Bloomberg reports Samsung has been chosen by Apple to make chips for the next iPhone, taking the business from Taiwan Semiconductor.

Samsung has reclaimed its spot as Apple’s supplier. TSMC made the chips for the iPhone 6, however before that, Samsung’s chips were king for iPhones.

There’s no official confirmation from Apple and Samsung –  just Bloomberg citing “people with direct knowledge of the matter”.

Readers may be confused why Apple would choose a competitor to manufacture its chips, but it’s worth noting the mobile and semiconductor businesses of Samsung are completely separate and run by different executives.

The Galaxy smartphones in Samsung Mobile’s division have been struggling after the iPhone 6 has taken markets like the United States and China by storm. Samsung’s new deal could help boost the balance sheet of the entire Samsung conglomerate.

Korea Times reported in November that Samsung would replace TSMC, but not until 2016. If Bloomberg’s report turns to be true, Samsung is getting Apple’s business earlier than believed.

Researcher Gartner recently reported Apple spent $25.8 billion on chips last year, accounting for 7.6 percent of industry purchases – making it a pretty big win for Samsung.

Source: Samsung

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    This is big news year after year

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    Isn’t this the same news every year or is it just me?

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    keep your friends close but your enemies closer lol

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    This isn’t new. It’s always like this every year…

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    No Samsung, if the problem chip Samsung very bad and Now TSMC chip faster A9 processor very good… okay YES TSMC!!!…

    Goodbye Samsung

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        not work on ARM chip for samsung wrong this bad, good to iPhone 6 Plus faster ARM chip has excellent TSMC very smart technology… okay

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        No. Samsung is king with chips and memory and being able to keep up with Apple demand

      • DevXav

        I think he’s saying there is a difference in speed when you compare chips produced by Samsung to the ones made by TSMC, probably because these last ones have a better factory process.
        He also stated thats the reason why iPhone 6+ has an excellent ARM processor because it’s made by TSMC..

        I don’t know about that, but if its true, it would be better if Apple keeps TSMC closer than Samsung as fast as possible lol…

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      Even computers can’t understand this English

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        if the computer to Mac can automatically change the language if people two English or Spanish, do not worry, okay

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        Kids this is what happens when you drop out of high school

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    No surprise there.

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    Doesn’t all the previous chips manufactured by Samsung???

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