an Apple store as a sales associate, I would of quit immediately.

    • Gregg

      Was thinking exactly the same thing. “I was born to do THIS???” What unbelievably grandiose and empty statements. Who writes this garbage? Surely THEY were NOT born to do THAT…

      And, how can you now be launching something that had already been launched? Does that mean it hadn’t really been launched?… (sigh) Idiots… She’ll get fired for this and can go back to selling $250 scarves…

  • iKnowAppleBest

    I actually just cancelled my pre order after waiting for such a long time. Probably won’t get one now regardless of where I can get one. Over it.

  • Jamessmooth

    LOL she actually said “this is what you were born to do?”

    • Tommy Gumbs

      I know right……..unbelievable.