No Percent Sign Featured

I find it to be kind of odd, but some people really hate the percent sign that appears alongside the battery indicator in the iOS status bar. Our very own Sebastien Page is one such person.

Over the last few months, he’s been lamenting about his disdain for the percent sign, and how he hasn’t been able to find a jailbreak tweak that lets him remove the pesky little symbol. Many tweaks, like Springtomize, can customize the iOS status bar to a high degree, but the percent sign seems to be off limits.

Fortunately, there is a jailbreak tweak that can hide the percent sign, and it’s been sitting under our noses for quite some time. The aptly entitled No percent sign is a jailbreak tweak that lets you easily hide the percent sign symbol on iOS.

No battery percent

Without percent vs with percent

Once installed, you can venture to the stock Settings app to configure No percent sign. Inside of the tweak’s preferences, you’ll find two switches: a kill switch and a switch for enabling the battery icon.

By default, the battery icon is hidden. When charging a device with the default configuration, only the lightning bolt icon will be displayed when charging the device. If you’d like to keep the battery indicator, you can enable the show battery icon switch and respring.

No percent sign preferences

I personally recommend keeping the settings set to default for the cleanest looking status bar. No percent sign is a great way to minimize your status bar without going too far and removing the battery indicator completely.

Sadly, this marks the end of an era. This means that there will be no more complaining about the percent sign on Let’s Talk Jailbreak by Sebastien. Thinking about that makes me a little sad.

No percent sign is available for free on the BigBoss repo. I know we’re a bit late to the party with this tweak, but its usefulness transcends all bounds of time and space. What do you think about it?

  • mp

    Lithium has an option of displaying without percentage. Cloaky has that option under status bar settings. I’m certain the option to remove percentage symbol has been around since Ios6.
    I wish a developer would make the option of a ‘single digit’ only with no percentage symbol. Making each display worth 10 percent if you catch my drift.

  • f96lrs

    turn it off in setting

    • You can’t remove the % sign only in Settings.

      • mp

        It’s good to see you acknowledge Lithium or Cloaky for removing the percentage symbol. Maybe those developers took a swipe at some of the bloggers on iDb. 🙂

  • Huh? You can disable it in stock Usage settings :S

    • Tunay YILMAZ

      It’s about the percentage sign not the whole part. This way you can keep the numbers.

      • Ohh gotcha, I was wondering haha. Thanks for the clarification

  • tavo barbosa

    ye i thought we had that on stock settings, but i needed the kill switch to the battery icon long ago, since lithium is a pain (wow much drain)

  • This is why I love Flex, you can (basically) do everything you want. I have done this with the Flex application …and then some. 🙂

  • No you can’t

  • mike

    Remember Bolt?

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Bolt is still around.

      • mike

        I realize that, just wishing the dev kept up with adding new features and customization options.

  • This Guy

    I have found that disabling the percentage (number and % sign in settings) altogether frees me from obsessing over how much battery power I have left. I just do not worry about it anymore. I use the phone, I charge the phone. If it looks under half and I am near power and expect to use it much, I’ll charge it. If not, then no worries. I used to care what percentage it was at, but no longer. Just give no fvcks about it. Simple.

  • leart

    in outdated..

  • theapple99

    Hey Jeff whats the background you using?

  • iPhoneWINS

    i like to keep the percent and number but hide the battery image

  • TheDarxide

    Alkaline with “Live Battery Indicator iOS 7” (works for iOS 8.x)