JOTO Screen Protector

Screen protection is a varied subject. Some iPhone owners will argue that the screen is tough enough to withstand all manner of abuse without leaving behind a scratch. Others believe that, not even a single fingerprint should ever touch the ion-strengthened touch screen.

JOTO is a screen protector made from tempered glass to satisfy those in the latter camp. If you are going to cover your screen with something, why not make it the strongest protector on the market.

The JOTO is a thin, clear screen protector made out of tempered glass with HD transparency. It sports a 9H hardness surface for extra protection against shatters. It is only 0.33mm thick, so it won’t add any noticeable dimensions to your iPhone 6.

The Oleophobic coated tempered glass is scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, and resists fingerprints and skin oil.

The screen protector includes an alcohol wipe to clean your iPhone screen without leaving behind any wetness. It also includes a small microfiber cloth so you can buff out those fingerprint smudges and an adhesive strip to remove dust particles before applying the protector.

Because of the JOTO’s design, it is easily applied and does not leave behind air bubbles the way other screen protectors tend to do.

Since it is made from tempered glass, the screen protector has a smooth, natural feel to it that makes it easy to forget it is even on your iPhone.

There are three different models of JOTO screen protectors. The clear model costs $9.95 on Amazon. This version is intentionally slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 screen for better application.

There is also a bezel cover version for $12.99 on Amazon. This edge-to-edge model covers the entire screen and has a frame that is the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 bezel. It comes in black or white. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for the same price.

What do you think of this tempered glass screen protector? Let us know in the comments below.

  • bd

    I just want to say tempered glass is the best. I don’t have this specific one but I do have one off eBay, and Its saved my phone when im drunk lol. That coupled with a case my phone is still in mint conditions.

    Worth the buy for tempered glass

  • Linton Findlay

    Shame if force touch is on the 6s, then glass protectors will be unusable. Using an Anker glass protector on my 5s and it’s amazing

    • AnArcticMonkey

      Maybe then they will migrate to sapphire glass doing away with screen protectors completely.

      • Tyler Smith

        one can only hope

      • Mhm

        Better not drop your phone when that happens because sapphire glass is garbage agaisnt drops.

      • AnArcticMonkey

        I use an Apple case anyway, it’s protected my phone against the small amount of drops it has experienced. Doing away with screen protectors and scratches is much more important for me than drop protection.

  • James G

    How do the edges feel? It’s the main reason I’ve not used a screen protector on the iPhone 6.

    • Andrew

      That’s actually a valid point I had never thought of. The sides of my 5s are square so I don’t really notice my screen protector, but the 6 and 6 Plus are so smooth and rounded that it would just feel weird.

      • James G

        It’s what has kept me from bothering with a screen protector on the 6. They fit fine on 4, 4s, 5, 5S models but the rounded edge of the 6 with most screen protectors is just, weird.

    • It depends if you use a case or not, if you use one, it covers the curved edges, so it’s kind of the same as on previous iPhones, if not it’s like having an iPhone 5 screen on top of an iPhone 6.

  • Armed in the Villa


  • Andrew

    Gold iphone 6+ and a black bezel, doesn’t get any more fresh

    • Yea there should be both white/gold and black gold iPhones.

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      Dude did you do it!!!? Thinking of ordering one just for that reason alone!!!!

  • Blake

    yep, i think Im gonna have to get one.

  • Dan

    After having used a tempered glass screen protector, I will never go back to plastic. No reason to pay for the expensive ones either, I’ve been using a 3$ one off of ebay for months and not a scratch.

  • sunfire7

    Joto in spanish is a Bad word

    • Steve R.

      lol ni me había fijado

    • Some Japanese people pronounce Siri as Shiri which means buttocks in Japanese 🙂

    • TechAlex

      “Joto” in Mexican means “gay.” For the rest of Latin America dont mean anything.

  • Tyler Smith

    this with an otter box would make a “non waterproof” life proof case. if that makes sense..

  • Jerry

    Have the same one. Mine broke 3 times already and their life time warranty is indeed true they sent me a replacement every time I contact them

  • Andrew

    I’ve used a few tempered glass screen protectors, and they’re all awesome. However the one I have to recommend the most is OCGlass from OCDesk.

    My phone was knocked out of my hand, landed face down on the floor, and someone kicked it down the hallway. While still in shock, I slowly lifted it up to see only a single crack down the front. Took off the OCGlass, and not even a scratch on my phone.

    • mike

      I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the info.

  • dudeimmexican

    Haha joto
    Joto in Spanish means fag/gay

    • TechAlex

      No no, we need to be more clear here. “Joto” in Mexican dialect(slang is you want to call it) means “gay” for the rest of Latin American does not mean anything.

      • dudeimmexican

        On the contrary, I’ve heard it used with other non-Mexican speakers. So, it might of originally be a Mexican dialect, but other Latin countries do say it as well.

  • Jorge Castro

    what’s new? Moshi has the glass iVisor since launch…

  • LWFalcon

    I thought iPhone screen is tough Enough for scratches.

  • fitnesspro22

    Does it affect the “speed” upon touching the screen and sliding????

  • I can finally have a white iPhone with a black bezel! :O

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    who just invested all money on a brand new iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, tempered glass,
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