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Apple has shared with BuzzFeed that the App Store for the Apple Watch will be launching on Thursday, one day before the Apple Watch will be on the wrists of Apple fans around the world.

Update: The Watch App Store is now live.

There will be roughly 3,000 Apple Watch apps when the App Store goes live on Thursday. Apple first added the Apple Watch App Store in iOS 8.2. It’s found within the Apple Watch companion app, but until Thursday, the section has displayed a coming soon page.

The Apple Watch App Store has a featured section with apps picked by Apple, including Twitter, the New York Times, Yelp, and Instagram – the usual suspects for Apple promotion. There’s a health and fitness section, games, and tools like Mint and Citymapper.

Source: BuzzFeed

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    Anyone here interested in give me an WATCH 🙂 ?

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    Off Topic: Anyone know what I can do? iTunes wont open on my macbook. don;t know what to do….I tried deleting the plist files and restarting and also reinstalled from dmg but nothing worked

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    When did Apple start “sharing” stuff with BuzzFeed?

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    On the App Store it says offers Apple watch for example search Twitter and it tells you from the search page.

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