In an interview with the Wall Street Journal about his new role as a Broadway producer, Scott Forstall had few but nice things to say about Apple:

Asked about the split, Mr. Forstall said he was “so proud of the thousands of people I worked with [at Apple] and with whom I remain friends. I am delighted that they continue to turn out great and beloved products.”

The whole interview is an interesting read, along as you care about either Scott Forstall or musicals in general.

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Gossip time people!. Pls leave the poor guy alone. I think he did his best at Apple.

  • Gastiz

    I guess that’s what Apple paid him to say when he was kicked out of the company. iOS 7 was obviously all about throwing away as much of Forstall’s design as possible while completely ignoring all the bugs. If Forstall did have such a friendly relationship with his colleagues, getting rid of everything that reminded them of him would not have been priority #1.

    • Connecting Mac User 

      This guy you’re taking the matter personal. Don’t forget this is a 21 f**kin century. Going flat from previous UI was a good move. No doubt the bugs was apparent but again, I think it need more time to settle. The wind is gettin calm day by day.. I Know! P.S I still appreciate Forstall works while at Apple but we gotta move on dude!

      • Gastiz

        I don’t accept the new design just because it is newer. The old design had plenty of details to look at, but this ugly flat design is plain boring. Apple wasted resources on fixing something that wasn’t broken, resulting in the buggy, ugly, laggy thing we know as iOS 7.0. Here I thought ClipArt was gone for good, but suddenly my home screen was full of it. I actually moved all of the stock icons into a folder so that I didn’t have to look at them (I prefer white squares over low quality artwork). Google’s flat design is a success—Apple’s ClipArt design is a disaster.

        Mr. Forstall was known for his ability to run the iOS team like clockwork and I miss being able to tap something and get an immediate response. iOS 7 slowed down my iPhone considerably (I did a side by side comparison), but the weirdest bugs appeared in iOS 8. Unless iOS 9 fixes things I won’t just “move on”. My iPad still runs iOS 6 and works like a charm (and it sure looks great).

        My problems would never have existed in the first place if Apple had focused on stability instead of ClipArt design. Yes, this is the 21st century and our displays are sharper and more detailed than ever. Then why do we use them for 80s graphics with a touch of translucency? Accepting products that are inferior to their predecessors is not progress, it’s lame.

        Luckily flat is just another design trend. In a few years ClipArt design will once again be considered horribly outdated. I can’t wait.

      • Great comment! I like some new functionality added to iOS7/8 but I remember how iOS6 felt and it’s not like that anymore. Would give anything for an option to go back to 6 on my iPhone 5 😛

  • Nathan

    I miss forstall.