Cydia iPhone 6

As I’m preparing this list, I can’t help but think it’s been a pretty good week for jailbreak tweaks. None of them qualify as groundbreaking or life-changing, but many of them do add these small modifications that make jailbreaking so appealing to me.

And as I am entering my fourth week without a jailbreak on my main device, I have come to really miss these little gems that are very subtle, yet incredibly useful for day to day usage. 

Tweaks released on Cydia this week

AquaBoard: brings awesome water effects to the Home screen ($2.99 – review)

AutoAnswer8: automatically answers phone and FaceTime calls from selected contacts ($1.99)

BrighterLSMedia: visually enhances a song details (artist, album, play time) on Lock screen (free)

HUDTransparent8: makes the HUD background transparent (free)

LockEditor: lets you edit various aspect of the Lock screen ($0.99)

LockEmoji: fixes little keyboard annoyances on iOS 8 (free)

LockPredict: prevents the QuickType bar from being accidentally minimized (free)

NoBanner: disables banner notifications when a video is playing ($0.99)

NoRingerHUD: disables the ringer HUD (free)

NoScrollWhenNewMessage: disables autoscroll in Messages when you receive a new message (free)

PlayingLabel: adds the name of the app currently playing music to Control Center (free)

Siou: a smarter way to manage your apps (free)

TokeTime: puts Snoop Dogg on your wallpaper at 4.20 am and pm (free)

My favorites are BrighterLSMedia, LockEmoji, NoScrollWhenNewMessage, AutoAnswer8, and BrighterLSMedia. What are yours?

  • Chris Gilmore

    I wouldn’t know… Upgraded to the new betas and haven’t looked back since.

  • Javiers

    How I wish I had my JB right now..

  • TechMan93

    TokeTime lol

  • Noe Hernandez

    I miss my jailbreak but I love my apple watch. Can’t wait for a new jailbreak but still have my iPad jailbroken guess that do for now

    • jake kneller

      Just wait we will get apple watch jailbreak tweaks or jailbreak for apple watch something like that

  • Brandon Higgins

    Last paragraph… Check it.

  • derp

    TokeTime is groundbreaking incredible app

  • pnh

    Looking forward to next week’s headline: “It was a good week for the new jailbreak”. Love my new watch but it would be better if I was jailbroken.

  • mrgerbik

    i miss mah jailbreakz

  • “My favorites are BrighterLSMedia, LockEmoji, NoScrollWhenNewMessage, AutoAnswer8, and BrighterLSMedia. What are yours?” You put BrighterLSMedia twice.

    • Donovan

      That’s how much he likes it.

      • Admin001


  • Chang in Charge

    Times like these I look up at the skies and I shout to the heavens, Pangu where are you?!! And I count my blessings and I remember a time many a week ago when I was jailbroken. And I sit and wait for those blessed times to return.

  • coLin

    I just want to cry right now 🙁
    Miss my jailbreak!

  • iPhoneWINS

    things are looking really bad for a new JB cause apple updates IOS so often now.. Glad ji have my 6+ jailbroken.. iPhones suck with no JB

    • coLin

      So true to the last sentence

    • Otto von Bismarck

      “iPhones suck with no JB”
      If that is the case, Android may be for you