Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS teaser 001

Ukrainian developer Readdle, the maker of some of the finest productivity apps for the iPhone and iPad, today launched its most ambitious project yet, a personalized email client for the iPhone and Apple Watch conceived to help you deal with your inbox faster.

The app is called Spark, it looks neat and offers a number of compelling features, like quick replies, powerful search, fast signatures, smart notifications, attachments, cloud services support, email-to-PDF conversion, a WatchKit extension to check important messages on the wrist with an Apple Watch app and a glance, and much more.

“Spark provides clarity to your inbox,” Readdle said. “Just one glance is enough to see what’s important and what’s going on.”

The app looks beautifully simplistic, it’s fast and can be customized by changing Spark’s widgets and sidebars to match your workflow. In addition to a Smart Inbox with  nicely designed cards that help you tame your inbox, Spark also supports the traditional unified view of your inbox.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Smart Inbox iPhone screenshot 001

In this view mode, Spark collates emails from multiple accounts in one place, just like Apple’s stock Mail app does. Spark’s unified inbox take this one step further by automatically categorizing messages: the app is clever enough to tell the difference between a personal email, a notification and a newsletter.

Because it’s content aware, Spark can tell if an email is from a real person or an automated service. Your messages get grouped by the sender: from people you know and from automated services.

This lets you quickly delete all newsletters and other emails from online services with a single swipe to free up space on your email server.

Deleting unwanted emails also makes Spark run faster.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Personalization iPhone screenshot 001

To process your emails even faster, swipe left to archive messages you’ve already dealt with, or pin ones that you want to return to later today. For those wondering, the app supports snoozing like Dropbox’s Mailbox so you can easily swipe to snooze a message for tomorrow or another day.

Snoozing in Mailbox has spoiled me and I’m glad that Spark supports this feature because I simply don’t have the time to deal with each and every message. Besides, I strongly dislike being forced to prioritize my emails with folders or tags so snoozing is an indispensable feature in my workflow.

But what good is an email app without a powerful search?

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Smart Search screenshot 001

Thankfully, Spark delivers: the app integrates natural language processing so you can type something like “attachments from Seb last week” and Spark will automatically find all the emails Seb sent me last week which have an attachment.

Speaking of attachments, Spark supports adding attachments from, or saving them to popular services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Readability, Pocket, Evernote and OneNote.

You can even connect two accounts for one service (i.e. personal and work).

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Integrations iPhone screenshot 001

I’m liking a lot the fact that Spark permits me to save an email message as a PDF document to my iPhone, or a cloud service of my choice, canceling the need for a specialized PDF creator app.

Check out the Spark promotional video below.

Last but not least, Spark enhances your email experience with smart signatures, read receipts, quick replies and smart notifications that only alert you about emails you care about.

With smart signatures, you can define multiple signatures like in many other email clients. What sets Spark apart from other apps is a cool feature allowing you to quickly cycle through your signatures when composing an email just by swiping.

If you don’t have the time to respond to a message right now but want to give the sender some sort of feedback, you can tap on the Like, Thanks or Smile icons at the bottom of any email.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Quick Replies iPhone screenshot 001

Spark also supports read receipts so that app pings you when others have read your message, and vice versa. Allowing recipients to know that you’re read their message is an optional feature.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Widgets iPhone screenshot 001

You will also love Spark’s Calendar widget, a cool feature that combines al your event invitations in one place, letting you RSVP or save them to your iPhone’s Calendar app.

And lastly, Spark’s Apple Watch component puts important emails on your wrist, with pre-populated quick replies and the ability to dictate a longer message, if you want.

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Apple Watch photo 001

The Apple Watch app, along with a glance, lets you quickly check out the most important emails, and even reply with dictation.

Color me excited!

Spark highlights:

  • Smart inbox— Spark creates a Smart Inbox with cards to better manage your e-mail, and also gives you a traditional unified view of your inbox.
  • Clarity—Your inbox is reorganized based on content awareness to show you the important things first.
  • Smart Notifications—You can set up notifications to show up only when you get e-mails from people you care about.
  • Integrations—Spark integrates with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Box and allows you to save both email attachments and actual emails there. What’s unique is that you can set up two Dropbox accounts: one personal and one work. You can also easily convert an e-mail into a PDF file with just one button.
  • Personalization—Spark is the most configurable email application. This is the only e-mail client that adapts to your workflow. You can set up different menu items, number of e-mail in each card, menu bar position, widgets to show and much more.
  • Smart Search—We wanted to create a better way of searching the e-mail, because the current search is broken. Natural Language search allows you to ask exact questions. For example: type “Attachments from David” and Spark will only display e-mails from David that contain attachments.
  • Great design and details— Spark has tons of cool little things that make the whole experience much better:
    • Clean compose window where you focus on the content
    • Ability to attach any file from your camera or cloud storage
    • Ability to change signatures by a simple swipe
    • Ability to delete all e-mail in the card (open a card, scroll down and swipe the bottom bar to the right)
    • Undo actions if you accidentally deleted an e-mail
    • Read receipts show you when your e-mail is read
    • Built-in calendar allows you to check availability times when you e-mail is minimized (right inside the app)
    • Improved threads – now you can actually read them easily
    • Reply to forwarded messages (to the original sender)
    • Attachments list
    • Quick replies (simply tap “Like” or “Thanks” buttons and the person will receive your acknowledgement or gratitude)
    • Pins is a lightweight way to mark what’s important either for today or for any other date)
    • And much more
  • Spark for Apple Watch—Spark is perfect for Apple Watch. It only notifies you when there’s an important event. Moreover, Spark lets you reply with dictation or a “quick reply” button (unlike native Apple app).

“Spark improves your experience with every core aspect of an email,” developers told me via email. “We want it to be better than any other e-mail client for (almost) every person on the planet.”

Spark by Readdle 1.0 for iOS Apple Watch screensho 002

I’ve found their marketing claims to be accurate as Spark, for the most part, has already replaced Apple’s Mail, Dropbox’s Mailbox, Microsoft’s Outlook and the excellent TL;DR as my go-to iPhone email client.

But don’t take my words for it, take Spark for a spin—it’s free.

Spark is available in the App Store at no charge.

  • iBanks

    This looks rather nice.

  • Looks quite nice, to bad you can’t switch it to be default mail in IOS. That’s the reason why I have to stick with their mail app because it’s annoying otherwise to try and use something else such as this. Even other calendars mess up and don’t work properly because you can’t default them. IOS really needs to let people choose defaults, but it will never happen.

    • I feel your pain, but I’ve gotten around it by having my emails/calendar added in the stock app, but only fetch manually. That means I can still use the default Mail share sheet to send, but I just use my third-party email apps for everything else!

  • Jim Miller

    Does Spark change your server’s mailbox structure? What happens when you view your mail on a Mac/PC, or decide you don’t like Spark and want to go back to

    • Marouf

      From what I know, it only adds a mailbox in which snoozed messages get stored until they’re returned to the inbox. Other than that, everything seems to have stayed the same. I’ve been using multiple clients and they all play nicely together.

  • C1

    Really need some more beautifully designed mail apps on OS X. Been using mailbox but am really sick of its blinding all white theme.

  • After setting it up and using it for a few minutes, I must say I like the app. It kind’ve reminds me of Sparrow back in the iOS 5/6 days and seems to be what it’d be like today if Google hadn’t bought it. Now we need more Mail apps on OS X. The only ones out there are seem to be Mailbox and Airmail.

  • Jamessmooth

    Apple really needs to make some changes to mail.

  • There is a lot of similar functionality in Google’s Inbox app. The “pin” looks very similar.

  •  benjieiOS 

    I have problems with my icloud account

  • OhSpazz

    How do you mass Delete with one swipe? I been trying to figure that out.

    • Marina

      It works for Smart folders like Pin or New. But Edit mode is planned:)

      • Jared

        notifications are very buggy… Is an update planned soon

      • Marina

        Notification will work much better with the nearest update. It’s in review now.

      • Jared

        Great thanks Marina!

  • Brandon Higgins

    Loving this client! I’ve gotten rid of inbox. Even the notification sounds great!

  • Georgi Stoyanov

    This client seems to work fine with gmail but it stays on connecting for a very long time and then pops up “invalid credentials” for all my icloud, exchange and imap accounts. Right now it’s usleless to me.

    •  benjieiOS 

      I have the same problems

    • Marina

      Hi Georgi! Do you use 2 step verification? Try to generate specific password for Spark.

  • Jon K

    Is this destroying anyone else’s battery life? Im at 43% usage by this app (from the settings battery usage) which is insane and left me at 30% by 5pm when I’m usually 60-65% still

    • Marina

      Which device do you use? It should use less battery after processing your inbox. Do you use Smart or Standars notifications?

      • Jon K

        It toned down after the first day. It must’ve been processing the mailboxes

      • Marina

        Yes, but battery usage will be improved in the nearest update.

  • Very nice watch companion app… replaced inbox for me. Huge drawback – doesn’t support Gmail (send as) aliases, like Inbox and Mailbox both do.

  • Frizzle

    This app great and well done. Inbox is disorienting, myMail has no unified inbox, and Apple mail has no reply on the watch. Thanks iDB

  • john

    Anybody not getting notifications AT ALL?

    I’ve tried many ways, enabling standard notifications rather than smart notifications, enabling background app refresher, checking notification in settings, but I haven’t gotten a single notification on my lock screen or anywhere else except when I’m actually using the app itself.. Kinda frustrating.

    I’m still on iOS 8.1 jailbreak.. don’t know if it’s affecting this app’s functionalities

    • M.

      I get notifications even though I’m running iOS 8.1 and am jailbroken. Try deleting the app and reinstalling.

    • Marina

      Standart or Smart notifications? Try to send test email, but jailbreak can cause this issue.

  • Sleaka J

    I like it, but I found it took too long to check for email. It takes about 5-8 seconds before it finishes checking for me. If they could speed it up to match other completing email apps (less than 2 seconds), then I’d switch

  • DtownBlogger

    Deleted after about 5 minutes of testing! Doesn’t even come close to outlook which in my opinion is the best email client available by far!

    • M.

      Spark does way more though. The only things it seems to be missing compared to Outlook are alias support and auto-unsubscribing from emails

      • Marina

        Alias support is planned)

      • M.

        That’s great!

        How do you know though – do you work for Readdle?

      • Marina

        Yep, in marketing team:)

      • M.

        Awesome! I love your apps btw – can’t wait for Spark on OS X 🙂

  • Rupinder

    Riddle always coming through…

  • M.

    iPad users who want to use Spark should check out FullForce. I just tried it out and they work almost perfectly together.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I got it and I’m loving it so far 🙂
    It’ll probably even replace the stock mail app

  • alex siegel

    Has anyone noticed that in the first Picture that the upper Half of the watch band is upside down? lol