Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker

There is no reason to even bring up the fact that the iPhone’s internal speaker system sucks, but I just did. So the best solution to a terrible sound is boosting it with something else.

The Anker A7908 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a box speaker that fits in the palm of your hand, but packs a punch when it comes to increasing the volume of your iPhone 6. The nearly 20-hour battery life makes it possible for you to keep the party going, all night long.

The cube-shaped speaker measures 3.2 x 3.2 x 2.4 and weighs just 11.8 ounces. It comes with a four watt two inch driver and bass port for better depth and range. It is also one of the only speakers in its class to have a battery life that lasts so long at an estimated 15 to 20 hours.

The basic control buttons housed on the front of the speaker are to play or stop the music, plus there are volume buttons to increase or decrease the audio. That’s it for controls. No confusion or complications.

The speaker is wireless, but comes with a Micro USB charging cable for when you finally do run out of juice. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, but is backwards compatible with devices running Bluetooth 2.1 and newer. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect devices that do not support Bluetooth (like the iPod Classic).

The whole thing comes with a travel pouch so you can take it with you anywhere you go without worrying about getting junk all over it. And, because it is about the size of a small melon, you’ll probably want to bring it with you everywhere you go.

The Anker A7908 Portable Bluetooth Speaker costs $40 and is available on Amazon in black, blue, or white.

What do you think of this mini Bluetooth speaker? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Merman123

    I bought this a couple months back. It was junk. It worked for about two days then it wouldn’t charge. It could have been just bad luck for me, but I wanted to share my experience. I finally gave in and bought a JBL Charge, which is still working perfectly.

    • Sound wise how do the two compare?

    • [RΞCØИ1]

      I’ve had a few bad experiences with Anker and their USB hubs. Seems like the products I’ve purchased work fine for a few days and then stop working. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Strange. It might just be a one off as this unit is getting raving reviews on Amazon. I have a portable charger from Anker that is quite good. I find it to me a great quality product at a very affordable price.

      • Merman123

        Could be. Anker makes great battery chargers at great prices, I own a couple, which is why I trusted the brand with the speaker. Just wanted to share my two cents with the speaker!

  • IG: RuskingGonzalez

    What if i want to pair 2 of those anker speaker with an iphone, can i do it ? Over bluetooth of course…

    • Merman123

      Simulatenously? No. That’s not possible.

  • Kurt

    20 hours on a single charge? That’s awesome. Mine does 15 but I wouldn’t mind 5 more hours.