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Apple on Tuesday seeded the fourth beta of the upcoming OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 software to both developers and public testers. The update, labeled build 14E26a, is available through the Update tab in the Mac App Store, and the Dev Center for all registered Mac developers.

OS X 10.10.4 has been in testing since mid-April, and we have yet to see it bring about any significant user-facing changes or new features. It appears that the release will be more of a maintenance update, as Apple attempts to iron out remaining bugs and other known issues.

Today’s rollout comes two weeks after the previous 10.10.4 beta, and just a little more than two weeks ahead of WWDC, set to kick off on June 8. Apple is expected to unveil OS X 10.11 at the conference, with a new OS font and various bug fixes and stability improvements.

We’re installing the new beta now, and will be sure to pass along anything new worth mentioning. As always, if you come across a major addition or change in today’s beta release, e-mail us at tips@idownloadblog.com or tell us about it down in the comments below.

  • Fredydeekrueger

    I happen to be on the beta test since the release, is there a way to remove the beta and install the public (regular) version?

    • Alex

      By saying “regular” you mean a non beta version? If so, I think you’re misunderstanding the post. This release is for the Developers beta and the Public beta (from Appple’s public beta program) and none of them are “regular” releases, and if you want a non beta version you can always install the latest release from the Mac App Store or perform a clean install, which you can google it and lots of tutorials will show up.

      • Chris Tangler

        i think what he means by “public (regular)” is getting off the beta. The answer is yes but he has to wait for a public release higher than the current beta he’s on. So if he’s on any of the 10.4 betas, he has to wait for 10.4 public (non-beta) to get off the betas.

      • Alex

        Exactly, or as I said, Install the latest release (10.10.3) from the Mac App Store, more specific to download it and perform a clean installation (because the app store won’t let him install an older version, assuming he’s on any of the 10.10.4 betas)

      • Chris Tangler

        yep…i had to do this on 10.10.3 public beta because of an issue i was having with joining networks. Went back to 10.10.2 and resolved my issues. With 10.10.4 betas i’ve had no problems whatsoever.

  • Felix

    iOS 8.4 beta 4?

    • Thomas Braun

      We were hoping for it to come out today but looks like it won’t.

      • Madhu Renduchintala

        Looks like 8.4B3 is the last beta. I would expect 8.4GM to be released during WWDC in 2 weeks.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You mean beta 4 is the last, not beta 3

      • Madhu Renduchintala

        I was referring to iOS. Not OS x. 8.4’s last beta is #3.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You never know, Apple could launch a quick beta just to iron out some bugs..