Jailbreak Decisions

If you’re jailbroken right now on your daily driver, you have a tough decision to make in about 36 hours. Will you keep your device jailbroken, or will you sacrifice your jailbreak in order to pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch. That is the question that thousands of jailbreakers are probably mulling over right now.

It’s a very tough decision, and one that I’m not taking lightly. Not only do I love my jailbroken device and all that it can do, having a jailbroken iPhone is heavily involved in my day-to-day job responsibilities. Fortunately, I do have options, but with Apple Watch arriving on Friday, a decision needs to be made soon.

Option 1: Keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken, and use my iPhone 5s as my daily driver on iOS 8.3

This is the option that I’m most heavily leaning towards. It allows me to keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2, and it allows me to use my Apple Watch with my iPhone 5s. With this option, I’d take iPhone 6 Plus SIM card out and place it in my iPhone 5s. I’d then use my iPhone 5s as my daily driver, and leave the 6 Plus at home for jailbreak stuff. It would be really hard to downsize to the iPhone 5s’ 4″ screen, but hopefully a jailbreak isn’t too far off in the distant future.

Option 2: Keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken, and retain it as my daily driver. Carry around the iPhone 5s as well for the Apple Watch

This option is very similar to option 1, except for the fact that I’d retain the 6 Plus as my daily driver, and I’d bring the iPhone 5s with me just for pairing and communicating with my Apple Watch. This option allows me to keep my large 6 Plus as my go-to device, but it also means I have to walk around with two iPhones instead of one.

Option 3: Restore my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.3 and pair with Apple Watch. Use my iPod touch 5th-gen (which is on iOS 8.1) for jailbreak stuff

This option rocks, because it means I get to enjoy my full-sized 6 Plus with the Apple Watch. The speed of the 6 Plus would probably translate into the best Apple Watch experience. It also means that I don’t have to carry around two devices. The only downside is that jailbreak stuff would be rendered to an outdated, tiny, underpowered, terrible-screen-rocking iPod touch 5th-gen.

Which option would you choose if you were me? I’m strongly leaning towards Option 1, even though it means giving up the sweet screen real estate of the iPhone 6 Plus. What do you think?

  • Ryan

    Try option 3 but instead of using the iPod for jailbreak stuff use the 5s

    • Ethan Humphrey

      He can’t it’s already on 8.4

  • 1. Because it’s important to check tweaks on newer device, as some of them are designed for 6 and 6 Plus. In addition, I don’t like to carry 2 phones, charge both of them at the same time, needs for 2 pockets, etc.

  • Fevostone

    You have got to update the plus and use it as your daily driver with the apple watch and just use the iPod till the jailbreak comes out the watch just goes well with a big device that you don’t want to get out your pocket all the time. But wen you want to use it you have the beautiful display and killer battery.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    F*ck the apple watch! Androidware with its utility tweak is the way to go for me!

  • my watch arrives in 3 weeks. I’ll wait till the last moment to update to 8.3 unless a jb arrives. That said; I’ll backup with Pkgbackup; and rejailbreak at some future date when it does come.

  • Option 4, forget about that gimmicky Apple watch…

  • Keith S.

    So the question is, which of your three Apple devices do you jailbreak in order to use with your fourth device, a watch? #firstworldproblem if ever I’ve seen one. 🙂

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Update your iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.3.
    Enjoy your Apple watch.
    New jailbreak will be out sooner than later.
    Post new cydia tweaks from iPod.

  • ieatcalcium

    I don’t know why you would even buy an apple watch. They’re ugly, overpriced, don’t last very long, and don’t do anything special.

    • Kurt

      You couldn’t be so wrong. You can send vibrations to your friends! That will be a huge hit! BUZZ BUZZ!


  • titi

    First option 1 en if u like the apple watch u can restore 6+ en use option 3

  • Justin Rowe

    It’s a shame you couldn’t sweet talk Stefan Esser to jailbreak your 6 plus (private jailbreak so to speak) so then you have best of both worlds

  • Nicholas Oldroyd

    Apple Watch > Jailbreak. Easy choice.

  • Jorge Lopez Morales

    Just use the iPod to work with tweaks, and enjoy your iWatch!

  • MrE23

    #firstworldproblems 😛

    • Digitalfeind

      You beat me to it.

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Option 2

  • I miss ayeris. unfortunately I needed to update my iPhone to 8.3 because I took it to the  Store for sleep-wake button repair.

    • Varun Soi

      I miss kiki 🙁

  • Fajr Lodhi

    Depends on your priorities, if u think the watch is worth it, then update! Simple.

  • Andres

    Option 3!!!

  • Joe Honse

    @Jdhonse: I’m not getting the #AppleWatch. I’m going to hold out for the Apple Pager. Going to be sick! Rumor is you’ll be able to reply to a page!!

  • Mustang5Oh

    Option 3 all day. I could NEVER go back to a smaller screen after using my 6 plus.

  • Manuel Molina

    I’m sure they will be a jailbreak tweak to make your iPhone and watch work. There’s no worry.

  • Kevin Chen

    People who are not buying Apple Watch can just stay on iOS 8.0-8.1.2.

  • soundmanbrad

    Option 2;

    i hate living without a jailbreak

  • William

    Don’t worry all, I have good news!!! I have just completed a fully untethered JB code named JailBitch…downlad here……….www.jailbitch.com

  • Doug Yahn

    Not having the luxury of having multiple iDivices I had to give up my jailbreak and update to iOS 8.3 in order to pair my watch.

  • Alexander Sundiev

    Option 3. That’s what I would do. I know you guys have talked about the functionality and freedom that you will miss without a jailbreak. But wouldn’t you wanna have the latest and greatest to work with your Apple Watch, knowing that there are still some known iPhone to Apple Watch transfer issues?

  • coLin

    Just buy another iPhone 6 plus and keep yours jailbroken

  • cr0w_69

    Option 2, you can always carry the 5S in your back pocket or put it in your backpack if you were carrying one. Honestly, I don’t see an actual PROBLEM with this option, it just seems like you’re too lazy to carry another iPhone, which isn’t THAT bad. I used to carry 3 devices at once, and sometimes I felt like some of them weren’t even there. So definitely go for Option 2, seems like the most reasonable

  • Unicorn Drank

    I had the same decision, thankfully since I have both 6 and 6+ I was thinking of updating the 6+ since I use the 6 as my daily driver

  • Josh

    At the end of the day is having some shitty tweaks worth carrying around 2 iphone ?

  • Aqeel Ahmed

    If I were you, I’d Update iPhone 6+ to iOS 8.3 and pair it with Apple Watch (If you decide to make Apple Watch your daily driver). and iPhone 5S for Jailbreaking stuff (since purpose of jailbreak device is to try new tweaks and stuff from cydia). 🙂

  • Bill

    Easy. Stop being gay and worrying about the stupid Apple watch. Get a regular watch to tell time that didn’t require a change every day. And… Stop talking about that stupid Apple watch and hypeing up something that is absolutely useless. I think Apple got you brain washed. Keep everything jailbroken and be smart. It’s just a watch man, except it tells your heart beat lol

  • Blake

    Option 114: If you have the money, buy an iphone 5 or 5c off of ebay and use it with your apple watch until a jailbreak comes out. Then once the jailbreak comes out, pair your watch with your main device (iphone 6 or 6 plus) that you did not want to lose your jailbreak with, then resell the iphone 5c on ebay. You may lose $20 or so in fees but that’s worth it to me.

  • hmmmm

    Jailbreak still isn’t out today for 8.2/8.3….. Evasion is silent and hopefully will stay that way until they have something accurate to say rather than repeat the same old news over and over again for hits.

  • gaucho

    jailbreak only in iOS 8.4, I’m not worried about it, only seen in previous updates is always equal

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Solution: buy another iPhone 6 plus.

    • Hasib

      I have brought but it,s version iOS 8.1.3 so there is no jailbreak.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        oh so you already updated your current iPhone 6 plus and bought another 6 plus thinking it’s a lower ios version? yea this solution is for those who don’t want to update their current phone with jailbreak and just get a new one to work with their fancy watch. this is a solution relating to this article, not for someone wanting to jailbreak on a new device.

      • Hasib

        now if you buy any iphone 6 n 6 plus then you will get version iOS 8.1.3, I have opened 3 iphone 6 plus intact box but all are iOS 8.1.3 bad luck. do you know how to check iOS version by IMEI without open box also have another 2pcs iphone 6 plus but I can,t open cause for version.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I have no clue, but your best bet would be ebay. used like new is what you’re looking for.

  • PhiL HeaZy ™

    wireless ”Hey Siri” cydia package sticks around after the 8.3 update