apple store watch

Apple updated its Apple Store app on Thursday, bringing the software to version 3.2.1. The change log for the release is short, with just one new feature mentioned, but it’s a significant one: Apple Watch support. Now, owners can use the wearable to access information both inside and outside of retail Apple Stores.

More specifically, the Apple Watch version of Apple Store can show you real-time order status updates (without having to re-enter your password). You can also use it to begin the pickup process and check in for Genius Bar appointments when you arrive at an Apple Store, and discover nearby events and workshops.

This is the second platform leap the Apple Store app has made in as many years. In 2013, Apple released a beautiful iPad version of its native digital storefront. Unfortunately, those hoping they’d be able to order MacBooks and accessories directly from their wrists will be disappointed. Shopping didn’t make the jump.

You can find the Apple Store app in the App Store for free.

  • Aaron

    Finally! You’d think this would be the first app to have this!

  • Actually I’d rather have them update the Podcasts app for the Apple Watch. :-/

    • You should try Overcast. I don’t have an Apple Watch but I do use it regularly on my iPhone and iPad and think it’s the best podcast app there is. It’s my understanding that they were one of the first (if not the first) podcast app to have support for the Apple Watch…

      • Yeah, I have considered switching to Overcast and I’ve downloaded it once I got the watch but unfortunately there’s no way to have it access all the podcasts that I already have so I’d have to re-subscribe to all podcasts and then re-download all the episodes and I must admit that I’ve been too lazy to do that so far.

        But even then I just find it surprising and a bit disappointing that Apple hasn’t updated their own app yet.