Apple Watch pre-orders

Good news today for those hoping that their Apple Watches will arrive before their estimated ship dates. MacRumors reports that a reader, who emailed Tim Cook over the weekend regarding the lengthy lead times for the wearable, received a response from the executive team saying that preorders will most likely ship sooner than expected.

“[Apple] said that June preorders will most likely ship sooner than June,” said reader Andrew Turko, after speaking with someone on Apple’s executive relations team. “Of course he didn’t make any promises, but that’s the reason Apple is announcing such an extended ship date after all – to avoid disappointment through false guarantees.”

It’s believed that Apple sold over 1 million Apple Watches in just the US on Friday. Pre-orders went live at 12:01am Pacific that morning, and within minutes, shipping estimates for more popular Watch models slipped from April 24th to mid-May or June. As of today, all models have at least June shipping dates, and many say July or August.

Additionally, Apple has also said there will not be any Watches available for in-store purchase on April 24, in hopes to put an end to long lines and improve the launch day experience. But Turko says he was told that, fearing lines will happen anyway, discussion surrounding in-store stock and launch day marketing are being considered with “great concern.”

Source: MacRumors

  • Flabalanche

    I would love to have mine before my may 13 estimated date. Maybe in time to help with exams 🙂

    • :)

      Let me know when you get kicked out and cry as you get failed for all your sibjects for cheating.

      • Brendan

        I do this on my pebble watch occasionally, it’s pretty easy not to get caught.. good luck @flabalanche:disqus , I will be doing the same!

      • Chayuth

        Well, Pebble looks like ordinary plastic watch and it’s normal that teachers do not know it (hardly non-tech people will know anyway) but Apple Watch is totally eye-catching and not to mention it’s been promoted widely. There’s a great chance they’ll see and drag you out of exam instantly. Good luck 🙂

    • NeftyCorrea

      same here my delivery date was May 13-27 hope I get it sooner then may 🙂 makes me feel a bit better

  • Fanboy 

    Does this mean i’ll possibly get mine before my estimated date of April 24? :/ i cant wait, haha

  • Brendan

    I’m expecting mine April 24 – May 8. I’m really hoping this means it’ll come the 24th bc even the 24th seems too far away.

  • Andres

    iDB has turned into Apple Watch central. I’m not complaining though, it keeps me excited for when I get mine.

  • It would be really nice to have mine as well before my May ship day (Crossing Fingers). But i still fell that it will be a shit show at the apple store locations with people looking to get one at the store.