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Apple on Tuesday updated the official App Store Review Guidelines, officially taking a stance against third-party applications for the Apple Watch whose sole purpose is to tell the time, as first discovered by developer David Smith.

A newly added clause of the agreement guiding third-party development now explicitly states that Watch applications which simply tell the time will be flatly rejected.

“Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected,” reads the document. Moreover, the same principles appear to apply to custom watch faces and flatulence apps.

It’s worth mentioning that these rules have been enforced since the onset as there has never been a single time-telling Apple Watch app, or a fart app, (or a custom face for that matter) available on the App Store.

In addition to time-telling apps, Apple also doesn’t want third-party developers to create custom faces for the Watch. The device ships with a selection of ten highly customizable faces, but that’s about it, at least for the time being.

For the time being, because the official Apple Watch User Guide implies that additional Apple-made faces might be coming soon by way of a future Watch OS software update:

Apple Watch includes a variety of watch faces, any of which you can customize to suit you. Check frequently for software updates; the set of watch faces that follows might differ from what you see on your Apple Watch.

Some of the forthcoming faces could include Photo and Timelapse, both of which Apple advertised but removed by the time the device officially launched.

So, where does that leave third-party developers?

We know native Watch apps are due later this year because Apple itself has acknowledged as much. Having said that — and I’m only speculating here — the firm may allow custom watch faces through an updated software-development kit that should support the creation of native apps which execute directly on the device.

At the end of the day, it will come down to company policy, not technology.

Apple Watch faces

Even if we never see custom Watch faces, I’m sure the jailbreak crowd will eventually take care of that. Other people, like journalist Jason Snell, are holding their breath for third-party faces or, at the very least, third-party complications for existing faces.

“I’d be fine if Apple took a strong hand with faces and only approved a very small number that passed a very high bar,” he wrote, adding:

I’d be okay if Apple kept tight control of the faces… if developers could provide data from their apps as complications on existing faces. I’d love to plug in my Weather Underground temperature, for instance—today Apple’s standard temperature widget was a full ten degrees off of the actual temperature in my town.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple also appears to have taken a tough stance against fart apps on the Apple Watch. Sure enough, the App Store Review Guidelines have long pointed out that apps may be rejected over duplicate functionality, “particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps.”

Apple Watch Three Second face

The same restrictions now apply to fart apps on the Watch.

As one developer confessed to Cult of Mac, his Watch app got rejected for letting people remotely control a fart sound broadcast from the iPhone.

“We noticed that your Apple Watch app is primarily a fart app,” Apple explained in an email to this developer. “We do not accept fart apps on Apple Watch.”

No surprises here.

Who’s feeling sad about the lack of fart apps on their Watch?

And what’s up with so many people spewing hate on Twitter against the Mickey Mouse face? Keep your inner Peter Pan alive, people!

Source: David Smith, Cult of Mac

  • kurt

    Canceling my Apple Watch order now, the whole reason I bought it was for wet juicy farts at Thanksgiving dinner! Apple sure knows how to ruin a good fart joke! lol

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      I know right? Like what bad could that do? Lol oh someone got annoyed by fart sounds…Ooooo. Guess we gotta ban those..Should we ban real farts too?

      • mike

        Tim Cook: *hears a fart noise* WHO THE HELL WHAT THAT?
        Worker: It was Jane
        Tim Cook: You are fired Jane.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Wait girls fart??? But yes most likely thats how its handled. Even if Jane was working on sapphire screens for the next iphone and had solved it, she’d be fired.

  • Fanboy 

    Custom watchfaces would have been very appreciated. Imagine if Twitter or Facebook made a custom face that showed current status, pictures, etc. along with the time. Or just anybody creating a Watchface i personally dont fully like any of the ones that come with it, they have mixed functionality I wish I could join some of them to make the perfect one lol

    • TechLove

      But then there will be some devs who will make a rolex watch face or a rado one, then those companies would sue apple! Precaution is better than cure mate…

      • Fanboy 

        In typical Apple fashion there could definitely be strict guidelines that would prevent such things to avoid infringement and Apple could deny apps that did that but that is a good point

      • George

        Apple can block them if that were the case. Saying no custom watch faces in general is a joke.

      • Benedict

        This would be no problem. Google also rejects plagiarized watch faces from the Play Store. Other custom watch faces are available for download.

    • Kr00

      Give it time I say, and Apple will ease up on these issues, as they did with iOS (remember no Apple apps could be mirrored, then things changed). It is their brand spanking new baby, so let them have some ownership over it, for now.

  • Newgunnerr

    What the hell does a fart app even do? Like.. let farts?

    • mike

      Makes farting noises…

      • Newgunnerr

        Why the hell would you want someone to think you farted..

      • Juschan

        well if you place ur iphone in someone else pocket hahahah

  • Jonathan

    Well, Notification Center widgets were being rejected left and right, and are now coming back. Perhaps that will be the same for this, hopefully.

    • Kr00

      As it was in the early days of iOS when no-one could mirror calendar, photo apps, etc, but now there’s a ton of them. It will happen with the watch OS too.

  • Rinse

    Someone gonna jailbreak this sooner or later.

    • Thomas

      exactly my thinking , Iwill be able to when its jailbroken

  • Brandon

    I’m a little surprised they’ve omitted the Montaine Swiss Railway clock design, considering they pay to use it already anyways.

    • Kr00

      I believe that was compensation for using it without license, not for use into the future, which is why they don’t use it today.

      • Brandon

        ah, i thought it was still in use.

  • No custom faces? Lmao! That’s part of what sold me on a Pebble was being able to change my watch face based off my current attire, or if I’m just plain bored with my current face.
    Man is Apple making me want one of these gimmicks even less everyday!

    • Kr00

      If you actually read any of the articles, you’d know that the faces are highly customisable with colours, text, graphics and sub-features. The only gimmick here is you.

  • Wow

    Saying no watch faces is like saying no wallpapers on iPhone. Are these people stupid?

  • Luke O’ Sullivan

    I have a theory about why they may not allow custom clock faces:

    The Apple Watch is a new device and a lot of people won’t have seen one in person yet. Apple wants everyones first impressions to be under their control when they see it on someone else’s wrist – i.e.: Apple wants everyone to see Apple-designed software running on the Watch rather than custom faces that it considers may be less impressive, or worse, not ‘Apple-like’.

    Give it a year and they’ll be fine with it – don’t expect them much sooner though!

    • mike

      That will be the main selling point about on V2 of the watch and V1 watches can do it so they have to upgrade….

  • nonchalont

    That’s where a jailbreak will come in, especially for custom faces.

  • Joey Pants

    No custom watch faces, huh? #thisiswhyyoujailbreak

  • Mustang5Oh

    So dumb they won’t allow custom faces. They just need to make it where devs can’t use trademarked things. So irritating!

    • JeanLucLabarre

      I suppose, but it IS their device.
      Like Luke above, I think Apple is going to keep a tight lid on things for now to stop the taste-deprived Casio-clone and Flappy Bird types from androiding the Watch.

  • Paying $17,000 for a fine piece of jewelery and fart apps don’t mix. Good policy.

  • Kr00

    People getting their knickers in a twist over this just need to chill out. As it was in the early days of the iPhone, no-one could mirror Apple stock apps like calendar, photos, etc, but today there’s a ton of them. Give it a chance to bed in before Apple ease up and open the gate. It is their new born baby, so allow them some ownership, for now.

  • Dan

    Not allowing custom faces seems ludicrous imo.

  • Freddy Born

    “the most personal device” * without custom watch faces….. Apple…

  • Robson Jr S

    Haha, so what Apple is essentially saying is.
    Give me your $400-20k and we’ll let you use our Apple watch OUR WAY

  • FreeRunner9616


  • ZillowHater

    You can also add Flash Light Apps as another type of Watch App that Apple is rejecting. It actually does come in handy, a Complication you can hit and a full screen White app comes up and illuminates a dark room enough to not wake anyone up, but still reach your bed without stubbing your toe.