Drexel University has formed a partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia to provide an iPad vending machine to the University’s students and local residents, to make a dozen iPads available for further learning. 

The vending machine is seamless, located in the University’s Dana and David Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships. It’s as easy as someone with a library card or student ID walking up to the kiosk and swiping, to use the iPad for up to four hours.

Drexel University is likely using Apple’s mobile device management (MDM) platform, allowing the University to remove information entered on the iPad during the rental period once the iPad is returned to its slot in the kiosk – mitigating obvious privacy concerns.

Drexel University and the Free Library of Philadelphia selected the apps installed on the iPads to be part of a suite of tools, including Browzine, Hoopla Digital, Mango Languages, Overdrive and Zinio. Of course with the App Store, students and residents have access to other education apps than just the ones installed.

“The apps downloaded on the iPads have been specifically chosen to support the digital literacy needs for children, teens and adults,” Siobhan Reardon, president and director of the Free Library of Philadelphia, said.

The iPad vending machine follows a MacBook vending machine launched by the University in 2013 that allows students and residents five hours of use.

Source: Drexel

  • Christian

    Wonder what would happen if someone Jailbroke the iPad…

    • Jared Steffen

      Ruin the good thing for everyone I assume.

    • Derp

      You can’t steal it. You have to use your card to take it out it out. So its logged anyway.

      • Michael Sweeney

        It’s easy to steal. Steal someone’s card and you have a brand new iPad.

      • Derp

        Yes but in that case then jailbreaking doesn’t do anything. You can do that without any relation to jailbreak anyway. People leave their cards, phones, laptops lying around all the time in student libraries

      • You don’t know what jailbreak means?

      • Derp

        Of course i know what jailbreak is, I assumed he mentioned it because it would be easier to steal if the iPad was jailbroken

      • I would think he’d mention stealing if that were the case.

  • Nuno123

    iPad is stil too personal for this, you don’t have your apps installed, your books, your documents… But just to “kill time” or in last resort if someone doesn’t have their with them that would do the trick.

    • Why would anyone even use an iPad for educational purposes? A laptop is way more functional. I can imagine typing a 10 page paper on a touchscreen iPad.

      • Kaptivator

        You will be surprised how many people text faster than they can actually type.

  • For personal use, iPad is great for a portable document reader and communications device. But as something shared between multiple users, I don’t think it’ll work as well.

  • ZenyMan

    I think it should be “Lending Machine” ??