In addition to Google Photos, Google announced at I/O today that it would be bringing another Android app over to iOS: Google Cardboard. The Mountain View tech giant says the software will “bring virtual reality to your iPhone.”

For those unfamiliar with Cardboard, it debuted at last year’s I/O conference with the promise of bringing affordable virtual reality to the masses. All it requires is a cardboard viewer that you can either make yourself or buy for $20.

cardboard 1

If you’re interested, Google showcases a number of ‘Works with Cardboard’ viewers on its website that vary in price and design. Or you can find directions to make your own here. Cardboard works with any iPhone 5 or newer model.

The app itself offers a handful of 3D adventures to get you started. There’s Explorer, which lets you explore various environments; Exhibit for viewing 3D museum objects; a kaleidoscope; and Urban Hike, a set of virtual city tours.

Additionally, Google also said that it’s bringing its Cardboard SDK to iOS, which means third-party developers will be able to build apps and games for the 3D platform. Virtual reality gaming for under $20? Keep an eye on this initiative.

Google Cardboard is available in the App Store for free.


  • @sexyhamthing

    Serious point: the iphone has a really low resolution display compared with everyone else. Surely this will have a negative impact

    • Aaaa

      Not really i’m using a vr headset with my 6+ and it’s amazing 😉

    • Kurt

      Don’t listen to Aaaa, he’s full of it. Non-biased people who have used the Note 4 and the S6 will tell you that the S6 is far better because of the higher ppi. And the iPhone 6+ is far far less than even the Note 4 so he’s lying.

  • Perfect timing, my iPhone VR headset arrived yesterday, will test the app out. Current VR apps on the App Store are mostly just tech demos, although it would be awesome for someone to come up with a VR game that supports MFi controllers (Occupation VR does this but isn’t very good…).