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It looks like the rumors were true, YouTube is readying a new subscription service. In an email obtained by iDownloadBlog, Google tells video creators it wants to offer an ad-free version of YouTube for a monthly fee, which has yet to be determined. The service will offer features like offline playback, kickbacks for content creators, and could be ready to launch as early as this year.

“By creating a new paid offering, we’ll generate a new source of revenue that will supplement your fast growing advertising service,” the email says. A spokesperson confirmed with Bloomberg, saying “while we can’t comment on ongoing discussions, giving fans more choice to enjoy the content they love and creators more opportunity to earn revenue are always amongst our top priorities.”

YT monthly fee

A paid subscription service would put YouTube in more direct competition with the likes of Netflix and Hulu, and is particularly interesting given Google’s push into original content production and its recent move to secure the rights to stream full-length movies like Interstellar and The Interview. Apple is also said to be working on a streaming video service that could launch later this year.

  • :)

    YouTube will go ad free whether they like it or not and on my terms when i install adblocker 6 years ago.

    • Jonathan

      You beat me to it..

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      ya i can’t see why anyone would pay for it

    • Kurt

      You use adblocker. Nice…But do you also use Ghostery? You can thank me later.

      • The Guy

        Ghostery/Disconnect are way to intrusive, it blocks unnecessary things and it hogs up a crap load of memory slowing the browser down, don’t use both adblock plus and ghostery together, one is enough unless you’re a paranoid fool.

      • Kurt

        You can unblock different elements. Adblock blocks ads in videos like on youtube and on comcast videos that are in the middle of the show. Not sure if you are right about Ghostery being able to block those ads but if you are right then I would stop using adblock, not ghostery.

      • The Guy

        Being able to unblock/block elements is the point of the addon, lol. You didn’t know that??? But the point is that its intrusive and requires too much intervention by the user to get pages to work properly, too aggressive and memory tasking.

      • Kurt

        For what you said, “don’t use both adblock plus and ghostery together, one is enough unless you’re a paranoid fool.”

        Well, I did testing and you turned out to be wrong. I’ll give one example. Ghostery doesn’t block ads on my mail program. And we know Ghostery does quite a bit of things Adblocker doesn’t do. So you should waste people time when you are so ignorant about the subject.

        Are you a complete moron? Of course I know Ghostery has the ability to unblock elements. Am I writing to you on Disqus? F-ing moron

      • The Guy

        You missed the point entirely, can you really be that stupid?? WOW.

      • Kurt

        Nice try moron

  • Andrew

    AdBlocker + YouTube = No Ads
    Thanks Jailbreak

    • Maxim∑

      That might not last forever, Google is finding ways around it including paying the guy who made ad blocker to bypass ads

      • im2slick4u

        Theres more than one adblocker lol

  • Marcus

    I forgot that there are ads on YouTube because I’ve been using AdBlock for so long. When Google unveils this ad free YouTube service, there will be many work arounds.

    • Andrew

      I see you liked your own comment….. your one of those guys eh

      • Jacob S

        you mean licking own…. #lmao

      • Marcus

        If I have the ability to upvote my own comment, what’s the point of not taking advantage of it? I like my own comments on YouTube and my posts on Instagram as well 😉

    • mrgerbik

      Ithey will just have the ad embedded in the stream server side.

      • Agon Bina

        Yep, what so many people don’t realize is that if Google really wanted to show those ads to people who insist on removing them(with tools like adblocker), they would find a way to do it. And embedding them can be done, even dynamically, to take full advantage of your profile and optimize for maximum conversions.

        The reality is that if you are trying hard to remove the ads, Google will just let you skip the ads and in turn get better performance with those people who don’t care about the ads and see value in them.

      • Kurt

        When watching shows from xfinity, Comcast puts short ads in at where the commercials were. But I don’t see them because of adblocker.

  • Rares

    Joke is on them, I have AdBlock Plus and Magic actions for youtube.

  • johnsm

    you can already have it ad-free by using Adblock… wake up

  • Jailbrkr21

    is there a way to block ads on safari for mac when watching youtube videos? Its quite ridiculous that they expect me to watch a 3-5 minute advert when the youtube video I want to watch is only 90 seconds. I have once had a 14 minute advert to watch a 4 minute video.

  • Jonathan Nyman Engholm


  • LOL

    LOL Google pretending that adblocker doesn’t exist

  • justme

    :3 with iOS8.3 I’m just waiting for Jailbreak from TAIG or Pangu
    to get Adblock and other awesome tweaks..

    I can smell it 😛

  • Eli Montoya

    Lol does idb get any revenue with all these adblockers??? Tho it Makes the Internet much better without it.

    • Digitalfeind

      Advertisements ruin all things.

    • John Smith

      I disable my adblocker on IDB. Cuz they deserve it

      • Jailbrkr21

        you and iDB should get a room.

      • John Smith

        You need to grow up

      • Jailbrkr21

        I will grow up if you stop ass licking.

      • Eli Montoya

        Dude. Your an editor. Or something. You have the most fakest outdated example name ever. (John doe/ John smith) I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Staff at idb

    • packerrd

      Unfortunately, most of these “free” sites wouldn’t even exist if they weren’t any ads on it.

      • Eli Montoya

        Your right. But for now, you continue to watch these Internet comercials, and redirections to the App Store. I’ll continue to enjoy the Internet without distractions.

  • Eikast

    Adblock on OS X / Windows, ProTube on iOS. Nice try Google.

  • Digitalfeind

    I’ll keep using Firefox add-ons and Flex patches to circumvent the ads.

    • Kurt

      Do you use Ghostery also? I just started using that recently. Amazing how much tracking there is on just one site. On this page alone there is 16 tracking services.

  • Franklin Richards

    I personally will gladly pay for the monthly fee if it means my favorite youtubers get a reasonable cut from it. I keep adblocks off to support them. Hate on me all you want but some of us has to keep these guys fed.

    • packerrd

      yeah I don’t understand how people are so selfish.

  • bd14u


  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Anyone know a great adblocker for safari on mac? for chrome adblock blocks all flash ads and video ads. but on safari it doesn’t work that well.

  • Use ABP for Mozilla/Chrome, I am using for many years now 😉

  • Congratulations, AdBlock users, for denying the small financial support that all your favourite YouTubers deserve, since they devote their life to bringing you videos for free, to be paid by ads which are blocked by you 🙁