Particle Wallpapers

The dynamic wallpapers present in iOS are nice looking, but there’s just not enough of them to choose from. It would be nice if Apple provided us with additional dynamic wallpapers via a download, or if they included them with a future iOS update.

In the meantime, you can use Particle Wallpapers to add additional dynamic wallpapers to iOS. Particle Wallpapers is a free new jailbreak tweak that lends eight new wallpapers to the seven wallpapers that already exist in the dynamic category. The new wallpapers look nice, but they do come with a few potential downsides that should be considered.

After installing Particle Wallpapers, you’ll need to open Settings → Wallpaper → Choose a New Wallpaper → Dynamic. Once there, you’ll find the eight new wallpapers in the list for a total of 15 different dynamic wallpapers.

As its name alludes to, each new wallpaper features a particle effect that animates on both the Lock screen and the Home screen. All of the wallpapers are the same outside of the color scheme. The rainbow color scheme looks the best in my opinion, as it isn’t dominated by any one color, and is easier to match up with the app icons on your Home screen.

But Particle Wallpapers, as you have probably guessed, is very hard on the iPhone’s battery. There’s really no way around the fact that it’s an absolute battery killing monster. The constant animations will have your battery sucking wind in no time flat, and it could probably outright kill an iPhone 6 Plus in a matter of hours.

The tweak is also busy looking, with its constant animations. The animations aren’t slow and methodical, like the stock dynamic wallpapers, which makes for a distracting experience.

Lastly, I find that the tweak causes a glitch with the dock icons while in landscape mode on the Home screen. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is annoying. It’s one of those things that you can’t un-see once you spot it.

Overall, Particle Wallpapers is an impressive looking tweak, but it has too many problems for me to outright recommend using it. If, despite its problems, you want to take it for a try, you can find it on the BigBoss repo for $0.99.

What do you think? Would you consider trying Particle Wallpapers despite its caveats?

  • mike

    Patiently waits for 8.3 jailbreak…

  • Neko Code

    It needs more dynamic wallpapers! Good one!

  • Kurt

    Looks pretty cool. Hopefully the battery draining problem can be fixed. Anyone know if its out for iPad? I could check myself but, you know.

    • I honestly don’t see how a tweak like this couldn’t be battery draining.

  • so ugly D:

    • Not a fan of most of the colors, but the rainbow looks good.

  • john diaz

    Is anyone else getting a headache!

  • Khalid Tahhan

    Does this drains the battery faster than the stock dynamic wallpapers or is it the same drainage performance?

  • Dan

    I always get tired of dynamic wallpapers imo, even on android I don’t use them.

  • Hasib

    when ios 8.2 or 8.3 jailbreak will release I can,t wait ?

    • Obviously, as you have trolled all the articles, asked the wrong people to release it and can’t even get a complete sentence out. We are all aware!

  • Anthony Snyder

    Slow it down, make the particles larger and match the colors with iOS stock colors and you’re good to go

  • Rahimo

    I like the conclusion abbreviation “iDB” !! it is cool