iCloud Contacts

As indicated in the official support document which was updated last evening, Apple has now doubled the previous iCloud Contacts limit from 25,000 contacts to 50,000 items.

These contact cards can be shared and synchronized with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, as well as with Mac and Windows PCs, and can be accessed through any modern web browser at iCloud.com.

iCloud Contacts now supports 50,000 contact cards in total, with a maximum size of a contact card set at 256KB, a contact photo at 224KB and a contact group at 256KB.

The total size of all the photos attached to your contact cards cannot exceed hundred megabytes, or 24 megabytes in the case of card text. iCloud Contacts supports JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF file formats for a contact photo.

Similarly, the previous vCard import limit of 25,000 contact cards has been raised to 50,000 items. The maximum size of a vCard can be 256 KB, which includes both the profile photo and text, with the maximum vCard photo size set at 224KB.

Should you exceed one or more of the limits mentioned above, iCloud Contacts might have issues keeping changes up to date across your devices.

Limits for iCloud Bookmarks (25,000 items) and iCloud Calendars and Reminders (25,000) have not been raised at the time of this writing.

Source: Apple via iFun.de (Google Translate)

  • marco v berlo

    who has 50.000 contacts ???

    • Byron C Mayes

      Tim Cook

    • Weiss

      Businesses not people. It’s for corporates

    • mp

      What a bummer when it comes to invites for parties or weddings. You’ll need a stadium just for seating.

  • Byron C Mayes

    Near total non sequitur, but the icon for Contacts is easily the ugliest icon of the stock Apple apps in iOS. I’m looking for a contact manager just for that reason.

    Okay now back to serious fanboy-ing and hater-ing.

    • Dir

      Who the hell uses the contacts app…

      • marco v berlo

        Me. It’s easy to use, It’s standard and when i need one i can get it on all my devices

      • marco v berlo

        sorry for bad english if i type something wrong

      • ericesque

        I do. What’s a better option?

    • Gregg

      So funny, yet so true.

  • double the damn free icloud size!

    • nyangejr

      Double double

    • JulianZH

      if you dont buy one soda per month and use that $0.99 on the 20GB plan. it’s worth it. OR give up 4 sodas for 200GB per month.

      • Not everyone can afford that 1$ a month

      • Rowan09

        If you can afford an iPhone or smartphone plan you can afford $12 a year.

  • Jonathan

    That’s a lot of friends.

  • Chris Wagers

    Does anyone know if when I assign a photo to a contact does it shrink the size of the photo down to 224KB? I’m talking the photo that’s stored as contact photo not the original photo.

    • Simz

      Don’t know about 224KB but i know for a fact that it shrinks the picture because when you go to the phone app and press the pic you can see the quality is way poorer

      • Chris Wagers

        Thank you.

  • Kr00

    Its the same UI, just run out of the phone app. One tap on contacts takes me there. On the phone app you have to open the app then tap contacts. If I want to add or edit a contact I don’t go into the phone app.

  • f1ght3r

    I only have 93 contacts on my phone and about 20 of them are restaurants I order take out from. No I’m not an antisocial overweight man. Well maybe. Just a little bit. Ok I am. What has become of my life, my only true love is good food. I need a hug; from a burger, fries and maybe a sundae.